To Tesla Employees

To Tesla Employees

Hey there, guys! I am a current student at Rochester Institute of Technology. My team is doing a research on what makes Tesla to be positively deviant from other car companies, in terms of culture and organizational flow.

Would you mind taking a really quick and brief survey for us? This would allow us to tell a great story about Tesla Motors to our fellow classmates.

The link bellow will bring you to survey engine.

PBEndo | 05. Dezember 2015

Presently there is a problem with the forum and no newly created threads are being displayed. Consequently, you may not get many responses until this issue is resolved.

PBEndo | 05. Dezember 2015

More importantly, Tesla employees do not participate in this forum.

MyXinTx | 06. Dezember 2015

Agree that employees do not view these forums, but if they did I would bet that they are forbidden from providing any information that was not approved by media relations.

You young kids out there, so much to much disappointment to be had, yet you are the future.

What would be real interesting is if you had a well-designed survey for my forum colleagues...who spend a part of their day on this forum.

So much could be realized about what the people want from a high-tech industry, and what pleases and disappoints them.

AlMc | 06. Dezember 2015

We do not know if any past or present TM staff participate in this forum. We do know that they do read them. Several people have posted they have been contacted by TM in response to a post on the forum.

In addition, they do follow the threads here and over on TMC. Makes business sense to know what your customers and potential customers are talking about.

carlk | 06. Dezember 2015

There are Tesla employees who monitor this forum but that could be just a very few people. A better way might be to contact the company directly and see if they could help you to get the request onto their internal publications.

Tâm | 06. Dezember 2015


Like others said, once you are employed, your freedom of speech may be restricted.

You'd get better chance if you contact Tesla.

In the mean time, as a non-employee, non-stock holder, I believe Tesla is a great place to work because:

1) New: It's still growing, if you want grow with it. If you want stable and well established company, then this may not be for you.

2) Vision: If you like its mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.

If you like the smell of gasoline and the sound of exhaust pipes, then this place is wrong for you.

3) Self-motivated: A place for those who want to work toward the mission, not because of monetary rewards: Why would you want to sell more cars if Tesla doesn't pay you sales commission?

There have been Tesla employees who left for other companies like Apple, Google... I doubt that they leave because other companies would pay them less money.

Last year, Tesla awarded its CEO Elon Musk with a salary of $35,360 but he refused, he just accepted $1 instead.

On the other hand, eventually, we'll get older, so there are 2 wishes that I hope all companies would have:

1) traditional pension plan, not just voluntary 401k-style.

2) paid retiree health insurance.

carlk | 06. Dezember 2015

@Tâm The two things you wished for are not possible nowadays because a lot of companies don't last that long and people don't stay at same company for very long either. The only thing you can hope for, other than to become government employee, is to work a company with good 401K match and put maximum amount into the plan.

Tesla is a tough place to work with long hours and a lot of challenges but that automatically weeds out the type people that only want to stay 9 to 5 for forty years and get a pension (not you I'm sure ;-)).

MyXinTx | 06. Dezember 2015

I do acknowledge my error and meant to say that as far as I know employees do not post on this forum, at least not as identified employees.

Fact or Fiction...I repeatedly have read that TM does monitor this forum, but has there been any actual evidence of that, or could that be a "myth" that either TM initiated or that some forum participants want to believe?

It would seem that having eyes on the topics may be reasonable, but to monitor all posts and sift out good ideas and recommendations would be an intense effort.

Tâm | 06. Dezember 2015


So far, the only employee who participate these forums is:

There's been no identifiable other owners who are also Tesla employees and participate in these forums.

We do know that Tesla does read these forums from the very early days as numerous Model S owners reported that they got a call from Service Center due to a posting of concerns on these forum.

I think it was Mark Z who reported that his Delivery Specialist said that they heard from the forums about the concerns of non-foldable second row seats so they introduced 6 seat configuration as an alternative.

Tesla does erase some sensitive info such as a personal cell phone number (not company's phone) of a Tesla employee.

AlMc | 06. Dezember 2015

@WaitN4myX: I can personally attest to the fact that TM staff read this and the TMC forum.

There was a thread about two years ago asking people to give a 'shout out' to TM staff that gave exceptional service.

I did just that and got an email from the person getting my 'shout out' thanking me.

Also, I started a thread thanking Jerome for his help to all of us over the years and got a nice note from him.

MyXinTx | 07. Dezember 2015

I now have confidence that TM staff have in the past monitored this forum and want to believe that they do so currently, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback.