syncing music…

syncing music…

I love my Model S, but I'm having trouble getting my music sync'd up. Read 8 pages of the forums and didn't see anything about this.

My 160GB iPod (classic, aka 7th generation) doesn't sync at all through the USB ports, and it doesn't have Bluetooth.

My Samsung cellphone syncs with Bluetooth but doesn't have any music on it.

My girlfriend's iPhone syncs with Bluetooth just fine, but the USB port doesn't seem to do anything.

What's the best solution to be able to play my music in the car?

—get a newer iPod?

—get a iPod Touch or used iPhone just for the car?

—transfer the contents of my iPod to a USB pen drive?

I was quite surprised there wasn't an 1/8" stereo input pre-installed.

thanks in advance,

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bp | 28. Januar 2013

My Galaxy S3 has music files, but they are not visible via USB.

I can play music via Bluetooth, but it uses the Music Player on the phone - and doesn't provide browsing support for the music folders on the phone. Really don't want to browse music files on my phone - especially while driving.

Until the internal memory is activated in the Model S - I picked up an inexpensive 32GB USB thumb drive - and copied my music to it - and that works - with full browsing support by album, artist, folder, ...

I listen to audiobooks while taking long commute drives - and do that via Bluetooth - starting the Audible Player on the phone, and then telling the car to play the phone via Bluetooth. This works pretty well - allowing me to pause and play the audiobook. But the car doesn't understand Audible, so it displays a random album cover and song - not the audiobook. And because this is playing on the phone, and not the car, the last position in the audiobook is retained (which would likely be lost if I was able to get the audiobook copied to an MP3 file).

WSE51 | 28. Januar 2013

The Tesla specs page...:

..says the standard sounds system includes storage for up to 500 songs and the Studio Sound Package includes storage for up to 3000 songs.

These have not yet been enabled and in other posts on this forum, owners said they were told by Tesla that these features are coming via a firmware update.

Vawlkus | 28. Januar 2013

Thumb drive is the simple & cheap method to use.

olanmills | 29. Januar 2013

For bluetooth, sometimes devices expose phone functionality and audio functionality seperately, maybe you need to pair the "right" way with the car or maybe your particular device is not compatible somehow.

For USB, for some devices, sometimes you have to explicitly go into a settings menu to tell the device whether you want to use the USB connection for power or data. Some devices can't do both at the same time and/or can't choose the right mode automatically.

I believe iPod/iPhone support via USB is coming at some point, and it will actually have deeper functionality than bluetooth audio, but it's not ready yet. Bluetooth on iPhone 4 and 5 seem to work with basic functionality like other phones (you can play/pause/skip, but you can't browse and search music, etc ).

Armak | 31. Januar 2013

We figured out that an iPad will work over bluetooth, so that'll do until the firmware updates.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

sergiyz | 31. Januar 2013

I have a thumbdrive and the main screen keeps rebooting on trying to read the content...
64G USB 3.0 (downward compatible with 2.0).

RickT | 04. Februar 2013

sergiyz - I have used a thumb drive and it seemed to display its directory properly and play what I asked for.

smd | 05. Februar 2013

I think only one device can be connected by bluetooth at a time. If your using another device for playing music, then your phone cannot be connected by bluetooth simultaneously, so you cannot make or receive calls through the Tesla.

bp | 06. Februar 2013

Compared with my previous Toyota and Lexus cars, one huge advantage of the Model S is the ability to have full access to the user interface while the car is in motion. This means it is easy to switch between Bluetooth devices by pressing the Bluetooth icon. And if you have any problems connecting, you can also do disconnect/connect.

In my previous cars, this required getting the car to a full stop.

The USB drive works pretty well. I often have two cell phones in the car - with one connected via USB (for charging only) and the other connected to a charging adapter plugged into the power port.

If/when the on board music storage is activated - I'll use both USB ports for charging.

At least with the Galaxy S3 - doesn't appear you can really do anything else with the USB interface other than charging... | 06. Februar 2013

I use a 64 GB stick (and need to get a 128 GB for all that I want). I also only use .flac files, both on the USB and phone.

