Trade-ins through Autonation - Illinois

Trade-ins through Autonation - Illinois

Has anyone actually traded their current car in with Autonation in Illinois? I just got an appraisal from them and it was absolutely horrible.

eAdopter | 01. Juli 2013

Typical for Autonation. They need to make a profit and assume all the risk - a balanced business approach.

They offered me $1000 for a car I sold one day later for $4400 on craigslist. Sell your own car if the money is important. | 01. Juli 2013

Also try CarMax - they gave me a better price than my AutoNation offer--the whole thing was pretty painless and took all of about 30 min.


froggytown | 01. Juli 2013

I got two quotes from Auto Nation. Both were low. I called the number and told them they are way under market. They put me on hold after asking how much I was looking for and then talked to a supervisor. They added $1000 to one car and $1500 to the other.

Then I took both cars to Carmax and each care was slightly higher. I didn't have the time nor patience to sell it separately so I cancelled the Auto Nation pickup and sold both to Carmax.

I thought the Auto Nation deal would have been treated like a trade in where I'd have a tax break from applying the trade in value to the purchase. Nope. So, it's not as convenient as I originally thought it would be.

GReese | 01. Juli 2013

I did. It worked out well for me.

Is it wrong to use the expression "YMMV" here?

AlMc | 01. Juli 2013

Car Max offered me 10% more than Autonation or the dealer I originally bought the car from..........

iholtzman | 01. Juli 2013

I have had my S since December. Auto Nation offered my $3,500 for my 2005 VW Phaeton. I sold it for $10,500. Don't waste your time with them.

SCCRENDO | 01. Juli 2013

Have recently had 2 Lexus's around 200,000 miles hoping to drive to 300,000 miles. Both developed transmission problems within a couple of months of each other. Got a great deal from Carmax on both. In fact was shocked at how much they offered. Would definitely use them in the future.

vkumar7882 | 02. Juli 2013

I was really disappointed with Autonation. Their offer was was less than the kbb price....ended up selling to carmax....the whole process took under 30 minutes and got $1500 more than what Autonation was offering. Tesla should seriously think about switching to carmax or someone else that matches the tesla brand quality and commitment

michael1800 | 02. Juli 2013

Autonation was good to me. They do lowball. If your car is in bonafide 'excellent' condition, you may want to tell them that after they send you the kbb fair estimate or consider looking elsewhere. That said, I did get the tax break and did go with Autonation. I could have gotten maybe 2-3k more private (without the tax benefit), but with a lot more effort and pain. I took Autonation for the simplicity and they made it pretty simple. A swap out on delivery day :)

wonder | 02. Juli 2013

I value my property and work hard for my money and don't typically choose to give either away! So after listening to Autonation's ridiculous offer (way under blue book) I listed on Craig's List and had my BMW Roadster sold to a very happy individual within a week or two of listing. No problems and much happier. Don't care much for theft. I even let the car go for a bit less to give the new owner some room for the unknown.

wolfpv | 02. Juli 2013

Autonation gave me a fair offer and the transaction was easy. I was trading an expensive car (1 1/2 year old Audi A8) and it's hard to do a private party sale on such an expensive vehicle.

cloroxbb | 02. Juli 2013

Autonation sounds like a pawn shop to me. So can't really be mad at a pure middleman that needs to make a profit.

Mike_E | 02. Juli 2013

Auto Nation did good by me trading in my one year old 2013 BMW M5. And I got credit for the trade on my sales tax by having it listed as a trade in on my Tesla paperwork. The sales tax credit was significant and when combined with what Auto Nation gave me there was no way I could have gotten that much selling it on my own or selling it locally.


scottales | 24. Juli 2013

With 27 years in the car business I can tell you that most highline dealerships try to make $4k-$6k per car front end profit. Back end profit refers to anything made in the finance office. So when you're trading in a $50k+ vehicle and getting a tax savings (if your state operates that way) there only a slight benefit to selling the car yourself. A $50k trade value would save you $3,500 in sales tax here in Florida. In my humble opinion that is close enough to let them make the extra $1,500. Don't be afraid to ask a few independent and franchised dealers what they would pay too! All dealers desperately need good inventory at a fair price. But it doesn't take any responsibility away from you making sure the offers are reasonably close to true wholesale value.

unclegeek | 02. August 2013

I had a different experience than most. After reading here that CarMAX generally out bid AutoNation, I took my 335 down there. After a fairly pleasant interface session they came back $4000 below trade-in book value. I was fairly insulted and left. (The car btw was cherry condition and freshly detailed). Next I checked AutoNation via the direct link on Tesla's site. It came back a thousand higher. Then I checked AutoTrader and they bid another $1500 more than that! Ended up selling to an individual for another grand. Point is, check 'em all...