Tesla a Day at the Track

Tesla a Day at the Track

Jewsh | 26. Juni 2013

Wow - that was awesome. Thank you for posting this!

Devin B | 26. Juni 2013

I wonder what his charge was before and after the laps...

justineet | 27. Juni 2013

It kicked u know what...

dstiavnicky | 27. Juni 2013

Love it!
Needs a bad a$$ soundtrack... ;)

jat | 24. Juli 2013

Here is a link to my experience taking my Model S to Atlanta Motorsports Park with Hooked on Driving (includes links to video and pictures):

MB3 | 24. Juli 2013

I want to give willow springs a chance. Where do you charge after a race?

jat | 24. Juli 2013

@MB3 - Look on PlugShare -- I found a Model S owner with an HPWC somewhat near the track for me to be able to make it home after an hour's charge.

NKYTA | 24. Juli 2013

Very cool! Were you running on 21" tires? Pilots or Conti's?
Keep looking for that apex, cheers.

jat | 24. Juli 2013

@NKYTA - no, stock 19" Goodyear tires. My instructor was trying to convince me to put on 20" Hankook Ventus R-S3 tires (since there don't appear to be any slicks that would fit the Model S) and I may do it, but I haven't decided if the extra traction is worth the expense and hassle of swapping them, particularly since I expect to do it only a handful of times a year.

dortor | 24. Juli 2013

Track days are a slippery slope - and I've been doing track events for 3 years now - love the hobby! Also love HOD they are a great organization and have helped me out a lot in growing in this hobby.

Simple advice (from someone who knows)…

Never take a car on track that you aren't willing/able to walk away from once it's in a little ball after a small mistake - and your normal insurance will NOT cover you.

If you are willing and able to walk away from the car and the investment it represents then by all means have fun in the hobby IT IS A BLAST - and please don't think it won't happen to you…

Regarding slicks - great tractions love them - don't do slicks with out the following safety equipment:

1. roll bar
2. HANs device
3. full harness
4. a full face helmet

take care and enjoy the hobby!