Tesal in China

Tesal in China

Why would Tesla devote time, money and energy to sell their cars in China AND maybe pay some guy off in China who claims to have patented the Tesla name in China when they can't make them fast enough for all their customers in the USA?

I know China is a large market, but it seems that there's plenty to work on domestically.

Brian H | 24. August 2013

"Tesal" has no such concerns. Tesla is planning much increased production, and is anticipating a saturation level for expensive sedans in the US.

dlake | 24. August 2013

Sorry, TESLA- saw the misspelling as I hit submit.

I don't think Tesla is anywhere near saturation for Model S in USA. Even if they were, they should devote resources to Model X, supercharger network, service centers, next less expensive sedan, etc.

qxn_az | 24. August 2013

Environmental issues are global issues. Tesla's first and foremost mission is to address these urgent issues. China's large cities are more polluted than most other cities of the world, hence, the urgency to move into this market.

Also, public perception and acceptance of EV is critical to Tesla's success. The best strategy to educate and sway public's opinions is to put the Model S in the public's hands. Changing people's mind takes time. So it is best to let this process carried out in parallel all over the world rather than in series.

From a business perspective, there is much for Tesla to learn as a young automotive company. Moving into the European and China markets now will provide Tesla's valuable lessons to anticipate and design the model X and Gen-III as well as its factories more efficiently and pro-actively for the various nuances of the different local markets.

Brian H | 27. August 2013

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bonaire | 27. August 2013

@qxn_az. Tesla's mission is to address urgent environmental issues?

The number of cars worldwide is over 1 billion.
Selling 1 million cars a year would take 1 thousand years to replace them. Tesla cannot even come close to doing this.

What Tesla should do is instead of being critical of other manufacturers EVs (ie. Musk interviews), they should all join hands and work together. Musk should stop denigrating everything from the Volt and BMW i3. What he does is just talk up the luxury and performance of the Model-S. This is NOT environmental. It is stock-price oriented and exclusionary.

Case in point - exclusionary charging network. Tesla and Tesla only. But, you will find Teslas sitting in "public charging stations" hogging a J1772 for hours on end instead of going to their "club charger" country club charging spots. In fact, this exclusionary tactic will eventually cause a type of "civil war" between the Teslarians and the non-Teslarians. How will Musk "fix the environment" while casting-aside bretheren EV drivers?

Honestly, the climate issues that TSLA and SCTY try to "solve" are not doing it in an altruistic way. They are profiting from what government incentives there are and directors and officers are becoming millionaires while doing so. I think the whole "Tesla will help the climate" angle is misguided. Currently, the Model-S is a very good car. But it is a pop-culture car and not going to solve any world problem. Other than enrich some stock traders and underwriting companies.

frmercado | 27. August 2013

Are you some sort of communist or something?

Elon, invited any other manufacturer to join the supercharger network, as long as they help pay for the costs associated with the technology. You know those pesky things such as the R&D, deployment, leasing the land, building them, etc. Its not like Elon just snaps his fingers and, voila! a state of the art supercharger appears in the middle of nowhere.

The nerve of Tesla for not giving away their technology for free!

frmercado | 27. August 2013

My previos comment was directed @bonaire

frmercado | 27. August 2013


Brian H | 28. August 2013

Yeah, it's becoming obvious he's a sh**-disturber, a troll.
The reason Musk doesn't "join" the others is that they're pushing what are clearly to him dead end strategies. TM tech and charging are available for others, if they're up to it and willing to share the costs.

qxn_az | 29. August 2013

bonaire, I don't envision Tesla replacing every ICE car, but I do see that Tesla changing public's perception about EV, which is the most important battle in addressing environmental issues. While other manufacturers took the low-end approach, giving the public the perception that EV is a compromise for those who could not afford gas, Tesla is showing the world that driving an EV does not have to be a compromise. By bringing the Model S into the luxury market, Tesla is telling the world that you can have the best safety, best-performance, comparable luxury, comparable pricing, adequate range, and being environmentally responsible.

Sure, Elon Musk has been critical of other manufacturers at times, though not always, but mis-steps in portraying EV as compromises need to be corrected.

Raise the standard, change the minds, and the rest will follow!

ian | 29. August 2013

Exactly. Well said qxn_az.

DallasTeslan | 30. August 2013

Tesla has a revolutionary new vehicle, a game changer, designed and produced right here in the United States, now being exported, and selling as fast as they can make them with plans to increase production.

I just don't see how anyone can try to put a negative spin on that.