Keep in mind if you use Bluetooth, no matter the format, it's compressed and may even be re-compressed depending on the source type. While some users can't tell the difference, if you think the quality is not up to snuff, try a USB drive/connection with some uncompressed (.flac) content to get the most out of your music.

On phones that don't work via USB, you should verify the USB cable you use actually is not just a power cable. Samsung and others include a "power" only USB cable with the phone, and it will not work for data. I'd confirm your cable works with a PC/Mac and that the phone's files can be seen by the PC/Mac. If not, you need a USB cable that supports data.

jessemargaret | 25. März 2015

To get a newer iPod and want to transfer your Samsung device data synced to iPod? You can try this to get anything on galaxy.

Since apple products use iTunes and now iCloud, you need to have an iTunes account. You connect iPhone to computer with iTunes or you sync your phone under settings;general;usage;icloud. Apple also allows you to home share with other computers like if you have a home network or family computers not at home using your iTunes account as well. hope this helps!

Or, you can simply try TransPhone [url=]Phone Transfer[/url] to see if it helps. (I Googled it.)

jessemargaret | 25. März 2015

Again, here. TransPhone Phone Transfer will help. I've tried and it's awesome.
Why not have a try on your own? Here you are.

sorka95032 | 25. März 2015

I leave an ipod touch plugged into the center console of my Infiniti. When I buy music on amazon, it automatically downloads to my itunes library on my nas. When the ipod touch connects to wifi in my garage, it syncs down any music added since the last sync. I never touch the ipod. It's like it's part of the car. I pull into the garage and it updates to the latest.

It's really a shame they didn't implement the iOS interface. And before you fanboys go all "it's a stupid obsolete interface " again on me like you did the last time, you're flat out wrong. Every major auto manufacturer that sells cars in the US has an ipod interface and millions and millions of car owners use it.

Bluetooth is useless until they support aptX, which almost everyone does now...except Tesla.

So at this point, the only real option is a thumb drive in the USB port.

Did someone say in this thread earlier that you can't be connected to both the media and phone profile at the same time? I don't think that's correct. When I test drove last month, I paired my Galaxy S4 and the connection status on the phone showed connected to phone and media at the same time as you would expect since that's the way it works on every other car in th world with phone and media profiles.

Hopefully the cryptic "audio codec" comment for 6.2 is code for they're about to fix all of this.

And yes, I also can't believe they don't have an aux in.

vcwynar | 25. März 2015

I have a 2TB Seagate passport sized hard drive, plugged into one of the USB slots. On it, I have loaded EVERY song that I own, over 40,000 songs. Almost 10,000 of those are in FLAC or ALAC format. The 2TB drive was only $75 and remains in the car at all times as a dedicated music jukebox. It's black and very small, and it blends with the Yacht floor.

My iPhone, over Bluetooth, is primarily used for Spotify or any other streaming, apps (Audible for example), IF I really need to stream music. Try to avoid Bluetooth audio since it is heavily compressed and is not ideal.

My setup is the best of all worlds, and since a lot of my music is FLAC, the sound system shines and is pushed to its limits. I also installed ONE 12" Subwoofer in the Trunk, along with an AMP solely powering it.
With all the above, the "standard" sound system that I opted for, can now rival the $2000+ HI-FI upgrade that I DIDN'T opt for, and more. It's a Joy to listen to music in this car. Quiet cabin, crisp audio and deep lows when I need to kick in the Subwoofer.

trixiew | 25. März 2015

I was just going to ask a music question. I finally put my iTunes on a USB drive. Only about 60% of the songs play, the other ones the album cover art displays but I get a message that it can't play the song.


JLC | 25. März 2015

@trixiew Maybe those songs that won't play are DRM protected?

mmmoore | 25. März 2015

@vcwynar is it possible to export everything in my iTunes match directly to FLAC or do I need to resample all of my CDs direct to FLAC? Also, how did you format the disk(fat32,notes,etc...)