Tesla Racing Opportunities in the Washington DC area

Tesla Racing Opportunities in the Washington DC area

Bring your Teslas out to race at area SCCA and NEDRA events!

On April 30, our Capitol Amps drag racing event will be at the Capitol Raceway which is in the Croften/Odenton Maryland area. See for details. Charging is provided. This will be our first electric drag race event at this track.

On June 11-12, we will be hosting our 11th Annual Power of DC in Hagerstown Maryland featuring an SCCA course at the Valley Mall on Saturday and NEDRA drag racing at the Mason Dixon Dragway on Sunday. Mason Dixon is an NHRA 1/4 mile track. Charging is provided both days. See for details.

You can try for NEDRA Records at both events, if you are a NEDRA Member which you can sign up for at both events. The Current NEDRA 1/8 mile record holder for the Tesla was from last years Power of DC at 8.14 at 84 mph.

Contact Chip Gribben at 301-490-0657 or

Brian H | 06. April 2011

Dragging with top off like in the pic has got to slow you down!

David70 | 06. April 2011

Ah! I finally get it. That's why they call it dragging.

Michael Rose | 12. April 2011

Brian, in the picture above you can see the blur of cones going by. This Tesla isn't drag racing, but rather on a Auto-cross circuit. The tracks are typically short with a lot of turns. Aerodynamics aren't going to have any significant impact on such short winding courses traveling at lower speeds. I think they just inserted a stock photo of someone driving a Tesla with a race helmet on, rather than a picture of one on the drag strip.