The Stretchla project

The Stretchla project

Came across this on the general forum, and though it would also be appreciated here. Pretty amazing project.

Petitefogger | 01. Januar 2014

I'm not interested enough to watch all the guy's videos, but it looks like he's aiming for a stretch Vanagon with a Model S drivetrain. Forget that. What the world really needs is a stretch Model S limo.

Gluaisrothai | 01. Januar 2014

The vanagon is of minimal interest (to me), but what he learns and shares about the architecture of the Model S certainly will be. Subscribed!


GabrielB | 01. Januar 2014

My retirement dream has been a 100% electric all wheel drive RV.
Now I just have to wait for a slightly wrecked MS-P85 and a slightly wrecked MX-P85 with AWD, and salvage the parts...

WOW think of it! An "MSX-AWD-P170 RV++".

A custom all aluminum RV chassis with TWO Tesla 85kWh battery packs, dual real axels with independent rear wheel AIR suspension, each one driven by its own P-motor. AND another (smaller?) P-motor to drive the independent front wheels. An RV with air adjustable ground clearance that will go up and over anything, and can drive solo in the HOV lane.

De-populate the RV roof of all fixtures and vents (re-plumb those to be vented flush on the sides). Now add 345W Solar Panels (42' RV). 2x7=14 panels on a swing-up tilt, and another 14 on a deployable tilt-down awning. 28x345= 9,660 Watts! Assuming 8 hours of sunshine, that will charge the RV from zero to full in 2.2 days.

Let's say you have the typical propane or diesel for a stove/oven and a typical RV 5kW generator unit. Now you could be on your way in a day or less. Don't forget, there would be parts for TWO Tesla Charge Cable Ports. Back into adjacent SC's and charge at 240kW !!!

I need to pinch myself... :) Oh my gosh, do you think Fleetwood and Winnebago are worried just like GM and the others?

Fleetwood's 42' $345k Providence has a 450hp Cummins diesel. My RV would have 3 P-motors 416+416+250? or 1082hp !!! Pinch me again...

JstACarGuy | 01. Januar 2014

@GabrielB +1! This actually sounds like a very doable project. Maybe reduce the horsepower side and stretch the range out....

GabrielB | 01. Januar 2014

Yes, that could be the RV-E model, but my RV-SX model would have a lower roof line, not sooo flat in the front, and hold the Nurburgring track record for RVs :) Still dreaming...

Also, hp is reduced and range is extended by not pushing the accelerator pedal too far. The other cool thing with an RV like this is the possibility to actually charge a worthwhile bit while driving or waiting. You could commute to work 50+50=100 miles round trip, with only 14 of the 28 panels exposed in the parking lot, and never have to plug your "car" in. Ever.

GabrielB | 01. Januar 2014

Oh, and one more idea - waste not want not:
Let's say the design of your home is not great for solar panels. You could just park the RV as a power station your home is plugged into. Panels charge the batteries and run the house by day, and the RV battery runs the house by night. When you no longer need the house, go on a permanent vacation... Still dreaming.

Think about it. how many ICE-RVs do you see in long term storage lots. What if all those were portable power stations instead?

Bikezion | 01. Januar 2014

GabrielB +1
I really like the way you think! I have dreamed about a kick butt motorhome since I was a kid, (about 25 years). Over the years the specs have changed a bit, but the overall has stayed about the same, and it's not to much different than yours!
I always envisioned 8 wheels, all tandem, no duals, all powered, all steered, of course fully adjustable suspension, (my brother told me about the Citroen ID/DS models, been a fan since). The one thing always lacking was an appropriate power plant. A few months ago it clicked, with 2-3 model S batteries and 4 drive trains ( or 2 AWD drive trains), it would work awesome!
My dad built a trailer years ago for a guy to haul a bulldozer on, the way he did the suspension it could run on washboard roads and not shake. The tandems front and rear would allow the same principles to allow a smooth ride at any speed on any terrain. Plus a front blow out is no longer deadly. Not to mention the added traction around the Nurburgring ;)

GabrielB | 02. Januar 2014

And so two white papers have just been presented; a new start-up is born. We design the "Floating Nurburgring Frame" (call it the F'N Frame) from a clean sheet a paper. Source a 1st Class Body, and convince Tesla to supply the power train (like they do for Toyota and Daimler) to our new company: "F'N RV & Solar Power Company" in exchange for several million shares of our Pre-IPO stock. Still dreaming, but now accepting calls...