Want to start out by saying hi and thanks

Want to start out by saying hi and thanks

I'm the biggest electric car enthusiast I know but due to my personal economic situation, I'm going to need to wait a little while before I'll be able to get one myself. I do want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all those involved in research, development and production and all Tesla vehicle owners for literally being on the front lines in a battle to change the world for the better on numerous levels.

Brian H | 15. August 2013

LOL Don't kid yourself. Tesloids really buy an MS to be able to blow the wheels off gearheads when the lights change, and teleport into gaps in traffic. They're adrenaline junkies.

Energy_Freedom | 15. August 2013

LOL Don't kid yourself. ... They're adrenaline junkies.

So are US Navy Seals but they're also heroes. ;-)

Some people are all about the rush. Others care mostly about the environment. Others are excited about the newest technology out and think its about freaking time we retire the 163 year-old internal combustion engine. I care mostly about the global security implications of having our economy controlled by homicidal dictators, the funding of propaganda that inspires hatred toward us leading to terrorism, ending wars and nuclear nuclear proliferation that can all be traced back to oil and the avoidance of future wars over shrinking global petroleum reserves.

Okay, I'm also a technophile who gets a charge out of seeing new technologies take off. This is a really exciting time to be alive.

Energy_Freedom | 15. August 2013

Is there an edit option on this forum. I'm new here. I hope so, I'm the king of typos.

Just to add; everybody who makes an investment in getting this technology commonplace is literally saving lives and making the world a better place.

olanmills | 15. August 2013

You can't edit replies, but if you started a topic, you can edit the starting post. Yeah, it's kind of barebones functionality here.

ian | 15. August 2013


Yup. Only editing of original post is allowed.

Guess you'll have to become the king of proofreading! ;-)


Brian H | 15. August 2013

There's a utility you might like to try. Get ClipMate ($35); it saves everything you copy, so it can be pasted again later. It also permits creation of a new 'clip', which can be spellchecked, edited, and then pasted and posted.

Extremely useful tool!