Third party aerodynamic wheels

Third party aerodynamic wheels

After a cross country road trip in the winter with a new set of snow tires I have become a believer.

I now like to have 2 sets of wheels, one with winter tires and one with all season.

Since Tesla is no longer offering the Areo wheels, has anyone found a nice third party Aero substitute?
Links would be highly appreciated.

BYT | 03. August 2012

I also would be interested in other rims/tire combo's for the Model S, can we use this thread for that as well?

jerry3 | 05. August 2012

No reason not to. The problem will be how to test the third party aero wheels for actual range improvement. (They are not aero wheels if they don't provide additional range)

BYT | 05. August 2012

From what I have seen, aero wheels have no place for air to flow out from so buy having a rim that has full coverage and is in the lighter side should increase range? Anyone believe it differently?

BYT | 05. August 2012

Buy - by

jerry3 | 05. August 2012


That should be correct, but verification is needed. I'd like one that was just a flat disk, but there might be non-obvious forms that could improve the airflow even more. (Similar to how the Kammback design reduces aerodynamic drag, even though it's not obvious that it would.)

BYT | 05. August 2012

This is a pretty good article in PopularMechanics on how modders are trying to eek out every MPG possible which can translate to the Model S and get the most put of our own battery packs.

In particular to this conversation, on page 5 there is a modded who sealed off the rear wheel well to increase range and have the aerodynamic rims that keeps airflow under the car to prevent seeping and hurting aerodynamics.

BYT | 05. August 2012

Pardon the grammar above, typing on iPhone while on a road trip... :) Don't worry, I'm the passenger on this leg of it. :)

tdelta1000 | 05. August 2012

@BYT The under tray would be the only mod that interest me.

Sonja Yates | 18. August 2012

I really want the aeordynamic wheels and hope Tesla will figure out how to restore their offering of same--pronto!

Brian H | 19. August 2012

the supplier failed quality tests, and orders were too low to bother with. I wouldn't hold my breath!

HaroldS | 19. August 2012

I have a design for a latching system for the 19" alloys that will allow flat discs (Lexan is my first choice) to be put on or taken off in about thirty seconds per rim. No danger of scratching or scuffing the rims, either. I just don't know if I can get the latches fabricated at a reasonable price. More later...

jerry3 | 19. August 2012


The original aero wheel mockups were pretty unappealing because for some reason they tried to make them look like spoked wheels by painting the disk black, so there weren't many takers. I would have thought that flat without the spokes disks would have looked much better and would have been cheaper to produce as well.

David70 | 19. August 2012


Actually, if convex discs might be more aerodynamic. And clear Lexan would show the spokes on the wheels. Lexan would be my choice too.

David70 | 19. August 2012

Edit: delete "if".

Brian H | 19. August 2012

Convex means bulging out at the center; I believe that's what the "aeros" did/do. Did you mean concave, curving inwards? The only other option is flat.

TikiMan | 19. August 2012

I would just be happy if Tesla came up with a wheel edge protector, or curb warning system, to avoid damage from curbs.

David70 | 20. August 2012

Convex is what I meant.

HaroldS | 21. August 2012

Actually, it appears from the pictures that we have available that aero discs would have to be at least slightly convex, since the 19" spokes appear to sweep out beyond the rim edge slightly. I'm trying to get a spec sheet for the wheel to see if that is true.

Tom A | 15. Juni 2013

A recent article on Autobloggreen has a series of high-res images of the Audi R8 E-Tron. Several of the pictures show it with a set of aerodynamic rims. I think they look very good...definitely better than the pics that Tesla had.

RedShift | 15. Juni 2013

I have been wanting to replace my 19" wheels with flat, chrome aero wheels. They should give me a few miles (possibly 10-15) extra range.

808MGuy | 15. Juni 2013

What is the weight of both the standard 19" and the 21" wheels. I would think that reducing weight would give just as much or more benefit than trying to cover the holes and make it aerodynamic. Lightweight forged wheels are easy to find and look a lot better than a standard disk. It also allows for better cooling of the brake discs.