Tesla Motors Gains 2% on Potential Battery Boost

Tesla Motors Gains 2% on Potential Battery Boost

grega | 16. September 2013

I would have thought they were talking about Lithium-Air hybrid batteries.
(hope posting links is okay here?)

I can't find the article I read a few weeks ago, but it was talking about the problems of Lithium-Air, being slower power output and recharging issues (non-existant, or much slower, and not linkable to regen). Tesla was apparently looking at making a hybrid battery that used Lithium-Ion for part and Lithium-Air for part. The article didn't go into much depth. But it said the Lithium-Air allowed significantly higher range, but no supercharging.

I would assume that the goal of a hybrid battery would be something like a 50/50 pack that supplied half today's mileage while just using the Li-On power (covering most people's needs), while trickle charging the Li-ion from the Li-Air half as charge dropped. Supercharge could add a little back to Li-Air but mostly refill the Li-ion, while a slower overnight charge could bring both back to full. Or perhaps a supercharge in the evening could move its charge to the Li-Air overnight, followed by another supercharge in the morning.

Sorry lots of guesswork - small amount of information with a good amount of brainstorm.