Tesla Model S = the best-selling car in Norway!

Tesla Model S = the best-selling car in Norway!

With a market share of 6.1% it out-sold the VW Golf (4,9%) and the Mazda CX-4 (4,2%) for the period 01.09 - 09.09.

That is pretty amazing! :-) Congratulations Tesla!


JZ13 | 02. Januar 2014

How is Tesla selling relative to all cars? Not just electrics.

Benz | 03. Januar 2014

@ Sharp

Thanks for the update.

Have they already revealed the overall car sales figures of December 2013 in Norway?

Sharp | 03. Januar 2014

Here are the overall car sales for December 2013 in Norway:

Tesla Model S: 553
Volvo V40: 542
Volvo V70: 542
Skoda Octavia: 510
Volkswagen Golf: 461
Volvo V60: 416
Volvo XC60: 350
Nissan Leaf: 337
Toyota Auris: 311
Volkswagen E-Up: 294
Mercedes-Benz A-class: 215
Toyota Yaris: 211

jkn | 03. Januar 2014

Many Volvo models. Perhaps table by manufacturer should be given:

December total 2013
n % n %
Volvo 1884 16,5 11863 8,3
Volkswagen 1481 13,0 19130 13,5
Toyota 906 8,0 17909 12,6
Skoda 786 6,9 6948 4,9
Ford 756 6,6 9997 7,0
Mercedes-Benz 663 5,8 6091 4,3
Tesla 553 4,9 1986 1,4
Nissan 512 4,5 8202 5,8
Audi 475 4,2 7511 5,3
BMW 437 3,8 6876 4,8
Mazda 288 2,5 6109 4,3

Data is from ofvas no / bilsalget

I noticed that findus/service promises: Tromsø, coming soon. I wonder if it opens before next sunrise...

Sharp | 03. Januar 2014

The totals for Norwegian sales 2013 are:

Volkswagen Golf: 7.366
Toyota Auris: 4.818
Nissan Leaf: 4.604
Mazda CX-5: 4.387
Toyota Yaris: 4.250
Volvo V40: 3.833
Skoda Octavia: 3.788
Toyota RAV4: 3.395
Volvo V70: 3.172
Ford Focus: 3.169
Volkswagen Passat: 2.997
Mitsubishi Outlander: 2.989
Volkswagen Tiguan: 2.888
Nissan Qashqai: 2.627
Volvo V60: 2.407
Toyota Avensis: 2.175
Audi A3: 2.103
Mercedes-Benz A-class: 2.048
Tesla Model S: 1.983

52.8 % of cars were diesel powered, 41.7 % gasoline and 5.5 % fully electric. For December alone 11.2 % of new cars were fully electric.

6.9 % of diesel / gasoline cars in 2013 had a hybrid-system.

Sharp | 03. Januar 2014

Damn this forum without an edit function....

Volvo XC60 at 2.106 is supposed to come in at 17. place, brining Tesla Model S down to 20.

Benz | 03. Januar 2014

@ Sharp

Great news that the Tesla Model S was again the number one model car in Norway in December 2013 (just like in September).

In the Netherlands the sales figure of the Tesla Model S was 578 (even higher than in Norway). And the total for the year 2013 was 1,194 Tesla Model Ses.

The Netherlands and Norway combined = 1,194 + 1,983 = 3,177

Anyone knows how many Tesla Model Ses were delivered in Europe in 2013?

mathiasc | 03. Januar 2014

remember that Norway is a very specific market due to the high taxes on ICE performance cars and the no import tax on EVs. meaning its extremely beneficial to buy an EV compared to the similar competition like. panamera, M5 etc. A model s cost like a Volvo V70 with good equipment. not many markets like this for EVs at the moment... Surprised not even more people buy a model S or i3 in norway as long as the beneficial situation continue. no brainer to buy a model s in norway at the moment...

Benz | 03. Januar 2014

How many Tesla Model Ses can we expect to be sold in Norway in 2014?

My guess is 8,000.

What is your guess?

xanqan | 03. Januar 2014

Mathiassc the thing is is not that its not many people who buy the cars, its tesla and bmw who cant deliver enough cars in norway

Lessmog | 03. Januar 2014

Also I recall reading here that there was a bit of a rush to deliver in NL before YE due to changing incentives. So Dec figure may be anomalous in a longer view. Impressive as it is!

