Structural integrity - Forbes

Structural integrity - Forbes

There's an article on Forbes website dated Jan 18th "What are Some Mind Blowing Facts About Tesla Motors." Most of them we know already but there was one: "The Model S is so structurally sound, that NHTSA's roof chrush resistance testing machine actually broke when they tried to test the Model S under it. The Model S's roof crush resistance is over twice the requirement by the NHTSA." Not bad.

cprenzl | 23. Januar 2013

I didn't even know the NHTSA has recieved their Model S's ??? And told the public? Am I mistaken?

David70 | 23. Januar 2013

Do they have that right about that being NHTSA's test?

Elon reported last Fall that their crushing machine broke when doing the roof crush test. Are they actually talking about Tesla's test?

Brian H | 23. Januar 2013

Long ago, 85kWh model.