Spare tire option for Model X

Spare tire option for Model X


Please offer a spare tire, jack and lug wrench option on the Model X. Driving in the wide open southwestern US without a spare is a little to risky.

Remnant | 19. April 2014

It's possible and perhaps likely to have airless, or non-pneumatic tires, like Michelin's TWEELS or Polaris' SPORTSMAN, available for street and freeway use by 2015. Then, there would be no need for a spare tire.

danny | 19. April 2014

I had a Lexus SC430 for 8 years with no spare. With the top down, only a tiny spare was possible, and it used up all the storage space.

So, no spare. I used Z rated run-flats. This is hardly new technology.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19. April 2014

Danny, run flats weigh more, are less efficient for energy and have reduced performance. I have no issue with them. My request was to list it as an option. I carry a BMWX5, limited duty spare in my model S when road tripping in the South West. Easier to put on a spare and limp to the next services than spend hours in remote desert locations waiting for a tow truck.

Would be nice to have a proper fitting spare tire, jack and lug wrench available as an option. Not a big deal to east coast city people but in the wide open west a spare would be useful.

paradis | 21. April 2014

Run flats are horrible. I have them on my BMW650. They ride like crap, bubble every time you hit a pothole and are expensive and heavy. BMW has replaced 3 tires under warranty in 18 months. I will never own a car with them again. There should be plenty of room in the MX for a spare. My guess is Tesla doesn't want the extra weight.

carlk | 21. April 2014

A can of tire sealant and portable air pump is easier to carry and to use than a spare. Not to mention it's much safer than having to change the tire on the side of road. I've been doing this with my Porsche that does not have a spare tire without any issues.

NetWatchR | 12. Mai 2014

carlk, would the tires need to be replaced after using the tire sealant? There isn't an issue with balancing afterwards?

jstack6 | 14. Mai 2014

There are other options like run flats BUT Tesla should offer a spare to anyone who wants one and is more comfortable with one.

Red Sage ca us | 16. Mai 2014

I'm pretty sure you always have the option of buying a fifth tire/wheel combo. You'd just get it from the Tesla Service Center. Jacks and lug wrenches are not exactly exotic components. They can be purchased at any friendly neighborhood auto parts store with ease. So... What the problem is...?

KWTESLA | 24. Mai 2014

My car has 27,000 no flats ? Who needs a spare ?

Tâm | 25. Mai 2014


Flats are known to happen.

It happened even during the famous trip of the first coast-to-coast by Superchargers only.

I guess there must be more than a dozen reports of flats in Model S forum.

There were repeated reports of flats at Hawthorne Supercharger in a same day due to pot holes recently. Also during the early days when its yard was renovated.

There were reports of at least more than 2 flats at Tejon Ranch Supercharger, again due to pot holes.

Flats are not as rare as you think.

However, you are right, statistically speaking, you should be fine.

Roamer@AZ USA | 25. Mai 2014

Red Sage, What's the problem ...... with Tesla offering a spare tire option or selling it in the online store.

And yes you can collect up all the items and figure out how to secure them in the Frunk so they don't rattle around. I use a BMW X5 compact spare in my P85+. Simple setup Tire, foam insert that holds the jack and lug wrench all in a nylon case with strap handles. Fills my Frunk half up leaving plenty of storage.

Yesterday I was at the gym two hours. Got in the car and had an extremely low tire warning. Yep flat. Got out my Tesla compressor and aired it up. Slow leak where a screw had been jammed in the tire and likely came out when I went over the speed bumps at the gym. Extremely slow leak so I didn't slime it or use the spare. Drove 20 miles to my tire guy and had it patched.

Took five minutes to deal with it and off I went. Can't believe people would rather spend hours waiting for help when with a minimal amount of effort you can just solve the problem and move on.

Tesla should offer a proper limited duty spare, load rated jack that fits the lift pad holes and a lug wrench capable of breaking loose the 129 ft lb torque lug nuts. ..... What's the problem. Don't want it don't order it.

The reason they don't may be liability. As people get stupider and less capable manufacturers have to take it into account. Heaven forbid a customer might actually be capable of changing a tire in five minutes and being on their way. Much better to waste half a day getting towed.

Roamer@AZ USA | 25. Mai 2014

@ KWTESLA, Who needs seat belts. I have never needed mine.

