Testing the range of Tesla and my stupidity

Testing the range of Tesla and my stupidity

Yesterday, I had 19 miles in range left on my car and was 21 miles away from the Hawthorne SuperCharger. I wanted to see if I drove 55 or on surface streets if I could milk my way to the S/C. Now, I know I could have charged to 25 -30 miles and looked at what was left, but working without a net is my hobby. Immediately, I forgot my mission to milk the mileage and went down 4 miles. I did all I could and got back a couple but when I was 2.7 miles away, I went to 0. I got off the freeway and pulled into a gas station for the first time in 4 months. I parked away from the pumps and looked for an outlet. No luck. I was on a corner where there were three gas stations and a fried chicked place, near So. Central L.A.

I called Tesla Roadside and spoke with a guy who was sympathetic. He told me that if the car would start there would be a warning that told me to pull over. Since the only warning I had on the screen was CHARGE NOW!, I thought I might have the 2.7 miles in the tank to get to the S/C. He didn't think so. He told me to plug in somewhere. Prior to pulling off the freeway, I checked with Blink and Recargo and found that the closest place to charge WAS the Hawthorne s/c. A search of the intersection yielded nothing. I noticed there was a used tire shop about 50 yards from the intersection. The car started and I got to the tire shop where three very nice guys let me pull in and got me an extension cord, which didn't work. I was able to maneuver the car into a spot where the Tesla cord would reach and outlet and I started charging at 2 mph. After about an hour and a change from 0 to 1, one of the guys asked if we could use 220. I almost kissed him. He had an adapter that fit my cord and after 10 minutes, I showed 4 miles on the clock. While I waited I got them a bucket of chicken and would have invited them home to dinner.

I left for the S/C with 4 miles and stopped and got some lunch to eat while I charged. Unfortunately, they were having the taste of Hawthorne and the entrance to the S/C was closed. I wound up having to go at least a mile out of my way and just as I approached my alternate route, I again went to 0. But, I made it and took an hour, ate lunch, met some nice people and went home smarter. I keep getting smarter about this car, but I'm not getting smarter about myself.

Lessons learned: First, the car will go at least 2 miles with 0 showing. Second, in spite of what I learned about the "extra" range, it's probably not good for the car or me to depend on it. Third, if you want to test something, make sure you don't turn a simple trip into an adventure. Fourth, with a smile and a bucket of chicken, you can get almost anything you want. Obviously, the guys at the tire store were busy and I was in their prime spot. They were more than generous with their assistance. The point is that there are other places to charge in a pinch. Fifth, Broder must have been a complete idiot. I was pretty much 75% idiot and didn't run the car dry. Sixth, I'm gonna have to get a new hobby.

ichong | 20. Mai 2013

Great story and really useful info about the range after hitting 0 rated miles.

ramtaz | 20. Mai 2013

AWESOME story , glad you and TESLA made it home safely , without a TOW!

GeirT | 20. Mai 2013

Happy to hear the chicken tick worked :-)
Now, being self-brodered would be embarrassing, no?

hfcolvin | 20. Mai 2013

"with a smile and a bucket of chicken, you can get almost anything you want"

That's going on the list of life lessons!

alfafoxtrot1 | 20. Mai 2013

Oh, the shame. I'm going to suggest a firmware update that causes the MS to self-destruct if its pulled into a gas station.

Brian H | 20. Mai 2013

Said he as he accelerated at 1G past where the net would have been, "So far, so good!"