Where does Tesla go next with the supercharger rollout?

Where does Tesla go next with the supercharger rollout?

Now that the east coast, west coast, and cross country corridors are completed, where do you think Tesla will focus the rollout next?

Roamer@AZ USA | 23. Januar 2014

The sites listed on the map for 2014.

Bighorn | 23. Januar 2014

I'm going to meet with the SC project team today--I'll see what I can find out.

SamO | 23. Januar 2014


Ask them about the following Supercharger:

Primm NV
Bishop CA
Mojave, CA
Ridgecrest, CA
Any on the Houston to New Orleans to St. Augustine.


Bighorn | 23. Januar 2014

Let me get a pen...

jp158 | 23. Januar 2014

Need some SC's in VT and more in PA .. In PA a SC on Route 80 would be excellent.
and nothing heading upstate NY into VT...

: )

MacDaddyDude | 23. Januar 2014

@Bighorn - the TX supercharges are great, but I've got island fever.


LazMan | 23. Januar 2014

@bighorn Canada, Canada, Canada!! And how about one north of Toronto. Do you have influence?

Bighorn | 23. Januar 2014

I think the SC group has regional teams, so I'll have to find out what their coverage area is. I know for a fact that their predictive maps are not all accurate with regard to timeframe.

Rocky_H | 23. Januar 2014

So many good ones to choose from. The route through Portland, Boise and Salt Lake City on I-84 is pretty regularly traveled (and I live in Boise), so I was glad to see that on the schedule for this year. Also, I-70 runs through the middle of the country from the West through Missouri, Illinois, etc. But if I had to put my money on something, it would probably be the I-10 route along the Gulf states.

LazMan | 23. Januar 2014

If Tesla just hints that they will put one north of Toronto to open up cottage country, I will reserve a Model X.

Tesla, do we have a deal?

dlake | 23. Januar 2014

Although many are loathe to put another SC in California, we need one around Indio, CA so we can drive from AZ to SoCal.

Sgt Barone | 23. Januar 2014

Southeast looks to be the next concentration, as well as AZ, MA, and MD.

RonaldA | 23. Januar 2014

Clearly central NY and western NY are neglected at this point. Ive been a Tesla Owner since 2010 and still have no supercharger in range. The next push should be to link Toronto to NYC and thus give access for the north midwest and for the central states to Toronto, and the rest of NY state. Just my opinion, and it is in the 2014 map. Most importantly, my wife wont approve the modelx until we can supercharge across NY state. I know most cars are in California, as is most infrastructure, does anybody think that is coincidence?


thatheard | 23. Januar 2014

I'd love to see the I-10 corridor opened up. Even better if they can get it done before May, when I'll be moving from Florida to Oklahoma...

Joshua Burstyn | 23. Januar 2014



Totally needed. Most folks who can afford a Tesla have a cottage north of Toronto, too. ;-)

dwnola | 23. Januar 2014

Of course everybody wants their region to be the next priority. Tesla could pick up a lot of coverage in the Southeast by simply filling in between Houston/Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Mobile/Birmingham/Atlanta/Charlotte.

Roamer@AZ USA | 23. Januar 2014


Would not make sense to put super chargers in New York State since the Govenor has made it clear that half the country is not welcome there.

Sorry Ronald I just could not let it pass since I will never be able to use a SC located in NY.

hillcountryfun | 23. Januar 2014

I would also vote for bridging the island of Texas! Just a few SuperChargers on I-40 could connect the West coast to the Texas loop...

Go Tesla SuperCharger team!

jajabor | 23. Januar 2014

We need a SC between Harris Ranch and Livermore on Hwy 5. Driving against teh wind and gradual height increase make it tough if you are driving from LA to east bay.

doctor_goof | 23. Januar 2014

How about a station in Southwestern Virginia, near Staunton and the intersection of I-64/I-81? This would open up big parts of WV, TN, KY, and also allow M85 owners to reach the ChadeMO stations already installed throughout Tennessee.

That kind of access would open up most of Tennessee as well... where the Leaf is made!

TNTesla | 23. Januar 2014

Asheville, NC! I'm disappointed they don't have plans (for now) for the I-81 Corridor (Western VA) to link AL / TN with DC and the NYC area. Would love to be able to make that road trip without traveling an additional 200-300 miles to use I-95. Also, the congestion of I-95 makes I-81 a much more enjoyable route.

lrogoff | 23. Januar 2014

Urge Tesla to install around San Diego - La Jolla, and east on the 8 for travel to Arizona

DonS | 23. Januar 2014

The high concentration of northern California owners sure could use the I-80 path finished through Reno and Salt Lake.

