Thoughts on batching

Thoughts on batching

Happy New Year everybody (it's not too late a week in is it?). I was curious as to what people thought the reason for how the batches are produced. I know the thought has been especially initially geographically but I wonder with VINs being spread out in how they are being produced and regions as well, I wonder if the biggest obstacle might not be payment options.

I am financing and trading in, though I may decide on trading in elsewhere depending on price, and I wonder if those that have received their cars are paying cash which would give Tesla greater incentive to get the cars to them? Maybe I'm way out of leftfield with this but was curious what you guys thought?

All the best for this new year.

Sig X VIN #502

ir | 07. Januar 2016

"are paying cash which would give Tesla greater incentive to get the cars to them?"

Nope. In the end, Tesla gets a big fat check / wire transfer. They don't care if it is from a bank or from somebody's bank account.

The batching is more by configured options than payment option. It's more efficient to paint the same color or build the same battery pack in bulk. Geography plays a role when they're trying to pack a shipping container.

rossRallen | 07. Januar 2016

Evidently, payment doesn't affect delivery. I paid-in-full by wire transfer. It posted on my MyTesla page three weeks ago, and I have heard nothing since. No clue when my car will be ready (VIN 6XX). Others have had the same experience with both SigXs and on earlier Model S purchases.

I explored trading in my car through Tesla, but their offer was 50% of what I could get at CarMax. So, I didn't do that. Something to consider.

elguapo | 07. Januar 2016

I agree with others. I don't think form of payment matters at all. You can change that up until the last minute and TM gets the money regardless. It's all about similar builds/options. I don't even think geography plays a huge role. There are sigs withVINs an delivery dates in NY, Nebraska, Florida and MA. If geography mattered that much, we'd see a ton more deliveries in CA and I don't think that's the case.

aljjr2 | 07. Januar 2016

Batching most likely is same/similar manufacturing, models or color. Then geography for shipping. As far as Tesla is concerned, final payment all look the same -- they get "cash" from someone.

primetime98 | 07. Januar 2016

Thanks for all the responses! Thanks for the CarMax tip Ross, I'll be sure to check them out.