The whole car is simply fantastic! But there is something lacking in the front GRILLE. The big plastic-front leaves the car almost faceless. I would prefer something like the cone on Tesla S - at least that GRILLE projects an "attitude" of sorts. (Many "economy-cars" of the 90's were faceless or fish-mouthed.) Telsa can do great design - and I hope they improve their signature FRONT.

Son of a Gunn | 01. Oktober 2015

Take some masking tape and paint on the grille you prefer. It's practically a blank canvas waiting for you. Go crazy with it. Shark teeth pattern would do for the requisite "attitude".

Or just realize how we've been programmed.

aesculus | 01. Oktober 2015

@Son of a Gunn: +1

I initially thought the front looked unfinished or even worse. While the MS grill was way too big and looked like a cartoon character laughing at me, the MX looked like it had its lips sewn shut.

But I concur with you. Its like a blank canvas now so anyone can decorate it to suit their fancy :-)

haugil | 02. Oktober 2015

The lack of front grill, or nose cone, is what i like best about the design. I think it's even cooler than the falcon wing doors and absolutely makes the car. It certainly sets it apart.

It was unexpected and, I think, ingenious. If the no-grill design feature is a hit with most people like it is with me, then it's a feature that combustion engine cars just cant compete with, because they need the air inlet.

deeageux | 02. Oktober 2015

Below is a 1990 Infiniti Q45 with high output 305 hp V8 engine( though nominally rated at 278 hp limit per Japanese Companies gentlemen's agreement).

No need for grill because in modern cars engines are fed from underneath the front bumper assembly. Grills can feed a little extra cooling to the radiator but not necessary.

deeageux | 02. Oktober 2015

Below is one of the Chinese Model S knock offs.

The mentality of no grill is economy car, big grill is luxury car and ginormous grill is ultra luxury car must be rejected.

It is ridiculous and even more so on an electric vehicle.

Tesla needs to stop aping Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Maserati.

Blaze its own design language where form follows function. No lies. No grills are necessary. They even detract from aerodynamics and a low coefficient of drag.

contact | 02. Oktober 2015

Same here -- i find it utterly brilliant they left off this unnecessary feature. Such a relief and great extra surprise. Such an iconic improvement. It's the only thing that really disturbed me on the model S design also. 8)

Red Sage ca us | 03. Oktober 2015

deeageux: Someone in China really knows how to hire excellent booth babes... Hmmm? There was a car in the photo? Where?!?

"Grilles? We don' need no steenkin' grilles!"

oragne lovre | 03. Oktober 2015

Why would a driver of an electric car want a faux grille that shouts out "I'm driving an ICE car?"

Jonathangarner | 03. Oktober 2015

Then I guess a hood scoop is out of the question?

Roamer@AZ USA | 03. Oktober 2015


+1 on the hood scoop.

How about side pipes instead.

Flames may be inappropriate based on past hysteria.

Roamer@AZ USA | 03. Oktober 2015

@Red Sage. As soon as the car pictures popped up I thought, Red Sage has been here. Nice set of photos for comparison to the clean front end treatment.

For several years now I have gotten a chuckle whenever I see a car with fancy smoke stacks emphasized on the back. It's like drawing attention to the dirtiest part of the car.

Now that designers are going nuts with gaudy grill designs it is cool for Tesla to highlight they don't need no stinking chrome catastrophe making the front of the car look like an angry kitchen appliance.

madodel | 03. Oktober 2015

At first look I thought it looked strange, but now I think it looks awesome, especially in the Signature multi-coat red. Perhaps it needs a flux capacitor on the back.

Red Sage ca us | 03. Oktober 2015

308, Dino, Corvette (C4, C6), Zoe, and Model X.

None of these would be aesthetically improved by having an AUDI, Bentley, Bugatti, Cadillac, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls-Royce style of grille up front.

oragne lovre | 03. Oktober 2015

@Roamer: +1

This new X nose states that X drivers are of forward-looking, modern, futuristic nature, which is subconscious drive that makes them go nut with the X. | 03. Oktober 2015

If we had a huge grill, once the vehicle gets to it's end of life, it can be recycled to a third world country for continued use!

Red Sage ca us | 03. Oktober 2015


Darryl | 03. Oktober 2015

You do realize the small front opening at the top of the front forms the Trademark letter "T". I have been reading the forums and haven't seen this mentioned. I was at the launch and I think it looks great.

logicalthinker | 03. Oktober 2015

IMHO, the new Tesla X front end design is Absolutely gorgeous yes, even in white.

aesculus | 03. Oktober 2015

I keep seeing TEXAS grill as this thread title :-)

Red Sage ca us | 03. Oktober 2015

Darryl: Yes, it was one of the first things I noticed. At least one of the videos on Tesla Motors' YouTube channel ends with a fade from the Falcon Wing Doors to their logo. It was likely done accidentally at first, but once noticed, it was hard to 'unsee'. From what I've seen of the Model X Final, they actually adjusted the angle of the upright portions to be even closer to the shape of the logo.

aesculus: LOL! I saw that too!

aaquino22 | 04. Oktober 2015

I love the grill-less front. It's original and will become iconic.

DuSercan | 11. Oktober 2015

Grille less design has pretty much always backfired. That q45 from 1990 is what killed infiniti in its battle with lexus. Grilles are like belly buttons - even though you dont need one it looks very awkward if you dont have one. Interesting to see that orders of the MS have jumped following the MX reveal. Im sure not all those are because of the anticipated wait / delay to get the X

Maybe it will be different in person but in pictures The MX front looks cheap and hyundai like.

carlk | 11. Oktober 2015

People who complain about the front are probably the same people who complained the S interior looked plain without all the buttons and knobs a fancy car "should" have. The problem with this is there is no rule of what a car should look like. Same as reactions from people when they first saw Mies van der Rohe's less is more minimalist architectural designs. Give it some time to get use to before making you judgement.

What I'm tired to see is every company from China to Korea and sometimes even US and Japan trying to imitate the front of a few prestige European brands. It's refreshing that someone is bold enough to set a new direction.

madodel | 11. Oktober 2015

@carlk Now all those wannabees will be copying Tesla. Just not the state of the art drivetrain, only the packaging.

Iowa92x | 11. Oktober 2015

Grilles are from the ICE age and obsolete. Why add more plastic and slits that do nothing. The plastic nose cone on the S is horrific.

JeffreyR | 11. Oktober 2015

Great thread! Made me think and laugh in the first page. Not a common occurrence even w/ all you Grinners around.

carlk | 11. Oktober 2015

You can only take a look at those recent Acura or Lexus models to see how disastrous the I got bigger and bolder grill than you mentality can lead you to.

Red Sage ca us | 12. Oktober 2015

Wait... Look, cheap?

C'mon, MAN!