Strong Interior Cigarette Smell

Strong Interior Cigarette Smell

I recently completed a 400 mile trip in my Roadster and noticed a strong cigarette smell during the trip. I am a non-smoker, and no one has ever smoked in my car. Has anyone else experienced this? The smell seemed to come from the ducts, but even after I closed all the HVAC ducts and turned the blower off, the cigarette smell persisted. Any ideas? Very strange.

The Froq | 27. September 2012

Are you sure you are not driving a Fisker?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Brian H | 27. September 2012

Hallucination? Have you had anyone else check, without telling them what to sniff for (power of suggestion effect)?

SMOP | 27. September 2012

yes I had a passenger with me and she also smelled the cigarette smoke. It became so overpowering that we had to remove the top.

Brian H | 27. September 2012

I hesitate to suggest it; a butt dropped in the bodywork somewhere during servicing? When was the car last 'opened up'.

Brian H | 27. September 2012

Corr: " ... the car last 'opened up'? "

SMOP | 27. September 2012

March 2012-Tesla Service..Been doing some research on this issue and it seems that a lot of Lotus Elise's had a similar problem (cigarette smell).

Post 19.

Either that or maybe an errant cigarette got stuck in my fresh air HVAC intake and caused the smell.

Brian H | 28. September 2012

Yeah, that was a comment on Lotus' manufacturing practices. But that would be just after being bought, not something that arose suddenly (strongly) later. I suspect an errant part-smoked butt (or two). They can really smell, especially if damp.

smorgasbord | 01. Oktober 2012

This happened to me in my Roadster a while back, months after I took ownership. I took it in to Tesla service. They found some tobacco/cigar material in the air ducts. They used a claw to pull them out from the front grill (they gave me what they pulled out in a zip lock bag, which I still have). The car has been fine ever since.

Best guess is that somehow someone's cigar was busted up on the road and I ran over it, with some of the leaf material getting sucked in. At any rate, we know now there is no cabin air filter in the Roadster.

Timo | 02. Oktober 2012

Air filters rarely stop smells, just particles. The molecules needed to get sense of smell is surprisingly small even for humans (for some smells anyway) and if there is memory feedback associated it can just get worse.

mm | 22. Oktober 2012

i know exactly the problem: a guy in front of me was throwing the rest of his cigarette out of his car, the cigarette jumped slightly up and ended directly in my front air duct. the smell get instantly quite strong. at home i found the cigarette filter (and a second one). in autumn it's also quite bad with tree leafes. the older roadsters have grills which work much better. #694