Survey: Rated Range and Average Energy Tesla Model S

Survey: Rated Range and Average Energy Tesla Model S

In an attempt to answer the question "Is related range related to driving habits?"

We have heard from Tesla employees that there is a correlation, some drivers say no.

Please fill out this four question survey monkey after charging up your car. A summary of the data will be provided to this forum once collected. Thanks.

TeslaOwnerBlog | 12. August 2013


When charging there are two sections "Daily" and "Trip". Trip is what is called or used to be called a full-range charge. You really should not use this routinely. Its not a big deal to fill up the car completely, but the battery will wear down if you do this say daily.

So the survey was based on setting the slider to the max in the Daily range, which is around 90%.

I think this is confusing, because the terminology has changed a bit from Roadster -> earlier software versions -> today's Model S software

So to clarify again, the most charge you can achieve within the Daily scale.

Tom & Cathy | 11. Juli 2014

Interesting thread. You might be interested in the Plug In America Model S battery survery.

It has a rich data set on 261 vehicles. Anyone can download the data set and conduct whatever analysis they like.

I'll be presenting results at TMC Connect next week.

Please add your experience to the survey.