Sound Studio Limitations

Sound Studio Limitations

I started playing around with the sound studio in my P85 to see what it can handle in terms of media formats.

Stereo FLAC, OGG Vorbis and MP3 seem to work fine.
Multi-channel FLAC does not play.
Hooking up a USB DVD ROM drive results in some attempted access by the model S but no audio support when an audio CD is inserted (this would be useful for those complaining about the lack of a CD player).

I'm hoping that future software updates will improve things. For example it would be awesome if the model S could take advantage of technologies like Audissey MultiEQ and multi-channel audio files.


Captain_Zap | 23. März 2013

The Sound Studio is is continuously improving and getting fine tuned. I have noticed several changes. It isn't optomized for audiophiles yet but its getting closer. I understand that more capabilities and improvements are on the way. I chatted with a tech about it at the shop last week.

campsalvage | 24. März 2013

How about two simple features. Enabling the internal storage and random play

aaronw2 | 24. März 2013

One thing I found that is nice is that the media player works just fine if the USB drive is formatted with EXT4 (a Linux filesystem).