MSB | 23. Januar 2014

In Toronto !!!

Roamer@AZ USA | 23. Januar 2014

+1 irogoff

San Diego area is a killer to get thru.

jai9001 | 23. Januar 2014

The southeast needs to feel some love!

The 2015 is still woefully inadequate in my opinion.

Got to connect Dallas to Atlanta.
Got to connect Memphis, Nashville, Chatanooga, Atlanta to Gulf coast beaches.

ericallyn | 23. Januar 2014

The Northeast needs some Tesla Love.

Upstate NY (Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton).
Penn (Scranton, Harrisburg, Allentown)
VT, NH, ME (anywhere!)
Western Mass

I am hopeful....

RonaldA | 23. Januar 2014

Ericallyn. Yes!!! +100000

ian | 23. Januar 2014

With the current rollout occurring I imagine they could pretty easily cover all these areas simultaneously.

Sticking with the theme so far for everyone to request more in their area, I would like to see the rest of I-90 between Chicago and Seattle as well as some in Eastern WA and OR through Souther Idaho to Salt Lake and then from there to the ones in the Denver and Cheyenne WY.

I can't wait to do the 'cross country road trip I've never done for just the price of lodging and food! ;-)

Of course, I have plans to visit family in Virginia and Texas on this trip too so might as well get those done too. Ha!


ian | 23. Januar 2014

Oh yeah, forgot that family in IA and NY I'd like to visit as well. ;-)

Djinn1 | 23. Januar 2014

Central/Eastern PA - Philly Allentown wilkesbarre harrisburg . Any 3 of these 4 locations would be great!!

Steve_W | 23. Januar 2014

Logically, it makes the most sense for the next phase of Superchargers to start with the Southern part of the U.S. (e.g., I10) because of weather conditions, and move upward from I40 to the Northern part of the U.S. as we enter the Spring and Summer seasons.

RobS | 23. Januar 2014

Hundreds of MS owners in metro Atlanta, and not a SC within reach. We want a Macon SC to get us to Savannah and to start the network towards FL.

Al1 | 23. Januar 2014

I would focus on Chicago - Atlanta - Florida corridor. As well as connecting Texas to other major metropolitan areas.

jbunn | 23. Januar 2014

+1 amwkhan.

There really is no good way to drive between the two most populated cities in California the way the Superchargers are laid out.

You either need to come from San Francisco through the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most congested commutes in the country, into the Gilroy bottleneck. Or go through the east bay, past Fremont, but you are blocked by the Diablo range all the way down to Harris Ranch. And you still have to go through Gilroy. That 50 mile drive out of San Francisco takes a minimum of 2-1/2 hours many times of the day.

jd3tm | 23. Januar 2014

This is a pretty amazing thread.

- 2 years ago, there were NO Superchargers, just a paper plan that was challenged by everyone in the mainstream...couldn't work, blah blah blah!
- 1 year(and 3 months) ago I got my SIG Model S and there were literally 4-5 Superchargers and only in Cali.
- I traveled from San Jose to LA last May for the first time and charged at the Hawthorne facility each night while we were in LA because there really wasn't anyplace else to get a quick charge for the next days activities (Service Center was closed in the evening and we were sightseeing during the day).
- This month they hit 84 Superchargers installed and operational around the world!!! 14 of those in Europe and 70 in the US.

And this thread is asking where to put the next one!!! All of this in 2 years when the pundits said Tesla's Supercharger concept would never work and no one would use it because it takes more than a few minutes, blah blah blah!

Having used the SC's several times now I can say unequivocally that they are a LOT more convenient and fun than "Gas Stations" and I believe they will create an entire new model and modes of travel.

for instance:

If Starbucks were smart, they would locate a Stabah at every SC site. I certainly noticed that I would most certainly have a nice Stabah during an SC stop and would be ready to go when my coffee was consumed (since I don't have decent cupholders anyway this sounds like a win-win).

Restaurant chains will wake up soon as well. SC's are used by people who spend 60-100k on their vehicle and are looking for something to do for 15-30 mins. That seems like a demographic bonanza for certain restaurant chains! Heck, even high end Food trucks!

Sorry for the musings, now back to your regularly schedule site selection activities!!



