Supercharger in Ontario, Canada

Supercharger in Ontario, Canada

Any estimate how long will it take to get first supercharging location in Ontario, Canada ? I think We have enough Model S here in Toronto. Would appreciate if we get at least one supercharger.

Brian H | 11. Oktober 2013

Thought the 401 near Kingston SC was under way.

dkingsland | 14. Oktober 2013

The maps show one to the east of Toronto and one to the west.

I would love to hear the target dates for them both.

Parag | 15. Oktober 2013

Thank you guys for the updates.. Yeah I will love to see the west end as well being in Kitchener, Ontario.

dstiavnicky | 18. Dezember 2013

When is this happening? We have over 1,000 Teslas in Ontario and we still don't see anything!!!!!

... and switzerland has one already... with what, 5 cars!

Come on Tesla let's go!

Jewsh | 18. Dezember 2013

I wonder if permitting is the issue again. Desperately waiting for any update...

dstiavnicky | 19. Dezember 2013

I wouldn't expect permitting to be the issue as Ontario has the highest tax rebate for EVs in the world. The government (slow as they move) seems to be getting behind it.

Timo | 19. Dezember 2013

I'm guessing that rs414057 posts are spams, so flagging them.

Jewsh | 19. Dezember 2013

Me too... FML these spam messages are killing the forums.

Brian H | 19. Dezember 2013

They're much lower than before; one had 660 General posts in one go. Bots are tireless.

Anonymous | 10. Januar 2014
Anonymous | 10. Januar 2014
Anonymous | 10. Januar 2014

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Anonymous | 10. Januar 2014

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Brian H | 10. Januar 2014

?? If you're trying to post an image, host it, rt-click and "Copy Image Location", insert the url in

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Rob C | 11. Januar 2014

I'm told there is a supercharger under construction in London, Ontario.

Nicoletta | 11. Januar 2014

@Rob C, photos or it didn't happen (smiley face)

Jewsh | 11. Januar 2014

London? Meh, it's a bit far but I'd love to test it out nonetheless. ;-)

Rob C | 12. Januar 2014

No pics.... I don't live near London. Just the confirmation from a Tesla rep.

I also received a reply from Tesla via email ... stating that Chicago - Detroit to Toronto route was a priority for early 2014.

Nicoletta | 12. Januar 2014

Rob, great news, also for me as I'm from Chicago. Thanks for the info. Maybe there's someone in the vicinity who can send us photos.

jcherian3 | 03. Juni 2014

They keep seeming to add supercharger plans to Ontario. As of late it looks like there is one now in Barrie which would be awesome for the cottage trips up north. Hope it come soon as the season is upon us.

qmeng5 | 31. August 2014

Building a supercharger in London Ontario is absolutely necessary. London is at the intersection of southern west Ontario.