Solar City Customer Service Problems

Solar City Customer Service Problems

So I bought a system from Solar City and finally got it installed, with one big hitch. They installed 5035 watts worth of solar panels and only a 3.6kwh inverter. I never asked them during sales about the inverter or the size of the inverter because I just assumed that it would be 1:1 ratio or something close to 1:1. The only number Solar City ever stated or put in the contract was 5035 watts.

So I start contacting people at Solar City and I've been getting the run around for a week now. People never call me back, no one follows up with me. It's really been a nightmare. Everyone seems to just keep saying the same thing, that this is normal practice. I just want them to install a larger inverter so I'm not paying for a bunch of panels that don't ever get used. I live in Las Vegas so we get tons of direct sun and sunny winter days.

Anyone else have experience with solar city or have any ideas of what I can do about this?

holidayday | 26. August 2015

"people never call me back, no one follows up with me" vs. "just keep saying the same thing that this is normal practice"

If they don't follow up with you, how do they say it's normal?

Blue85DCalifornia | 26. August 2015

You assume that your 5035 worth of solar panels puts out more than your inverter can handle. No solar panel puts out its rated power in the real world.

Are you demanding to pay more for an inverter that will rarely, if ever, be operating near its capability? Perhaps Solar City is actually saving you money on the inverter. (or more likely, them, if you leased the system)

Still, I'd never buy an inverter that spent most of its time operating near max output as that will dramatically shorten its operating lifetime. If leased, maybe I wouldn't care.

rlwrw | 26. August 2015

Solar panels are capable of putting out more than their ratings. However, that is in maximum direct sunlight, which is certainly possible in Las Vegas, and any other "bright" areas.
Your panels will be operating at or near their rating when the sun is at a high angle during the day.
Solar City installs lease systems. An appropriately sized inverter is actually more beneficial to Solar City than to those occupying the house, unless the house uses more than 3KW of power.
Blue85D... is correct that inverters will have a shortened life, and may very well trip circuit breakers periodically when run at or near their maximum rating. If a perfect storm occurs, and a breaker fails to trip, then overheating can occur and result in a possible fire.
Now, if the peak of the roof on your house runs north and south, with panels on the east and west slopes of the roof, then throughout the day, you may only be able to generate 3K worth of power because some panels will be off angle to the sun.
If you have a south facing roof, then you should be able to generate the full rating.

Mike83 | 26. August 2015

A very critical factor is the angle of the roof besides the direction. Just because someone is angry doesn't mean they know what they are talking about.

jerry | 09. Oktober 2019

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rlwrw | 09. Oktober 2019

Statement 3 postings back is attributed to me, but some of it is not what I said. Has someone been meddling with these posts?
It is true that if a solar panel is tracked to the sun, it can, and will put out more than its rating.
If a panel is stationary mounted against a roof, it is unlikely to put out full rating just because of sun angle.
To the best of my knowledge, if an inverter sees incoming power higher than its rating, it will clamp that power to the maximum rating, and anything over and above that will be wasted power. I do not know how well the components in the inverter will hold up running a maximum rating.
Solar panels on east-west facing roof will probably generate a fairly even amount of power during a full sunlight day, but will, in all probability not reach maximum output.
Solar panels on a south facing roof may come very close to or even equal maximum rating at zenith (noon), but will taper off from sun angles not face-on to the panels.

bIncontro1 | 10. Oktober 2019

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bIncontro1 | 10. Oktober 2019

i need a phone call. My system is broken and my web page for Tesla is unavailable