Over 3000 sold in 2013 in the two most Tesla-welcoming countries in Europe is not peanuts. But the focus may change, soon.

Can't wait to see ER.

jkn | 05. Januar 2014

findus/service stores in Norway: 4 open, 4 coming soon
They expect to sell more in Norway...

david.baird | 05. Januar 2014

Findus? I thought the were fish-fingers?

Benz | 27. Januar 2014

@ Sharp

Have they released any Norwegian car sales figures of the first few weeks of January 2014 yet?

Benz | 04. Februar 2014

Norwegian January sales figures?

jkn | 04. Februar 2014

132, not in top 20 models. Place 18 by manufacturer. I guess they sold cars locally in December instead of shipping to Norway.

Benz | 26. Februar 2014

@ Sharp / jkn

Have they released any Norwegian car sales figures of the first few weeks of February 2014 yet?

Al1 | 27. Februar 2014

There has been some issues with charging Tesla through the grid in Norway. Could it have affected January sales? Have those issues been resolved now? Anybody knows details?

Benz | 03. März 2014

Have the Norwegian car sales figures of February 2014 been published yet?

NKinne | 03. März 2014

Number 4,with 431 sold.

eikrokei | 03. März 2014

Norwegian new car registrations in February:

Volkswagen Golf: 488 cars, 4,3 %
Nissan Leaf: 484 cars, 4,3 %
Toyota Auris: 453 cars, 4,0 %
Tesla Model S: 431 cars, 3,8 %
Toyota RAV4: 342 cars, 3,0 %
Toyota Yaris: 314 cars, 2,8 %
Skoda Octavia 308 cars, 2,7 %
Nissan Qashqai: 292 cars, 2,6 %
Volkswagen up!: 265 cars, 2,4 %
Mitsubishi Outlander: 238 cars, 2,1 %

EVs made up 12,3 % of sales in February.

SMinnihan | 03. März 2014

Nice. Tesla almost beat out the Toyota Auris!

Mathew98 | 03. März 2014

The MS costs more than the top 3 sale leaders combined. What do you have to say for that? A luxury car vehicle which costs 3x as much is only 55 cars shy of the top sale spot.

What if TM were to ship more to Norway, would they absorb all the MS supply and then some?

Where's that sales figure for the i3 that you adore, @SM?

eikrokei | 03. März 2014

The i3 was number eleven, with 228 registrations.

csalthe | 03. März 2014

Got a rumor. 600+ to be delivered in march.

Al1 | 03. März 2014

Agree that difference between No 1 and No 4 is really meaningless. I think this is a very good result provided there were rumors that owners couldn't charge just weeks ago!

Tesla might actually return to the top position in near future. Rise in March would make sense, since there should be backlog in orders. Lots of potential buyers might have decided to wait and see rather than switch to a different car. Is there really an alternative?

Glad for Toyota RAV4 had strong sales. It is also Tesla success to some extent.

Brian H | 03. März 2014

Is that Auris the hybrid? (It's really a Prius with a different skin).

GeirT | 18. März 2014 (google translated)

Tesla Model S crushes all!
The numbers are so strong that one hardly can believe what you read.

The super el-car Tesla Model S reached a market share of 11.1% through the past week. According to the recent registration statistics from the OFV 343 Model S was recorded, miles ahead of the VW Golf and Toyota Auris, which could boast of, respectively, 151 and 128 vehicles.

All indications are that the Tesla Model S will be the big winner in March. Already there are 547 registered cars, against 424 Auris and 336 Golf.

2013 was a fantastic year for Tesla Norway, with 1983 Model S registrations. 2014 does not seem to become weaker, on the contrary. So far we are up to 1,110 cars.

Last week was by far the best in Tesla's history in Norway. Registration number was over twice as high as the best week of 2013.

