Very cool fan-made Tesla Ad

Very cool fan-made Tesla Ad

This volunteer Tesla ad/artistry is already posted in Model S forum with 21 comments, with above title, but why should their forum have all the fun? Definitely provided some uplift for me! Appreciatively, James

Fireflies & Tesla

Gert van Veen | 07. Oktober 2015

Nice, thanks

aljjr2 | 07. Oktober 2015 many messages...

rossRallen | 07. Oktober 2015

Wow! Breathtaking!

Boukman | 08. Oktober 2015

Nice...! | 08. Oktober 2015

Cute but probably would go over the heads of 70% of the US population...

aesculus | 08. Oktober 2015

And it cannot play out in the pacific west because nobody here knows what a firefly is unless they are imported :-)

But it's a great video.

Red Sage ca us | 09. Oktober 2015

Fireflies in a mason jar were cool as a makeshift lantern when I was a young child on my Grandparents' farm. Strangely, the fireflies went away after a few years. I suspect it may have been due to Roundup being applied to crops nearby.