Using dryer plug?

Using dryer plug?

I am seeking some advice as I have a bit of an interesting situation. Just finalized my car this morning with delivery window Feb - Mar which I am STOKED about. Having said that, I am also getting ready to move houses sometime in the next 2 - 6 months.

I would prefer to not spend the money to setup an outlet and then move a month or so later, especially since I am renting my house now and the elderly owners are a challenge to work with. But I do have a 240V dryer plug in the garage that I could use for the Model S by simply unplugging the dryer and plugging in the Model S.

Anyone doing something similar (unplugging dryer, plugging in Model S)? Am I headed down a bad path here?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

shop | 05. März 2013

Brian, you make a very compelling case for the need to edit your own posts!

GeekEV | 05. März 2013

I was also able to obtain these adapters from the Fremont Service Center when I picked up my car on Sunday. The delivery specialist had never seen them before. I called ahead (since Service is closed on Sunday) and they had them waiting for me in the car.

Brian H | 05. März 2013

If only it were possible. Had to try each variant, then discovered that I was using the wrong picture! Jeez.

abaloyan | 14. April 2013

I get my model s tomorrow and I am moving to another house in 2 months so I did not prepare this house with the recommended adapter....BUT I have a NEMA 10-30 30a 125/250v receptacle were the washer and dryer is....Does anybody know if I get an adapter could I make it work until I move out??

mdherbst | 14. April 2013

It seems to me, a reservation holder, that the car should come with every one of the adapters in a lunchbox kit.

negarholger | 14. April 2013

Car doesn't come with a 10-30 adapter, but it is available now. Ask them to bring one with the car ($45) or order online. I charge with a 10-30 now and it works fine to get something like 200 rated miles overnight.

shop | 14. April 2013

The Tesla 10-30 adapter will work as long as the dryer plug is about 20 feet from the Tesla charge port.

jemartin | 14. April 2013

shop - good point. I was about to spend the money on the 6-50 and on the 10-30 adaptors, but decided instead to make my own 6-50P to 14-50R and 10-30P to 14-50R adaptors. This way I can use a 25' 50A extension cord and reach out to about 50' away. Both home made adaptors have worked fine so far.

nickjhowe | 14. April 2013

@jemartin - I did exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason.

jat | 14. April 2013

It is annoying to have to dial down the current manually though. I had failed to explain it clearly to my wife, and so when she drove the car back to my sister's house and hooked it up, it was charging for a while at 40A on a 30A circuit - the breaker didn't trip, so it was very fortunate that the wiring standards include a lot of margin and nothing bad happened.

Brian H | 14. April 2013

Doesn't the car have memory? If you do it right once, it should automatically use that setting from then on.