The Model S-Registration distributed so far in 2014:

11.3-17.3: 343
4.3-10.3: 176
25.2-3.3: 170
18.2-24.2: 121
4.2-10.2: 75
28.1-3.2: 50
21.1-27.1: 10
14.1-20.1: 27
7.1-13.1: 12
1.1-6.1: 12

The best week last year (10.9-16.9): 161

negarholger | 18. März 2014

Great info - thanks.

carlk | 18. März 2014

I kind of think Tesla will arrange to produce cars for European shipment early in the quarter for March shipment and uses March production quota for US shipment. March can be a good month for both Europe and US sales.

carlk | 18. März 2014

I should say "for March delivery" instead of "for March shipment".

Al1 | 18. März 2014

343 cars a week? Is it more than half of production???

negarholger | 18. März 2014

and with 2 more weeks to go 1Q could well beat the 2013 number.

csalthe | 22. März 2014

Been reading abit on the norwegian EV forums.
So far this month they have delivered around 750 cars.

Talked to a tesla employee at the local Tesla store, he said that they were going to deliver around 70 cars a day from one delivery point ALONE for the remainder of this month.

So Im guessing around 12-1400 cars delivered to Norway in the month of March.

Ø | 22. März 2014

This month, overall, 11,1% mod S sales in Norway ! I just got mine today !

carlk | 22. März 2014

For people who are taking delivery this month what was the your car in production date? My theory is Tesla concentrates on production for European delivery first half of the quarter and switch to mostly US delivery the later half.

GeirT | 29. März 2014

Tesla Model S to break all records for monthly deliveries. Non-confirmed numbers show 1,300 cars registered. The old record was Subaru Forester with 1.328 cars back in December 2006.

By 24th March officially 896 Model S was registered.

Time for delivery is approx. 5 months.

jkirkebo | 29. März 2014

Way over 1400 cars now, total will probably be a bit over 1600 cars in March, and a 12-15% market share. EVs will probably exceed 20% in March.

lolachampcar | 29. März 2014


SamO | 29. März 2014

Double WOW. That's demand of 20K/year just from Norway. Uh, does the 40K unit run rate seem awfully slow?

lvaneveld | 29. März 2014

This pretty much confirms a theory I have had for the last couple of months and well portrayed by @carlk. I am fairly certain Tesla is allocating most of the production in the beginning of the quarter for shipment to Europe and delivery later in the same quarter. Then most production at the end on the quarter is delivered quickly in USA. Look at delivery patterns in Europe and you see the clear pattern. Very low deliveries in the first quarter of each month rising to a peak in the third. The next quarter starts over. Q1 14 adds a big shipment to China that should show up there in Q2.

Shorts could be in for a rude surprise when they beat Q1 guidance.

lvaneveld | 29. März 2014

By the way that is also consistent with short USA delivery times at the end of each quarter. All production stays local to deliver in the same quarter. All to make Wall Street bean counters comfy with quarterly results.

lolachampcar | 29. März 2014

I'm ok with it if it does not cost Tesla ANYTHING in efficiency. I'm still pissed that people with such short term vision have any impact at all on people actually adding value.

Benz | 29. März 2014


I actually remember that Elon Musk already a kind of said so that this would happen in Q1 (when he was in Oslo together with JB Straubel).

Norway is a great country for EV's.

negarholger | 29. März 2014

Norway will become the first country where it will be close to impossible to sell an ICE anymore... ( my bet is in 2015 ). Norway has no car industry to protect and keep on life support.

lolachampcar | 29. März 2014

grid defection in the US can not sell an ICE in Norway
Is this really happening?

Al1 | 29. März 2014

So what was that special about Norway again? The export oil aren't they? But they don't want to burn it. Pretty smart!

NKYTA | 29. März 2014

@Kleist, that seems...prescient. +1

But maybe just a wee bit aggressive on the timeframe? ;-)

Benz | 29. März 2014


Let's put it another way:

When will the marketshare of BEV's in Norway be at least 50%?
I think that the Tesla Model E will make that happen in 2017.

negarholger | 29. März 2014

@NKYTA - what is the value proposition for a new ICE after the 2015 Gen3 reveal? Drive it 3-5 years and then scrap it because you can't sell it anymore? Norway has no home industry to protect, enough electricity and is relative small so that even a limited ww EV production capacity ( Leaf, i3, e-up, Tesla,... ) can take over the market in very little time. Only thing what could stop it remove the tax burden off ICEs and put double tax burden on EVs... but the Norwegians are smarter then that. It will be an avalanche...