I finalized my order on the 24th for an MS85 w/tech package, parking sensors, metals green paint, black leather, black roof and glossy wood. From here it's just waiting but how long after I finalize is the vin assigned? When does ownership contact you? Etc etc... Sorry if this has been brought up before but I tried looking through volkerize and all that comes up is a bunch of stuff on vin submission.

Thanks in advance!!!

J.T. | 31. Dezember 2013

@Nuts4MS There are no definitive answers to your questions. You will have your VIN in plenty of time to obtain insurance and financing. Ownership will be in touch a few weeks before delivery. Other than that it's pretty silent.

If you're nuts for MS now, wait until the day before delivery.

Rheumboy | 31. Dezember 2013

Just wait till your nuts sit in that driver's seat. Opps, maybe not!

Salute | 31. Dezember 2013

Same configuration as yours except different color and carbon fiber, sun roof.

Order date - 10/29/13
Confirm Date - 11/7/13
Vin # (first contact) - 11/13/13
Delivery (5 days later than orig sched) - 12/28/13

LithionSD | 31. Dezember 2013

My experience was a little under 3 months for delivery in total. My VIN appeared after about a month and a half. In production appeared about 1.5 weeks before delivery. If you are financing, a financing specialist will contact you a little more than 30 days before scheduled delivery.

jordanrichard | 31. Dezember 2013

Rheumboy, that is too funny.

mantin | 31. Dezember 2013

I ordered my green/tan, tech package, high end audio on Oct 17, finalized the next day, and got a vin a week later. Delivery was Dec 3. Contact by delivery specialist a week before asking me if I wanted to move up my date from Dec 7 to Dec 3. Worked for me. And what a car - Happy New Year.

Nuts4MS | 31. Dezember 2013

Looks like it just varies like a lot of you have said, oh we'll I guess I will take this time to fill up my current car with gas and get the oil changed one more time cause those days are almost over :)

@rhuemboy although I plan on wearing pants in the car, yes, yes they will lol

Happy new year everyone!!

michael1800 | 31. Dezember 2013

Yup. It varies. Most of us guess about the impact of increased production, global exports now, web site verbiage, previous few batches, etc., but it's just a guessing game. Regardless of the timeline, many are helpless against checking the My Tesla page for a VIN or status update a ridiculous number of times a day. That said, once the DS makes contact with you, their timeline has been *generally* accurate.

Grats :)

PhillyMomof4 | 31. Dezember 2013

I confirmed on Dec 17 and have heard nothing. I emailed my local Tesla rep To find out if he had more info, and he told me my car's "end of line date" (when car is finished being built) should be Feb 17, then delivery within 2 weeks.

Nuts4MS | 01. Januar 2014

I haven't heard of the end of line date before but it sounds like a good thing to know for planning purposes so I will put in a call to the Tesla in DC to see if they can provide it. Thanks for the good info!

flodrab | 01. Januar 2014

@Nuts ... I confirmed on the 30th, and on the 31st when I went to "My Dashboard" the RN-something number that had been there, and which I'm assuming stood for Reservation Number, was already changed to a VIN

Nuts4MS | 01. Januar 2014

Did you go with a P85? Did you specify a delivery preference? I noticed on my dashboard that my estimated delivery is set for April so that could be the reason...

tes-s | 01. Januar 2014

People have been posting about 6 weeks from confirmation to US delivery of MS85 for the past 6 months or so. Maybe add a week or two due to the holidays.

You'll be driving it soon!!

flodrab | 01. Januar 2014

yes, I'm getting a P85 ... I didn't specify a delivery preference, I'm going to a Service Center which just happens to be very close to my home ... and my estimated delivery is February

Mathew98 | 02. Januar 2014

@Nuts4MS - Happy New Year! Hate to burst your bubble, S85 will take at least 2 months, P85/+ will take about 4 weeks, and S60 will take 2-3 months to deliver.

The expected delivery date is posted on the design studio home page.

TM has been staggering the 60/85/P/P+ mixture last year and the highest trims (higher margins) always get delivery faster than the rest.

MacDaddyDude | 02. Januar 2014

We confirmed the end of September, and the dashboard estimated a delivery in late November. We picked up our S85 in late November just before Thanksgiving. The two month estimate was spot on for us. The status went back and forth, so try not to focus on that too much.

RAM_Eh | 02. Januar 2014

Mine was a S85 and it was exactly 6 weeks from order to delivery.

November 5 to December 21.

Nuts4MS | 02. Januar 2014

Are you in the east or west coast? I'm in Virginia so I figure it would be a little longer cause of the cross country trip.

Brian H | 03. Januar 2014

I think pot luck may come into it. If the next batch happens to be your size ...

Nuts4MS | 03. Januar 2014

I called ownership today and spoke with a pretty cool guy named Seth, he said that there is a waiting period of two weeks after finalization to assign build slots and that it can be waived if I so desired. Of course I said yes and basically got assigned a delivery date of the 3 week of March cause of the two week transport time! Way better than the end of April the was originally slated for my End Of Line date. Thanks to everyone who helped out and for all the good info, this forum rocks!!

Low CG | 03. Januar 2014

Man, that sounds like they're going to build you a beauty.

Nuts4MS | 03. Januar 2014

I hope so, the green was the only color I haven't seen in person so I am kinda taking a chance on it, but I'm pretty sure it will look as cute as a newborn baby when it rolls off the production line :)

Louie G | 07. Januar 2014

Confirmed my p85+ on December 4th Just heard from my DS and scheduled for a February 1st delivery in NY might be a week or 2 earlier depending on shipping to east coast.

shredder | 26. Januar 2014

My S85 was confirmed 1/21. VIN appeared the next day. Email from delivery specialist on 1/24 said completion 3/3, with delivery to Chicago suburbs 3/17.

jordanrichard | 26. Januar 2014

I just confirmed my order about an hour ago. I will be interested to see if my timeline is similar to shredder's. Though I am in CT, so there would be a couple more days on truck.

amitb00 | 26. Januar 2014

Mine was confirmed on 12/20. It said late feb delivery. I was contacted last week with VIN and 10-Mar as delivery date. It is S85 car.

tes-s | 26. Januar 2014

For the past 6 months the US delivery timeframes posted have been pretty constant: 4-6 weeks for P85, and 6-8 weeks for S85.

Orders/delivery that span Christmas/New Years seem to have a delay of a few weeks. Could be the holiday schedule, or a batch of international deliveries, both, or something else.

flyjeffva | 26. Januar 2014

@Nuts4MS, where in Virginia? I am near Dublin (in SW Virginia)

Webcrawler | 26. Januar 2014

S85 air, piano, tech, parking, leather...

Ordered 12/19/13
VIN Assigned 01/21/14
Added sound upgrade on 01/22/14
Delivery specialists contacted me on 1/24/14 and gave me a delivery date of 3/11/14
Got official confrimation of build configuration on 1/25/14

So over the holidays it looks like about 90 days give or take....

tes-s | 26. Januar 2014

Yes, the delay over the holidays is curious. @shredder's S85 ordered a month later has the same delivery date.

Whatever the delay was, delivery times look like they are back to where they have been.

Nuts4MS | 26. Januar 2014

I am in Fredericksburg VA

Also I was driving by the Carlos Okellys today and saw a beautiful grey MS in the parking lot so that brings my area count up to 4!