Vote for Tesla for 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year

Vote for Tesla for 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year

Vote Now. Tesla is in the lead with almost 30% of the votes.

nickjhowe | 09. November 2012

Duplicate thread.

tranhv68 | 09. November 2012

Duplicate thread? No kidding. I wanted a more recent thread so more people can see the news. If more people duplicated these news threads I think they would be read by more people instead of getting buried under newer stuff. This is especially true for people to don't frequent's forum.

Brian H | 09. November 2012

Doesn't work like that. Causes clutter and broken discussions, etc. If you want to bring an older thread to attention, just post anything on it, even just "bump".

Brian H | 09. November 2012

Lack of "search" is a problem, but is a fairly good substitute.

nickjhowe | 10. November 2012

"More recent thread" - both threads were started on the same day.

Timo | 10. November 2012

Flagged as inappropriate because this is duplicate. I suggest everybody to do the same...unless thread starter can delete this (can't remember if you could delete threads).