Trip from south OC to San Luis Obispo

Trip from south OC to San Luis Obispo

Planning my first trip outside the LA-SD corridor where I'll need to make charging stops. While the trip to SLO is 250 and theoretically within the range of the MS. It seems like a good idea to do some charging along the way particularly on the return as I am not certain that I'll be able to fully charge overnight. The hotel where we're staying (Madonna Inn) only has 110v. And, I have yet to use a supercharger. Would appreciate any input on the noted options and stops.

OC to SpaceX supercharger in Hawthorne. Just topping off as its only 55 miles from home but that will give me enough to make it the remaining 193 mi. to SLO without range anxiety.

Return Option 1
SLO to Lebec supercharger (137 mi) via Hwy 166 (Is this a good route? Have not been on it. I know there's a mountain pass)
Lebec to OC (138 mi)

Return Option 2
SLO to Santa Barbara (95 mi) Not sure where the best place to charge. Would like to grab lunch while there
SB to OC (150 mi) May have to stop at SpaceX depending on range remaining

Earl and Nagin ... | 12. Mai 2013

I can't say which route is best but I will add the following info:

regarding option 1:

I haven't been the whole length of 166 but the parts I have been on were good, scenic roads.

There a 208v/70a J1772 charger at Rabobank in Santa Maria you should be aware of.
This would let you top off a bit, especially if you have the 2 onboard chargers.

regarding option 2:

The SLO Promenade ( offers a 208v/30a J1772 charging. It is a quick walk from the Madonna Inn

There's a 240v/70 amp J-1772 charging station in Goleta on the way up There are a couple of nice restaurants nearby.

bioengr | 12. Mai 2013

Thanks Earl & Nagin,
Very helpful.

jansmith001 | 11. Mai 2014

There is a supercharger station with 8 ports in Atascadero ( 12 miles north of slo on highway 101). just drove over to check it out this week. Hope this helps you. I live in San Luis Obispo and several Teslas have been sold here so there is pressure to get a supercharging station here. Our preference would be Madonna Inn.

Burt Court | 11. Mai 2014

Buellton, dummy...8-)

SCCRENDO | 11. Mai 2014

If you guys read the original post it was a year ago when there were only 6 superchargers in CA. Buellton and Atascadero did not exist. So OPs question was actually pretty good at the time. The answer is a little more obvious this year.

Earl and Nagin ... | 12. Mai 2014

Isn't it great to witness real progress!!!

SCCRENDO | 12. Mai 2014

@Earl and Nagin, +1