Strategic Positioning of the Supercharging Stations: Herkimer, NY 13350

Strategic Positioning of the Supercharging Stations: Herkimer, NY 13350

I live in Herkimer, NY a visually stunning country valley.

Placing a Super Charging Station here would be beneficial to your company.
Here's Why....

We are directly off of the NYS Thruway (Exit 30)

You can see the historic Mohawk River & Erie Canal from the thruway exit

We are perfectly centered between Albany(State Capital) & Syracuse(Major City)

214 miles from your Westchester location

210 miles to Buffalo, NY

223 miles to Niagara Falls, NY

104 miles to Binghamton, NY

220 miles to Manhattan, NY

& the Pro's go on & on!!

I hope my future children will never have to "Pump Gas" in the entire lives!

What are your guys opinions on this?

Concerned Human Being

petochok | 23. September 2013

You forgot to mention that since you are so local, you promise to never use the supercharger yourself. :)

Raystown13 | 23. September 2013

I am in agreement! watching to see how the supercharger system will be built out in Pennslyvania, VA, Maryland. Would love to see supercharger at Breezewood, Pa
Intersection of Pa turnpike- Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, Route 70- east to DC and west to Pittsburgh.

Brian H | 23. September 2013

Only people who can't figger out how little return for their time they get charge locally at SCs. Stupid people, IOW.

petochok | 23. September 2013

I have long figgered it out this why I be walking!

Seriously though, @Raystown13; there's a thread about PA SC's in progress and Breezewood, PA has been mentioned by several individuals as a possible location that could be beneficial to travelers in that area.