Some mobile app controls enabled even while car is being driven

Some mobile app controls enabled even while car is being driven

While the car is driving, the Tesla mobile app (I'm actually using the WP app by Andy Himberger) allows you to vent and close the roof and turn the climate control off an on. The other features (honk horn, flash lights, and control locks) do not work while driving.

Anyways, I don't think you should be allowed to do that while the car is driving. Keep in mind, you can be on the other side of the world and and someone else can be on the other side of the world driving your car and you can do this, but of course, it is authenticated by your account credentials and authorized by the option in the car's settings menu.

What do you guys think?

cschock | 21. Februar 2013

Agreed, you should not be able to operate the car through the phone if it is moving.

riceuguy | 21. Februar 2013

I don't know about that...I recall a 007 movie where that came in very hnady! :-)

riceuguy | 21. Februar 2013

Or handy even...

jat | 21. Februar 2013

I'm not sure why driving is the criteria -- why not just on?

I leave a remote app connected 24/7 to collect data on the car, while I am driving it or parked. Of course it only collects data from the streaming API and things like climate_state, but I would be very unhappy if that access is blocked while the car is in operation.

KendallPB | 21. Februar 2013

How is it different from doing those functions from the touchscreen? I don't see why it shouldn't be allowed; they're not dangerous things, not even very disruptive. If you are giving out your credentials, that's a shouldn't be taken off guard, no one should be "playing" with the app whether you're driving or not. (shrug) So how is it really a problem?

And as you say, you can just turn off remote access if you don't want it allowed (heck, you could do it when you get in the car). I wouldn't bother, though.

akikiki | 22. Februar 2013

I'd like the option to exist to flash the lights and blow the horn when its moving. I will always be on the same side of the world as the car. And if I walk out and find the car gone, while I am talking to 5-0, I would want to be able to tell them its GPS location and that I am forcing it to flash its lights and blow the horn to bring attention to the jerk that has stolen it.

If you don't like that feature being enabled, then simply don't use it. But it could be handy.

olanmills | 22. Februar 2013

The problem is that someone outside of the car can control some functions while another person is driving the car. Yes, I understand the app is authenticated with the user account, but I still don't think this should be allowed, and I don't really see it as useful feature, only a possible nuisance.

@jat, I'm not sure if I explained it correctly. Of course parts of the app should work while the car is being driven. That's one of the major features of the location/tracking feature and the feature which shows the current status.

However, I don't see why you would want to allow someone, who is possibly far away from the car, operate the sun roof or climate controls while an entirely different set of people are actually in the car and driving it.

I really don't think flashing the lights and honking the horn is going to help recover your stolen car, especially compared to the GPS feature.