What are the most popular exterior colors that people are choosing?

What are the most popular exterior colors that people are choosing?

I went with Silver, but have not seen many. However, I am interested in what other people have chosen.

tscollect | 21. April 2014

I have silver with a Pano roof and gray interior. Saw the Signature Red a few weeks ago and love it. I was a year to late for that color.

Any color is fun to drive though.

carlk | 21. April 2014

White is the new black. You see a lot of high end performance white cars nowadays especially Audi S's and AMG's on the street that few years ago were mostly black. Mine is pearl white accented with black pano and grey 21" rim. Black interior of course.

ColonyGolfer | 21. April 2014

Mira, I have seen the Model S and the Panamera in brown and they remind me of a 1956 Plymouth....Butt ugly! If you are buying a car for appeal, the brown is simply not a head turner, nor a color to be considered IMHO. I have sig red and have also seen the new red....both nice and both attract the eye, but I honestly have to say, having seen all colors at our local SC over the last few months, brown is the only color you can go wrong with.

KidDoc | 21. April 2014

I have silver with 19" rims, here is a pic if I recall how to post them correctly on this forum.

I would say brown is probably the most rare. I would have ordered the blue but my lovely wife vetoed it. Very happy with the silver!

Red Rover | 21. April 2014

Multi-Coat Red and only eleven more days to go.

mantin | 21. April 2014

Mine is green delivered 12/3. Numerous complements and unusual. There are four greens in the entire San Fernando Valley - Calif. Looks black at night and glows as a green hornet during the day. Tan interior adds elegance to an already elegant car. Be sure to opti coat pro the car to enhance any of the colors.

amitb00 | 21. April 2014

Stela is Black and black (interior). Love the color

kingkoti | 21. April 2014

white + Black roof, LOVE it

jajabor | 21. April 2014


Gatorhart | 21. April 2014

The most popular color is the one that you choose!

Bobrrr | 21. April 2014

Ditto Mantin

Green is the new black. Easy to maintain, unusual, changes color like a chameleon from sun to shade to night. I have tan leather and gloss obeche. I really like the Alcantara headliner too.

Probably best to skip the pano with green.

LEvans | 21. April 2014

I'm surprised how few Model S vehicles I see around me are silver. They seem to be mostly black or white. After owning a black car, I decided I will never buy another dark colored car no matter how great the car looks right after you wash it. When I place my order for a Model S it will be silver exterior and tan interior.

Thor-Egil | 21. April 2014

Black Performance Seats with red stripe
Grey 21" and red calipers.
No regrets!

TeslaLandShark | 21. April 2014

Shark Grey. Only color I like better is Signature Red but I was too late to get on that train.

GAGSTESLA | 21. April 2014

Green with black roof coming soon to San Diego/ Inland Empire!

Chunky Jr. | 21. April 2014

@ Bobrrr : "Green is the new black"

I have a green one, and each time I go to the car wash, they write down the color as "black". In the shade it looks black, but in the sun, the green really stands out.

I also have a pano roof and really like it. Tan interior, piano black trim.

GAGSTESLA | 21. April 2014

Grey interior, piano black.

P85D | 21. April 2014

Green FTW!

carlk | 22. April 2014

@Bobrrr Pardon me! I did not make that up. White IS the new black. It's been the most popular car color for the last few years both globally and in the US.

Brian H | 22. April 2014

Yeah, you're talking about cultural faddism, not optical illusions.

PhillyMomof4 | 23. April 2014

Brown here. Love love it, but it does show dirt really easily. I just saw another brown one today for the first time. Saw a gorgeous dark blue one parked outside of CVS a couple of weeks ago. Seems white and red are the more more popular colors around here.

ellensanders | 24. April 2014

I went with Brown and Tan interior. I see white, green, blue, red, silver over and over, but only know of one other brown Tesla in the area (my neighbor :). I think the brown is not a head turner like the white or the dark silver or red, but it works for me. I don't want a car that is flashy, that just isn't me. I want a classic car that is going to look good for a long time. I was torn over the blue vs brown, but I just thought the blue (and black and green) are too hard to distinguish which is which. All three are so dark and you have to stare at them in different light to see what color it truly is. The brown is a bit dark too, but is definitely brown and not to be confused with the black/green/blue cars. Also, dark cars are SOOOOO hard to keep clean and show every water spot and every spec of dirt. The brown is not as dark, thus doesn't show as much. But someone in the thread said it best.... the best color is the one you chose.

Lycanthrope P85 | 24. April 2014

Every other car in Belgium is silver, so all the Tesla buyers avoid it. I never had a silver car and always wanted one, so I went with that. It's lovely.

If I could change though I might go with the grey - I never saw one until the day I took delivery and it really does look very nice indeed.

Here's mine though - Opti Coat Pro'd BTW, nice, eh?

Lycanthrope P85 | 24. April 2014

WTF??? Sorry about that! Try this:

NKYTA | 24. April 2014

Whew! Much better the second time. ;-)

mantin | 24. April 2014

With opti coat, my green doesn't show dust nor dirt. It surprised me to find that another green owned by a friend shows dirt and dust, like any dark color, but mine does not. Recommend Opti coat for any of the cars, but certainly works on green.

RUNS KWH | 24. April 2014

We've got the red on order... but spouse would like to swap it out for the dark blue. Trying to find a red one in LA/SoCal to look at this weekend to make final determination..

Mathew98 | 24. April 2014

Nooooooo. Keep the red, don't cross over to the dark side!

Qwiksilver | 24. April 2014


george210 | 24. April 2014

got it in Brown because my wife didn't want a color that's often chosen by many other folks. I've gotten used to it and, in the end, the color doesn't matter.... what's important to me is that it is a Tesla Model S.

PhillyMomof4 | 24. April 2014

I almost got an inventory car that had all the features I wanted, was available in 10 days instead of 3 months, and cost less than the configured price, but I said no because it was red. While I love looking at red cars I didn't want to own one. I did not want even more attention brought to my car than the fact that it's a Tesla already would bring it. I love the subtle look of my brown color.. Not too many cars are brown, and even fewer Teslas are. I love that.

ERon | 24. April 2014

Green here, CQuartz Finest coating on the paint, tan leather, gloss Obeche, pano roof.

We chose green expecting to see very few of them. There's at least one other green S in town.

Green looks gray at dusk, black in the evening, and green in bright sunlight.

Brian H | 24. April 2014

Ja, life-size pix are unnecessary.

drax7 | 25. April 2014

FYI , blue is the fastest.

stuberman | 26. April 2014

Don't get brown. I want mine to remain unique ;)