Trailer Port for Model X / Supercharger infrastructure

Trailer Port for Model X / Supercharger infrastructure

It seems that development of Model X comes in the direction to consider a trailer port for all the potential clients, who wants to move their horses, boats or what ever.
In that case it would be sensitive to consider the fact, that fully loaded trailers cannot disconnected from the car only to get the car charged at the supercharger.
In those rare places you can go front endet into a charger slot, quite often there is a common traffic zone just at the slot end, so you could not park a car with trailer there.

Tâm | 31. März 2015


That's a huge Supercharging issue to be solved for a Tesla with a trailer!

It's difficult enough for a Model S alone to maneuver through a very small and crowded parking lot for San Juan Capistrano Supercharger, CA.

I would guest it is impossible to charge there with a trailer unless there's no other souls in the parking lot/supercharger such as 2AM in an early dark morning.

Once you got to the chargers, blocking other charging spots/parking spaces, I am not sure the cable is long enough to reach the car charging port.

That's same tight quarter is a problem for trailers at Tesla Hawthorne Design Center Supercharger and many others too.

A good solution sample is a pull through design as shown in Rocklin, CA Supercharger.

ian | 31. März 2015

They'll definitely have to reconfigure some superchargers. I'm not taking my bikes off the hitch mount rack to back into a supercharger either. I'll just block a couple extras. ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 03. April 2015

Larger, newer Supercharger locations tend to feature at least one pull through or head-in charging space. | 03. April 2015

Tesla: A- for execution, C for planning.

@ws: why didn't you tell us about this issue last year?:-))

David Trushin | 05. April 2015

I'm surprised that people haven't jumped on this thread. This is a big issue for anyone that plans on hauling a trailer with an X. And ehat about the rest of us who could get X'd out at the sc. extension cords anyone?

vandacca | 06. April 2015

I've read at TMC that extension cords will never be supported. Turns out that the existing length of the cables is at the theoretical length limit for that gauge of wire. Trying to put an extension cord will cause many issues (e.g. heat dissipation)

pvetesla | 06. April 2015

David. I'm guessing most buyers are going to be the "soccer moms" and the majority of the others aren't planning on hauling things behind when in need of a supercharger.

But I tend to agree they should have planned for this anyway.

David Trushin | 06. April 2015

I agree, the car is more of a minivan than an suv. But marketing it as an suv is going to create expectations that are not going to be met. Viz, some of the threads talking about road clearance and towing horse trailers and boats. I don't think it's an issue because towing a horse trailer will reduce the range to the point where you can't get from one sc to the next. Unless the horses are hitched to the front of the car.

carlgo2 | 14. April 2015

Just don't see the X as suitable for this use. It is indeed a min-van, at least as it has been presented to us so far. Horses and boats are often taken off to places where there is no SC anyway, nor even trickle chargers. A big ol' truck with towing options is simply the only way to go for horse and boat owners. Use the EV for daily use.

A friend of mine has a big Ford and could barely haul two horses over the grade where he lives. Had to spring for a turbo conversion and that is pretty nice.

grant10k | 14. April 2015

Sounds like your friend has some lazy horses. Weird that it takes more than 1hp to pull one horse.

Interestingly, the EV's insane low end torque would be make it easier to get over the grade, unfortunately at the cost of the range needed to go anywhere else.

carlgo2 | 14. April 2015

His wife's horses really, Arabians. I don't think they could be trained to pull anything. Horses are like EVs in that they have full torque at low rpms. Their power comes from renewable resources. They could make a comeback if we return to a prehistorical way of life.

Red Sage ca us | 15. April 2015

I think Grant10k was referring to the original Ford's horses -- under the hood -- before the turbo conversion.

FelixMendeldog | 24. April 2015

I too am surprised more people aren’t all over this thread. As of now, nearly all the SuperChargers I’ve ever seen are back-in only. Distance towing is going to be a problem.

But damn do I love the idea of towing a boat with a Model X: the advantages are huge: immense torque; beautifully calibrated throttle for low speed maneuvers; no changing gear ratios; great parking brake design and implementation; best traction control ever for starting up wet launch ramps; no ramp idling fumes; etc. etc.

David Trushin | 24. April 2015

Felix, when you say long range towing, you're talking about 100 miles, right? | 24. April 2015

This is really an important thread for Tesla to pay attention to. Having just completed a road trip where I used four SCs, one of them was impossible to use with a trailer attached. The other three could be used only by blocking maybe four to five charger spaces. @vandacca (aka Dan) is correct, I believe about the wire gauge in the SC cord. Those babies get pretty warm when you pump up to 300 amps through them. The charge rate would have to be decreased to accommodate an extension cord. Otherwise, the trailer will need to be detached during charging--awkward. As towing a trailer reduces driving range, this mode of travel exacerbates the issue.

rdalcanto | 25. April 2015

WOW! I had not given a single thought to this problem before. You are absolutely right! Being able to charge with the trailer still attached at every supercharger is a must!

proven | 25. April 2015

I agree this is a problem that will need to be solved. But I also don't see how the X will be able to handle big trailers anyway. Maybe a small jetski/motorcycle trailer and those are easy enough to detach to charge. Anything bigger and you probably won't make it to the next SC.

vandacca | 27. April 2015

Trailers are not as big as a problem as Bike Carriers. Sure, you can detach most small trailers fairly easily. However, with a Bike Carrier attached to the hitch, you would need to remove each bike (up to 5) one-by-one before you could remove the actual Bike Carrier. Then you would need to somehow lock up the 5 bikes to something or you would have to stay with the vehicle during the whole charging time.

Then you would have to reverse this process. If you had 5 full-suspension mountain bikes (which is much more challenging to load/unload) on the Bike Carrier, the process could take upwards of 6 minutes to unload and another 6 minutes to load, with the added inconvenience of having up to 5 bikes laying around and vulnerable.

pvetesla | 27. April 2015

Good news!

In this case it looks like you could skip your morning workout routine. WHEW!'s a pain for those few trips to unhitched the trailer or take your bikes off the hitch. But it's not a deal breaker for me. Do I wish the charging stations were designed a little differently...yes. But Tesla doesn't have the luxury to "download" the fix to this problem.

ian | 27. April 2015

Well put vandacca. That's my fear too. Hopefully Tesla will add some more straight in or pull through sites.