Tesla Deserves the Free Flow of Commerce (video)

Tesla Deserves the Free Flow of Commerce (video)

Carmine | 03. Juli 2013

I don't consider myself blue or red but rather red, white and blue. Although I agree with the message I don't necessarily agree that it's Republican Texas that is completely to blame. Look at Democratic New York. When it comes down to the wire, for politicans, it doesn't matter whether they are red or blue. The only color that matters is the green provided by the auto dealers associations. Happy 4th!

Carmine | 03. Juli 2013

Oops, politicans>politicians. I even hate typing that word!

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2013

Democratic NY let the bill die--big difference.

AmpedRealtor | 03. Juli 2013

I found this piece to be eloquent and absolutely on point. I see nothing wrong in pointing out the hypocrisy that it's largely Republicans who are pushing this agenda while at the same time wrapping themselves in the flag and proclaiming their support for the "free market". We have institutionalized and legalized bribery in this country in the form of unlimited campaign contributions from businesses and special interests like NADA, NRA, etc.

The only interests that politicians should represent are the interests of the voters who put those politicians into office. Until we get special interest money out of politics, we are going to continue having these sorts of problems. Why is it usually democrats and "liberals" who support alternative fuel and new technologies that challenge and disrupt the status quo, and why is it usually Republicans who want to maintain the status quo at the expense of innovation and domestic success?

I'm outraged at the what's happening in this country, and it's only a matter of time before we reach a real tipping point in voter sentiment.

Carefree | 03. Juli 2013

This commentary is oh so true - it applies equally to our home state, Arizona. We have the EXACT same situation. We have Tesla show rooms but you cannot even discuss buying the car in these show rooms - there are signs outside that say exactly that! Of course you cannot test drive the car either.

Our republican governor has no intentions to change any of the stupid and anti democratic laws - for these corrupt politicians it doesn't matter that they are limiting the success of an American made marvel like the Model S.

Bighorn | 03. Juli 2013

You'd think some well publicized photos of those signs prohibiting discussions about the car would have people up in arms about First Amendment rights.

jonesxander | 03. Juli 2013

The more and more it's talked about, the more I think that this situation with Tesla really is going to incite a friggin' political revolution man!!

jonesxander | 03. Juli 2013

I mean wtf?!?!?!

Some states allow medicinal marijuana, some states allow it outright. Why are we having the same conversation about something that's legal and useful?!?!?!?!!


exPGAhacker | 03. Juli 2013

I am a lifelong Republican and it bothers me immensely the stance many of my "free market" screaming brethren take in this issue. It is indeed a "green" issue as the fat and happy auto dealers hide behind their doctrine of "protecting the consumer" from the big bad auto manufacturers. I'm tired of lobbyists and politicians protecting me. What a joke! Protecting me from what? Lower prices? More competition? Better products?

I'm a solar power guy too so my MS runs on the sun. Trust me, the oil lobbyists will continue to fight that one at all levels too. It is disgusting that a solar power initiative hasn't swept this country. I guess the powers that be have decided that $350 billion dollars a year burned up on foreign oil is a good choice for this country.

The system is broken and I'm not sure anyone truly wants to fix it.

CalDreamin | 03. Juli 2013

In what states is it already illegal for a Tesla store to offer test drives, discuss vehicle price, or allow customers to sit in the car? The video says these are all illegal in Texas. Where else?

I'm just amazed that these restrictions exist anywhere in America.

AmpedRealtor | 03. Juli 2013

@ CalDreamin, Model S financing is restricted to the following states: CA, CO, IL, FL, NJ, NY, OR and WA. Can we conclude that those are the only states in which Tesla is allowed to sell direct? Perhaps the small list is for other reasons, but I was told the reason Tesla financing is not offered to AZ (not on the above list) is because Tesla is not allowed to sell cars in AZ.

AmpedRealtor | 03. Juli 2013

Correction to above, when I refer to Model S financing I'm referring to Tesla-branded financing - not third parties like credit unions, etc.

petero | 03. Juli 2013

Mr. O’Donnell did not make the distinction between the two (manufacturers with their contracts and duties to their independent dealers and Tesla with no independent dealers). I have two opinions and one has nothing to do with the other.

1. Tesla should be free to sell, market its cars: online, in stores, test drive, deliver, service, etc. Why, because they have no independent dealerships, and no contracts or agreements. I own an "S" and an independent dealer would have charged me an extra $20K "added mark-up" to the MSRP.

2. The NADA should defend THEIR member/dealers against competition from manufacturers who have been supported by their dealers for decades. The independent dealers have invested heavily in their dealerships, their personnel, car and parts inventory, their communities. These dealers have supported the manufacturers. It would be unfair and unreasonable for a manufacturer to compete with their own dealers. Independent dealers need to be protected from THEIR manufacturers. NADA has no business trying to force independents to join their ranks.

Carmine | 03. Juli 2013

@Bighorn. In undeniably Democratic New York the bill should have been overwhelmingly defeated not just left to die. Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame. I'm not happy with either these self-serving political parties. I totally agree with joneszander's comments.

CalDreamin | 03. Juli 2013

@ petero

I think the relationships between auto dealers and their auto manufacturers ought to be defined in franchise contracts and not anti-competitive state laws.

AlMc | 03. Juli 2013

+1 Carmine: The color of the state or politician (red or blue)is not the issue. The issue is that they are almost all beholding to
the big $ from NADA and other special interest groups.

Neither political party can claim the 'high ground' on this one.

This is why, IMHO, the White House Petition is important. It calls attention to the problem. Look at all the media coverage that is finally coming out on this issue. Educating the public, having them hear the 'other side' (not the NADA side) of the issue is what gives one hope that things might change.

Mel. | 04. Juli 2013

Does anyone have the name and tel. Number of a democrat that is supporting Tesla in Texas, Arizona, or North Carolina. We could telephone , e mail our support for that rep. In Massachusetts we have the democrat from natick supporting Tesla.

MCGRATH | 04. Juli 2013

Mel: Check out the Thread Jamon Thread July 3, 2013 "Keep the momentum Elon predicted the consumer-led Revolt".

Mel. | 04. Juli 2013

MCGRATH, this is an atta boy for pols that agree with us . I agree with you that the politicians that are in the pocket of The dealers deserve the stick.