So my financial advisor talked me out of buying $15k of TSLA at $162 couple weeks ago

So my financial advisor talked me out of buying $15k of TSLA at $162 couple weeks ago

I actually called him and asked him to process the trade, but he talked me out of it and sent me 3 separate Investment Analysis reports on TSLA. All three said stock was way overvaluated, and the fundamentals werent in line with 'sound' judgement.

One even said that target should be around $45...not a typo

Then last week happened...

As i see the run up in the last 2 weeks i seriously wonder what i pay these guys for......

I am tempted to post the reports here in forum.....i want to laugh at it....but i feel like crying instead.

Jamon | 12. November 2013

(and I'm sure he also knows that I meant seal *of* approval)

tes-s | 14. November 2013

I hope you guys are taking advantage of this opportunity to load up on the stock!

Chuck Lusin | 25. Februar 2014

Looks like you would have had $23,981 today!

michael1800 | 25. Februar 2014

Even $250 is probably a good buy in point :P

tes-s | 27. März 2015

It was 18 months ago that the stock first hit $185.

Are you guys adding to your portfolio at these prices?

I've never owned the stock - should have bought it at $100 when I bought my car. If I invested in the stock instead of buying the car then, I could have sold it this past September, paid taxes, bought a P85D, and gotten my original investment back.

Mike83 | 27. März 2015

I have purchased another lot at 183.9. Super happy. | 27. März 2015

I just love a bargain. Bought more at 184 today. It may go even lower (as Tesla invests it's money back into the company development). As I see it, the long term prospects are phenomenal. FUD purveyors and click bait authors just help to give us stock buying opportunities.

TaoJones | 27. März 2015

A friend said this week that he thinks it might hit 150 after earnings.

Hey, it might, but I have noooooo problem buying more in the 180s, which is to say right about now.

Show me another 3-year tech play with as much potential upside with lots of volatility. Crickets.

Volatility is good (Young Frankenstein blind man's voice). Upside doesn't completely suck either.

wildcatzoo | 27. März 2015

Considering getting more, want to see one or two Model X deliveries before I do. When they nail that I will have more confidence than I already have.

Until then it will likely remain a bargain. Of course if the Model X is able to tow a 35 foot trailer up the grapevine, the time to buy stock at a discount will be short.

barrykmd | 28. März 2015

I'm staying away. There could be a big tumble IF the X is delayed again. And with the current negative sentiment, if they don't meet expected sales for 1Q, same thing.

rdalcanto | 28. März 2015

I posted this in another thread, but applies here:
The last time TSLA was below 185 was one year ago. At that time, there was no Gigafactory, and the Model X was in the works but nowhere near production. There was no AWD "D" version, fewer Superchargers, etc. The amount of success Tesla has had in the last year is staggering. To say that everything is still going according to plan is an under statement. $185 a year ago was more of a risk. Buying stock at $185 today is a much safer bet because there has been another year of growth and successful execution. The only difference is the price of oil. But what the "experts" don't understand is that 99% of us would never buy an ICE again regardless of how cheap gas becomes because we have experienced the beauty of at home refueling, instant power, no transmission shifting delay, etc. And our friends are becoming believers from talking to us and driving our cars. The EV explosion that GM tried to snuff out when the rounded up and destroyed all the EV-1s is happening for real this time, and they can't put a lid on it again. (Full disclosure - I bought another $10K worth of stock at 185 yesterday). If you wait until the X is out, wins "car of the year" and every other award under the sun (which it will), the stock will cost you much more than $185. Might it go lower this year? It might, but then just buy more as it goes down. If you believe in Tesla the company, this is a great time to buy.

rdalcanto | 28. März 2015

P.S. - My dad thinks I'm crazy because 25% of my retirement portfolio is TSLA. But I believe in the company and follow all the Tesla news very carefully. I read every "downgrade" objectively. As long as every "downgrade" is based on FUD which I know to be false, I don't worry about it, but rather use the dip in stock price as a buying opportunity.

Kutu | 28. März 2015

If the Model X is delayed there will certainly be a short term TSLA price drop. But, I believe the long term prospects for TSLA will remain good.

If the GigaFactory fails, the Model X is a failure, or the Model 3 never makes it, then TSLA will drop like a rock. That is no going to happen!

wildcatzoo | 28. März 2015

Oh, and as for the financial advice from the OP.

Did that individual get in the product and push down on the pedal?

Over valued or not it may have changed his advice.