Toronto MS Owners: Can the 60 safely handle return trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain?

Toronto MS Owners: Can the 60 safely handle return trip from Toronto to Blue Mountain?

Return distance according to Google maps is about 325 km.

Rated 60 Battery range is 370 km.

Sometimes could be cold temperatures for the winter getaways.

Is that cutting it too close?

Assume no recharging stations along way for now.

SamO | 01. Oktober 2013

Not at all. Range charge and then keep,your speed reasonable. When climbing hills slow a bit. You'll make it.

edouard bissada | 02. Oktober 2013


I live in Toronto and have had an 85 for 9 months. I can tell you unequivocally that in winter, leaving the car at the hill for a full day of skiing, and knowing what the traffic will be like from Barrie thru Collingwood, you will not make it there and back. I did this sane trip, following a range charge, which leaves the car with 424 km of rated range, and could not make it back without having to stop and top off at Yorkdale,

Also I did not have a roof rack and holder on my car, add those and it will be worse.

FYI in my case I drove the speed limit the entire way, no easy task on the 400.

Anyone who says it can be done is clueless as to effect of cold on range and vampire drain.

Luclyluciano | 02. Oktober 2013

@ Kaboom.

Firstly, I'm confused. Didn't you originally start the thread with the question? And now you are answering it with no because you've tried it with an 85?

Secondly, are you saying your true range is only about 300 Kms? If so, I need to give this car more thought.
I was considering the p85+, to replace my AMG. But I was thinking a 400 km range.

Would the P85 be less than 300?

I too live in the GTA. Woodbridge to be exact.

EJH | 02. Oktober 2013


Our Toronto/Washago cottage round trip is 300Km exactly. Depending on how I drive, the amount of "range" that I use averages about 200 Km each leg. This is at the normal Hwy 400 speed of 120+-KPH, c/w A/C, etc.
I did once, however need to ration power, and managed to do a leg using less than 150 Km. of range, so in my opinion in the warm weather if you really needed to you could do it. Not a chance in the winter.
There are going to be charging stations at all of the "On-Route" locations, and Plugshare has a good list of options,FYI.

Kaboom | 02. Oktober 2013

Thanks for the feedback folks.

I did have everything ready to go for the stripped down 85. But i had a last minutes change of heart and am about to switch order to a 60 with tech, twins, sensors instead. As long as the 60 range can still handle that blue mountain run.

But by the sound of things it can't, at least not without a recharge along the way.

Dont worry the 85 can safely handle it.

But maybe recharging stations will be popping up in many places soon. However, i am not keen on a half hour built in break time for what is otherwise barely an hour and a half drive.

Luclyluciano | 02. Oktober 2013

@ EJH, can't you charge at your cottage with a 120V plug in charger over the weekend to add some distance to your range?

johnpreiner | 02. Oktober 2013

I have made that trip in my P85. My round trip from North York to Blue Mountain is 325km. If you are staying overnight and can plug in, even to a 110v outlet, you will be OK. If you hope to make the round trip in one day, you will need the 85kW model when you factor in vampire drain, A/C or heater use, traffic, and "spirited driving". If price is a factor, you would be wiser to get an 85kW model with no options, than a 60kW model with all the bells and whistles. Having to worry about range is no fun. You will have a much more versatile car in the end.

Luclyluciano | 02. Oktober 2013

@ John and others.
Thanks for that.
2 questions.....

Does the p85 have less range than the reg 85 ?

Realistically, how many kilometres per hour do you get from the regular plug in charge when you stay somewhere for the day, overnight or the weekend?

SamO | 02. Oktober 2013

~3 miles of charge/hour.

The P85 does have less range than the regular 85 especially if you have the 21" tires.

Mostly because it's easy to drink the watts with a heavy foot.

SergeyS | 02. Oktober 2013

I could not get more that 360 km per full(trip setting) charge with my P85. My tires are 19", so just keeping 100-109 km/h is enough to drain batteries much faster compared with estimations. I have made several trips from Mississauga to Buffalo, the result is pretty much the same.

Kaboom | 02. Oktober 2013

Sergey, are you saying your 85 couldnt even handle more 360 km on a full charge?? That sounds awefully low. Given thats its pretty much a flat ride whole way, and i dont think that driving 10-20 km/h over the 'ideal' speed of 90 km/h should drain a 470 km range battery that fast.

Something sounds off

derek | 02. Oktober 2013

Don't forget that the range will taper off over the life of the car. My S85 arrived with a normal charge of 243 EPA miles in March, and is down to 223 in October.

That's one of the reasons I got the 85. A 60 would have cut it for most of my driving, but I wanted to be completely worry free, both this year, and in 5 years.

PS: SamOSam, slowing down on hills does nothing to extend range. Lower average speed helps, reducing brake use, and reducing heating. Nothing else matters much.

SergeyS | 02. Oktober 2013

Yes 360 km is max I can squeeze out of my car. I never tried it personally, but car will let you drive another 10-20km even with 0km remaining to find a charger.
For me it's logical. There is no way to predict or calculate the cross-wind speed which could increase energy consumption by 5-10% or traffic conditions another 3-5%. Add to these numbers 105km/h average speed, which is 35km/h higher than rated speed and bottom line will be 20% lower number than initial estimation. 360km out of 440km estimated by the car.

Based on my personal experience !!! Plan your routes keeping in mind 340km max distance with single charge leave the rest for emergency (in case of P85 with 19" tires).

I have found REALLY GOOD website witch helped me a lot in my trips planning:

Here you can find a list of most Power-full chargers available in Canada(Sun-Country CS90) which could deliver 72Amps to the car (in case of twin chargers installed in the car).

I always call to every planned charge point to make sure it's operational and available for public use. Some of them charge 5$ for recharge if you are not staying in the hotel.

Brian H | 03. Oktober 2013

That was a post addressed to Kaboom, not a quote.

The meaning of the "standard" setting was reset in the meantime. You may have lost no range at all.

derek | 03. Oktober 2013

Brian H

True. I'm on 4.5, and now the "Standard" is a user-chosen slider.

But I haven't touched the slider, and I'm convinced the default is similar to where it was before 4.5, because my trend down from 243 to 223 has happened steadily. I was in low 230's just before I got the 4.5 update.

Can you give me an idea of what kind of range loss you've had since your delivery?

I hope my losses are unusual, because then I'll be protected by the guarantee, and Tesla won't go bankrupt. I'm long TSLA!!

My point stands. If Kaboom is talking about a trip to Blue Mountain from TO, and you're just barely making it on fumes...consider next year and the year after, too.