Traction Control Off

Traction Control Off

I've had the car for about a month, and finally decided to do a little experimenting with T/C off. Wow! From a stand still, the burnout was almost limitless. I finally lifted my foot off of the throttle when economic sanity struck, but the car would have kept on spinning the rear wheels. I circled back, and the road marks were at least 150 feet long (this is clearly a one time event for me since I don't want to replace tires on a monthly basis). There is an abandoned Lowe's nearby with a large empty parking lot. I was able to "drift" under various conditions. My two takeaways are that the car is incredibly fun with traction control off, and I was surprised at how responsive and controlled it felt when the car was drifting. I have done this with other cars, and it is easy to feel out of control. The Model S was responsive and the vehicle dynamics were aligned with my desired outcome. What a blast!!!

bfranks273 | 30. April 2013

Cool. A little afraid to try it. You have 21's or 19's?

BYT | 30. April 2013

As much of an adrenalin junky as I am, I'm afraid to turn T/C off and I've had the car since Thanksgiving!!

alsettesla | 30. April 2013

19" P85. I'm assuming that the traction would be significantly better with 21" wheels.