Slow Learner.

Slow Learner.

I have enjoyed my MS for almost 19 months, and yes, it has exceeded my expectations across the board. So what have I learned?

1. People have questions and I try to answer them politely but with very short answers. No one likes a lecture, certainly not a long one. I am most often asked about the range, charging, and how do I like it?

2. If price is brought up, I only say that it is priced similar to a comparable BMW, MB, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, etc. All luxury cars are expensive especially when compared to a Toyota Camry . A tank of premium gasoline is priced about $70 and a charge from home about $7.

3. I have learned the most effective sales presentation is a test drive at a Tm showroom. Really, that is all that it takes and perhaps some guidance from the Tesla Associate to navigate the 17” information and control center. Your long and passionate dissertation on the merits of the MS will have little affect. It is all about the test drive and test drives are free.

4. I never argue. In most cases the person arguing has an agenda or is ignorant and they won’t believe anything I have to say.

Sorry guys and gals the Tesla Fan Club has too many zealots who jump on any and all negative comments. Case in point the recent Edmunds and CR articles. No car is perfect, all have problems. I did not find these two articles out of line, these people had several significant problems and more than a few small ones. I suspect CR and Edmunds would have said similar things about their BMW, MB, Audi, Porsche, etc. Both still hold TM and the MS in very high esteem.

Bottom line, to me, the Model S has only been in production for 2 years, a new to Tesla factory-equipment-robots -assembly line-assembly workers- suppliers … all things considered, the MS turned out much better than it should. MB has been manufacturing cars for approximately 130 years, Ford 110+ years, BMW and Porsche about 65 years … and they still have problems with their cars and their suppliers. Have you ever been to a BMW dealership early on a Monday morning? If your car has been perfect with no problems, perhaps you should send a note to the Tesla factory, and an appreciative prayer to the Lord… or pack your bags and go to Las Vegas and see how long your luck lasts.

sule | 14. August 2014

I agree with you. I knee all the theory about it and even desired it before I saw the car but it only fully "clicked" that it really is real during the test drive.

Red Sage ca us | 15. August 2014

petero: +1 UP! It's... a learning experience!

karmamule | 15. August 2014

Good points, and I agree that the Edmunds and CR articles were themselves quite reasonable.

What dismayed me is how the articles' contents got distorted by others who wrote about those articles and via omission and/or misinterpretation ended up making things sound far worse than they are. | 15. August 2014

petero: +1--extraordinarily mature attitude. Complete agreement re: Edmunds and Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, members of media use such reports to pursue their own agendas that in turn stimulate over-reactions by Tesla faithful. Kind of fun to watch, though.

Thomas N. | 15. August 2014

Agree with your points.

I do want to point out that those "zealots" are instrumental in a new company's success. Back in the 1980s there were a lot of Apple zealots and in the early 2000s they really took off with the proliferation of Internet communities and specialty forums.

If the world consisted of only pragmatic people nobody would care much about anything. You need the high highs and the low lows to balance out.

I see myself as somebody leaning more toward the zealot side but a little below fanatical. I want to see Tesla succeed and feel like I am on the ground floor of something huge. I think in 20 years 95% of vehicles will be electric. I think in 5 years we'll all have 600 mile battery options on our Model S's and these range anxiety discussions will long be a thing of the past.

Basically I need to suppress my conspiratorial thoughts about what the Government/Big Oil will do to Elon/Tesla as they become more powerful and as long as I do that I manage to stay calm.

;) | 15. August 2014

Can fully endorse this:
I have learned the most effective sales presentation is a test drive at a Tm showroom.

johncrab | 15. August 2014

Hey, thanks for all of the good tips there. I know I'm going to get lots of questions and have been working on ways to answer them. Ask me the time and I will tell you how to mine and smelt ore then make a watch. That's not what people will want. Your concept of short, meaningful answers and comparisons really makes sense. Comparing price to a comparably tricked out Jaguar XF will be more meaningful than actual numbers. Check! Never argue. Check! I don't need to "defend" Model S to a hater, just wish him a pleasant day. Encourage a Tesla Store visit. Check! Yep, the best way to go here is to encourage participation in the learning process. Cool and thanks.

J.T. | 15. August 2014

Gave a test drive to a neighbor who's thinking about an S class, 550 I think he said. He loved, loved the handling and acceleration but thought the interior was a bit too Spartan for his taste. What seemed to make the biggest impression on him was when I told him about service, especially the fact that not getting annual service doesn't impact the warranty. He said, "Wow, they must really have confidence in the way they put this thing together."

My point is that no one at the galleries will talk about service and even if they did no one would believe them anyway. "How's the service?" "Best around" "Sure, what else are you going to say?"

So, yes, I highly recommend them taking a test drive, with me or with TM, but if they're on the fence I find the service centers' attitude and approach gets them over the top.

NorCal85 | 15. August 2014

@petero If you live in Northern California, I'll buy you a beer. Observations are spot on.

Tesla-David | 15. August 2014

I also agree with points made by @petro especially the point about the "test drive". I was basically onboard with Tesla, having put down my $5k deposit fully 2.5 years before delivery, but it was not until I test drove a MS that all the lights turned on and I became exceptionally excited about the prospect of owning this vehicle. I count myself lucky that my MS has had no significant problems since my 1/2/13 delivery, but will soon give it a tremendous test with a planned 9,500 mile trip across U.S. in September.

Grinnin'.VA | 15. August 2014

@Tesla-David | AUGUST 15, 2014

"... will soon give it a tremendous test with a planned 9,500 mile trip across U.S. in September."

WOW!. You're planning to drive your MS over 316 miles a day for the whole month?

I hope you end up feeling more excited by your wonderful car-of-the-future than you did at the start. Please let us know how it goes.

Ron :)

petero | 15. August 2014

ssisler. Thank you. Sorry to disappoint - Ventura County, So CA, my loss.

Brian H | 15. August 2014

9500 miles? You must be taking a heroically zig-zag route!