Tesla Battery Packs for Airstream Trailers?

Tesla Battery Packs for Airstream Trailers?

What about adding a Tesla Battery pack to the flooring of an Airstream trailer? It could serve as the power source for the Airstream and could also serve as a back-up battery pack to the Model X, potentially vastly extending the Model X range on a long trip. | 09. Oktober 2015

Except that pulling a load like that reduces the range by about 40%....

ec3po | 10. Oktober 2015

Good point. Another reason why there needs to be a spare battery pack in the trailer!

Monkey | 11. Oktober 2015

Battery packs add a lot of weight. Although I do think there would be a positive benefit to hauling extra power. I think what I'd like to see first is a regenerative braking system for trailers that can feed power back to the vehicle. Most all trailer systems that weigh 30% or more of the vehicle towing them need brakes. May as well reclaim as much of that energy as possible.

Red Sage ca us | 12. Oktober 2015

Why not try splitting the difference by reducing your ground speed by 20%?