Trip Planning to the Murphys, CA/Arnold, CA area.

Trip Planning to the Murphys, CA/Arnold, CA area.

We are planning a trip from Monterey, CA to the Murphy's, CA/Arnold, CA area at the end of the month to attend the Concours event at Ironstone as well as a little exploring and wine tasting... I have checked near every hotel, map, app and resource and it seems unlikely to find any charging anywhere.

Has anyone done a similar trip to this area from the bay area or familiar with the area and know if there may be a hotel with a 240v RV hookup or similar in these areas to make this trip more feasible. Even if we hit the Livermore Factory for a charge on the way up it will leave us few miles for driving while visiting leaving a return to the same Supercharger on the way home...

negarholger | 17. September 2013

Welcome to the charging desert. Closest ( 85 miles ) would be the Folsom SC. South of Angels Camp is a RV park. Another option would to rent a cabin with an electrical dryer outlet.

TGriffin | 18. September 2013

Thanks for that... Pretty much a gamble at this point. The only firm offer I have is the hotel I am booked at said I can use 120v outlets near the parking lot... Hmmm that should help a lot ;(