Tanchico | 24. Januar 2014

I talk to service in Mississauga earlier in the week. He thinks they're planning London or Kingston for spring ground breaking. I think it was scheduled something like 16 weeks out. Nothing going north :(

kjohnsen1320 | 24. Januar 2014

WE NEED THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY FILLED IN SO US SNOWBIRDS CAN DRIVE TO FLORIDA (Tampa) FROM CHICAGO. This is a big population not currently able to make this trip.

Webcrawler | 24. Januar 2014

Atlanta is a fast growing Tesla market. The 2014 map (and even the 2015 map) shows that Atlanta will have limited access to the SC network.....

I am quite surprised that there is no one planned for Birmingham, AL area.

However, I am not worried, as the sales increase in an area, I suspect that Tesla will respond in kind...

ian | 24. Januar 2014

+1 jd3! Wow. Just. Wow.

@Steve_W - You'd think wouldn't you? But as you can see, winter doesn't seem to have slowed the progress in SD, MN, WI or IL has it? ;-)

I will agree that a Chicago to Florida and Atlanta route would likely serve a great number of folks though.


MSB | 24. Januar 2014

Mississauga or Brampton.

Tiebreaker | 24. Januar 2014

1. New Jersey
2. China

... or something like that... maybe no New Jersey...

bevguy | 24. Januar 2014

Not surprisingly ,everybody wants SC in their area first. But One look at the map will show that there are huge areas that are totally neglected, but some areas have many SC. I assume that there is some reason behind SC location selection. Presumably it is to first put SC where there are the most Tesla owners (California) , East Coast, then to establish a east west corridor.
It seems to me that mostly has been achieved, now it's time to expand.

Clearly the Southeast is being neglected. Despite the fact that 2 counties not that far apart in the suburbs of Atlanta and Nashville are among the 25 wealthiest counties in the US, prime territory for Tesla purchase. But no SC planned until 2015.
I hope that Tesla is not afflicted with the "fly over country" idea, because there are lots of people in these areas with the means and desire to become a Tesla owner. But SC are more important in the heartland because population density is lower, thus driving distances tend to be greater.

Bluecoffee | 24. Januar 2014


detlefo | 24. Januar 2014

I suspect that Northern California has one of the largest concentrations of Teslas. As it is in order us to go east we need to go way South. It would be great if the I80 corridor to Salt Lake City could get better priority than 2015. At the least we need a charger in or near Truckee to open up the Tahoe area and leading to route South on 395 to Mammoth. The addition of a SC at Woah Nelly at Lee Vining would open up Yosemite and complete this route South.

detlefo | 24. Januar 2014

I suspect that Northern California has one of the largest concentrations of Teslas. As it is in order us to go east we need to go way South. It would be great if the I80 corridor to Salt Lake City could get better priority than 2015. At the least we need a charger in or near Truckee to open up the Tahoe area and leading to route South on 395 to Mammoth. The addition of a SC at Woah Nelly at Lee Vining would open up Yosemite and complete this route South.

AtlantaCourier | 24. Januar 2014

I recently submitted a request that Tesla locate a supercharger near Cottondale, Florida at the critical junction of I-10 and U.S. 231 in the Florida panhandle.

This junction is important because vacationers from many points North (Columbus, Atlanta, N. GA., East TN) use 231 on their way to the beaches of Panama City, Destin, and Fort Walton.

Currently, and as shown on the map, there are Superchargers planned for I-10, but none near 231. In fact, Cottondale is almost exactly in-between the two nearest superchargers that now show on the map -each being about 60-70 miles away.

Perhaps others who live in the affected area would care to comment.

Skotty | 24. Januar 2014

Missourian here (KC area). I drive about 20K miles a year, mostly for work, but occasionally for trips too. I'm eager to see superchargers built along I-70 from Denver to St. Louis and beyond. I don't know what route would be best to build next, but I'm happy as long as they eventually hit my area; a Tesla doesn't meet my needs until the Superchargers are in place. I would average about once a week usage of Superchargers out of necessity.

dbgerull | 24. Januar 2014

Would be nice to see a straighter line between Denver and Las Vegas to LA. Forcing the "jog" down south into New Mexico to be able to get to the west coast adds quite a few hours to the drive.

wcalvin | 24. Januar 2014

Come summer and we will be complaining about lack of SuChg paths to Yellowstone/Tetons. (To think that Mt Rushmore got priority!)

At least the Grand Canyon has Flagstaff nearby.