Red Sage ca us | 25. Mai 2014

Roamer wrote, "The reason they don't may be liability. As people get stupider and less capable manufacturers have to take it into account. Heaven forbid a customer might actually be capable of changing a tire in five minutes and being on their way. Much better to waste half a day getting towed."

That's what I was thinking too, actually. Those of us who are 'do-it-yourselfers', would just... y'know... do it ourselves. Sure, it would be more convenient to have a Tesla branded, approved, official, bagged, and ready spare tire/repair kit... But not exactly necessary. That's all I was saying.

Roamer@AZ USA | 25. Mai 2014

Red Sage, I agree I just worry some of the cobblers may be better off with a Tesla designed package. I know my 1 1/2 ton hydraulic floor jack struggled to lift one wheel in my garage. I upgraded to a three ton aluminum jack. Works great for use in my garage.

The Tesla is a little different in the tire area. Heavier car, higher inflation pressures and higher lug nut torque. Whould just be a better package if it was engineered by Tesla to do the job safely and properly.

Red Sage ca us | 26. Mai 2014

You could always... 'do it yourself'. Assemble what you think are the appropriate components, have them powder coated with Tesla Red, and sell them as a package on an Amazon store. Ingenuity and commerce, at their finest. ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 31. Mai 2014

Roamer's Spare Tire Repair Research Results:

Below are photos, along with links to pages at Amazon. Enjoy!

Torin Scissor/Stabilizer Jack - 2 Ton Capacity, 20in. Max Lift, Model# T10200

Wilmar Performance Tool W7 4 Way Folding Lug Wrench

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

petero | 30. Juni 2014

I own a MS and I have a full size OEM 19" alloy w/ Goodyear tire ( fully inflated to 45 lbs) in the Frunk, it lies almost flat. I will let AAA or Tesla Roadside service do the heavy lifting.

However ... I have seen photos of Ford and BMW space Saver spares that fit easily, with room to spare, in the frunk. Assuming of coure the dimension of the MS and MX Frunks are the same. | 30. Juni 2014

MX with AWD is an invitation to more adventurous driving. A Tesla certified spare tire kit as an option would be a time saver for those who feel the need. As a veteran of many, sometimes tire-mangling flats (think screwdriver through a sidewall and half inch diameter bolt through the tread as examples) I would purchase such a kit for long distance trips.

Red Sage ca us | 17. Oktober 2014


lgeller | 28. April 2015

I upgraded the wheels on my car and used one of the OEM wheels for a spare. I have three extra OEM wheels that Ill sell for $200 each (plus shipping from South Florida). With a tire these just fit in the Frunk. Then all you need is a jack (we got one from a Honda that works) and a lug wrench.

Larry | 28. April 2015

Not to belabor the point but I just noticed an eye bolt for towing neatly nested in a molded plastic cover under the felt-covered piece that is the bottom of the frunk. It occurs to me that with a different molded part they could easily offer a place to store a custom, optional jack and wrench. I could be wrong but with dual drive units the former "microwave" niche has been covered with a piece that goes straight across the former cubical space. I'll bet they could substitute a curved cover for that space that makes an optional spare tire easy to store. It would be a lot neater than the current arrangement with the S where the spare sort of fits in the frunk and the store-bought Jack and wrench get to live in the recess in the back.

Brian H | 30. April 2015

There isn't F-B room. Unless the rim is rubber, too.

vperl | 04. Mai 2015

Stap it on roof, with the ski's,bikes, and tent house

Red Sage ca us | 30. April 2017

For those who may inquire once more...

Redmiata98 | 02. Mai 2017

A spare will ll fit in the frunk of an X? Isn't there some problem with wheel offset because the wheels are staggered? Foes this meaan you have to carry two?

Badbot | 04. Mai 2017

Continental Kit
who needs aerodynamics?

lilbean | 04. Mai 2017

I could hang two tires on my bike rack :)

MyXinTx | 10. Mai 2017

For a vehicle starting at $80K, the least they could do is provide a 12v Air Pump with some convenient and cheeky storage design. It won't help in a blow-out, but for a nail it may get you to the next tire repair shop if not a towing location for a Svc Ctr

bikeandsail | 13. Mai 2017
ReD eXiLe ms us | 04. September 2017

Maximum bimpacity -- engaged!