Unplugged Charge Decline

Unplugged Charge Decline

Well, I had to go out of town for 8 days so I decided to do a little experiment. I left my Model S unplugged in my garage to see what would happen ( same as if I left it at the airport). Over 8 days it went down from 225 to 157 miles. I think if you left it at the airport for 3 weeks it might be a bit dicey.
Anybody have any tables or insight to how fast the charge dissipates?

timdorr | 06. Dezember 2012

Do you have the new v4.0 software and have the deeper sleep options enabled? That will reduce the charge decline by 8 miles per day. That would have reduced your decline from 68 miles to 4. I'm guessing you do have it, though. 4 seems pretty low to me.

Also, if you're going away for 3 weeks, I wouldn't pay for 20+ days of car storage. Getting a taxi back and forth would be far cheaper, and you can leave the Model S at home plugged in.

Joyrider | 06. Dezember 2012

I assume you did not have it in the new sleep mode. I believe it is 8 miles a day if you don't use it which would explain where your miles went. Sleep mode seems like a pretty nice addition for those who, for one reason or another, have to leave their cars unplugged a while .

dahtye | 06. Dezember 2012

I'm looking forward to the new s/w since I don't plug in at night. My MS sits idle for about 14 hours each night, so having it go to "sleep" would be preferred. I heard this sleep mode is also good for the 12V battery.

I charge primarily at work and can get a full charge in about 3.5hrs from a level 2 charger (or 2.5 hrs from a NEMA 14-50 outlet) at work. Roundtrip home/work is about 40 miles.

Joyrider | 06. Dezember 2012

Timdorr look like you and I typed our replies at the same time, but you beat me to the submit bar!

Pasadena-S | 07. Dezember 2012

I am using sleep mode, but still see significant decline in stored energy when parked but not plugged in.

olanmills | 07. Dezember 2012

What was the ambient temperature range?

David59 | 01. Februar 2013

There may be a better thread for me to jump in on, but I am noticing significant declines in my range (15-20 miles in 15 hours) when the car is parked but not plugged in. The car is in San Francisco so temperature is not an issue. I just got her last weekend and I believe she has the latest operating system. Should I be concerned?

Hills | 01. Februar 2013

San Francisco Bay area. I had 4.1 with sleep mode, car loses miles just sitting. Lost 6-7 miles in 10 hours. Updated to 4.2, no sleep mode, car loses charge just sitting, 8-9 miles just sitting. Did not take precise records, but I never got the minimal loss people claimed on 4.1. Now it is worse, but not a lot worse with 4.2.

hiajpm | 01. Februar 2013

Remember folks your cars are auto maintaining batt heating in cool weath and cooling in hot weather are going to use a fair amont of power unless thay are pluged in not only for charhing but for maintaning charging sys.

mbcaffe | 01. Februar 2013

I have had mine only for a week. came with 4.2. I plug it in as soon as I get home and leave it plugged in as suggested in the owner's guide. I notice that the standard charge on the first day gave 190 mile range (60kWh). every day it has lost about a mile(e.g. this morning it was 185). is this expected?

sorry if this has been discussed elsewher

DouglasR | 01. Februar 2013


How many miles are you driving it each day, and what size battery do you have? The standard charge should yield a rated range of about 240 miles on an 85 kWh battery. However, if you drive only a few miles in a day, the charging may complete fairly early in the evening, and by morning the range will have dropped. Looks like you may have a 65 kWh battery, but if you have the 85, you should have it checked.

Hills | 01. Februar 2013

7 weeks old 85kWh, I always get 240-241 just as the car fininshes charging. However, I used to charge at 40 Amp and leave it plugged in, and in the morning it would read 237-239 miles. Since then, I have lowered the current so that the car finishes charging 1-3 hours before I leave in the morning. Now I get 240 miles as I leave the house. My conclusion is that the car loses charge even when plugged in. Have not done the experiment to know if the car starts chargina again at some point.

Superliner | 01. Februar 2013


Your range projections are likely adjusting to your driving habits. It will tell you what your projected range is based on XX previous miles driven, or ideal conditions. I believe this is a user changeable feature through the touch screen.

Hills | 01. Februar 2013

My previous post of 240 miles is standard charge, and unaffected by driving style.

DouglasR | 01. Februar 2013

Hills and Superliner are comparing apples and oranges. "Projected" range (the number in the box on the right-hand side of the graph of the energy app) is dependent on driving style. "Rated" or "Ideal" range (the number under the speed read-out on the speedometer) is not. Whether the speedometer displays "Rated" or "Ideal" range can be configured in the control panel.

It is not clear what type of range mbcaffe was talking about, but I assumed it was rated range for a 65 kWh car.

mbcaffe | 01. Februar 2013

thanks everyone. I have 60kWh and always display "rated". Projected is helpful if I know I will drive more than 100 miles in one day. BTW use about 35 miles of rated range on a 28 mile drive to work. Nice to drive it as the "ultimate driving experience" should be driven.

DouglasR | 01. Februar 2013

Oops, I meant 60 not 65 kWh.

HansJ | 01. Februar 2013

My S60 shows anywhere between 185 and 190 rated miles after a charge. Overnight when it's cold and I fill the battery quickly it's usually 185. On the Supersharger or when I drive it right after its fully charged, I get 190 rated miles. Nothing in your description sounds out of the ordinary.

Superliner | 01. Februar 2013


Thanks for the clarification.


Correct! The OP did not say Projected or Rated in the original post, I was just taking a stab at it, and am aware of the difference between rated and projected range They can be and usually are a different aninaml

@All!! Posters

Isn't it nice to have these problems (Tesla Grin going Strong)

stevenmaifert | 02. Februar 2013

I suspect that even with the car plugged in full time, the SOC has to drop below some threshold level before a new charge session is initiated. That would explain a slight drop in rated range even with the car plugged in. A charge log function in the software would be useful in that regard. I will be going out of town for 8 days this week and will leave the car plugged in. Will be interesting in what rated range I come back to. Did not install 4.2 because I didn't want to lose the sleep mode so we will see.

Beavertail S | 23. Februar 2013

I took delivery of my 60 kwh Model S last week (2/16) and left it unplugged in my garage at work (55 degrees) while I left for 8 days of vacation. I left the car with 150 miles of rated range and got very concerned as I monitored range via the app. As of Sunday, I had only 84 miles. I saw the sleep thread here and called Tesla to see if they could put the car to sleep remotely because I wasn't aware of that mode and hadn't done so. They said Sleep is now Power Off in Version 4.2. They said the car Powered Off on its own after a while. They also said they saw 54% battery capacity despite the range reading, so I'm much more confident that I'll be able to drive home without an extra charge four days from now.

So when we leave the car at airports for awhile we should Power Off. Now that the car is off, the app doesn't see it immediately. I will wake the car up when I return and hopefully the range will pick up as the battery warms.

I'm pleased that the car can be left unplugged for vacation, and get you home, but it would be nice to have a set of instructions for "leaving it at the airport", even though I know now. In retrospect I would have charged to max range, driven to work in range mode and then powered off when I left the car. I hope this helps others.

nickjhowe | 23. Februar 2013

@Beavertail - this is new information. I've never seen any reference to the Power Off option being a low power mode; it has always been implied that it is no different than walking away from the car.

Has anyone else heard this? It might explain why I saw my vampire load drop from c. 200w to c. 140w after 24 hours; that's still way higher than the c. 30w we had under sleep mode.

Robert22 | 23. Februar 2013

I always shut the car off from the main screen when I get out. Seems to save a few miles but definitely not as much as sleep did. Make sure you open your driver's door before powering off or you'll be doing it again when you open the door.