Use your Model S screen as a greeting card!

Use your Model S screen as a greeting card!

Share messages of congratulations on the big screen in your MS. Twelve different occasions are supported.

go to for this and other cool web screens...

Have fun!

[Don't get distracted from watching the road]

RobS | 30. Mai 2013

You folks are awesome! Peacemaker is already my favorite screen to demo when I'm showing off the car. This card idea is unexpected and terrific. Many thanks!

Omnilord | 30. Mai 2013

Nice :)

dstiavnicky | 31. Mai 2013

Your very welcome!
Should have a few more next week.

Velo1 | 31. Mai 2013

Love it - daughter #1 or 2 graduates college (out of state) in a few weeks. After graduation, the whole family is home, and I plan to have the "Graduation" screen ready for her when she gets in the car. We've had the car since January, so she has not seen it yet. She's pretty tech savvy and will get a huge charge (pun intended) out of that welcome screen.

mcx-sea | 31. Mai 2013

A few more:




swhardy | 31. Mai 2013

Looks like there's a bug on the Promotion page. "From" is always displayed. For example, if I entered "Sincerely, Joe" what gets displayed is "From Sincerely, Joe".

Thanks for putting these together. Like others have said, the Peacemaker page is one that I always use to show off the web browser app!

GettingOldFast | 31. Mai 2013

Awesome! How about "welcome home!" ?

hikerockies | 31. Mai 2013

@dstiavnicky: Thanks! I used it today for my son's birthday. He was surprised and loved it.

dstiavnicky | 04. Juni 2013

Cleaned up the font size / locations issues and promo page bug...

J.T. | 04. Juni 2013

Though I haven't had a chance to use them yet I want to thank you for the effort and imagination.

HenryT2 | 04. Juni 2013

Awesome. Love the 007 package.

dstiavnicky | 22. August 2013

We added a simple 'Voice command' reminder list (as we seem to forget some of them...). Enjoy!

c.bussert67 | 22. August 2013

I run the HAL mode all the time! I love the all knowing red eye, running the perfect system! Its a perfect car! I always wonder if people see it glowing at night when I drive and think that's the computer. LOL!

Mliss | 22. August 2013

This awesome. Can't wait to show off the peacemaker. My flamethrower does not appear to be working - I may need to contact tesla service. :-)

moorelin | 22. August 2013

(Peacemaker should say: Axle Saw)

Brian10 | 22. August 2013

Love it!