Where is search function? Car audio questions.

Where is search function? Car audio questions.

I must be blind, can't seem to find a search window anywhere for the forums?

I looked at the stereo specs and frankly for $2800cdn or whatever the option is for the "custom" stereo if you are a bass junkie like me an anemic 8" subwoofer just isn't going to cut the mustard.

Also curious about the mapping functionality, google, etc. Recently I've gone off all things google in light of their ruining youtube, forcing google+ down our throats, etc. Last thing I want is google knowing my every position while driving.

Seems to be very little information on the available options... ie stereo rms power, "performance" seats which appear to have same side bolsters. No performance in that. Where can I find detailed info on this car??

Captain_Zap | 27. November 2013
michael1800 | 27. November 2013

The irony of being cautious about Google products and looking for a search function is not entirely lost on me.

The mapping functionality is anything I've seen yet in a car. Regarding the stereo system, I think it's awesome, but if you're a bass junkie, it probably won't satisfy you. Your options for an upgrade are limited...but there are people out there who do custom installs on Teslas. Volkerize will provide the posts. If you're thinking DIY, it could be challenging since the radio and electrical subsystem isn't exactly standard. Sending an email using one of the questions links from the Tesla mainpage would likely get your specifics, as I don't think I've seen those readily available anywhere yet. Posting over at TMC might get some attention from DIYers as well. | 27. November 2013

For a DIY speaker upgrade, I replaced the rear door speakers:

I'm slowly working on a 10" subwoofer/amp addition, but my book is slowing me down!

From the Tesla specs page (standard Audio):
"200 watt, seven speaker stereo system with AM/FM/HD radio. Supports MP3, AAC, and MP4 music formats. System includes four speakers, two tweeters and one center channel speaker."

Since it doesn't say RMS, I'd assume it's likely 100 W RMS.

ChetB | 27. November 2013

I have the radio upgrade in my model S 85 but the music over the radio is rather poor. The music from my iPhone via Bluetooth is much much better. The service agent at the Costa Mesa service center listened to the difference and agreed with me that the radio really isn't very good for music. The antenna lack of sensitivity is a known issue, he admitted.

OTOH, before you blast me, I really, really love this car, thinking up places to go just for the pure enjoyment.

Mel. | 27. November 2013

ChetB, do you have a problem with Tune in or Slacker? | 27. November 2013

I didn't really answer your question about the Ultra High Fidelity systems. I thought it was double the power, but I don't see anything about the extra power. The basic uses a 15 amp fuse, and Ultra uses a second 15 amp fuse, so it might make sense that ultra offers twice the power of the base system, but fuses doesn't mean actual power - just the maximum current.

In hind-sight I should have gotten the Ultra, as doing upgrades to basic is quite time consuming (DIY) or expensive (outside installers, who know the Model S).

I'd also recommend using a USB stick with your recordings in lossless FLAC for the best source material. Bluetooth is highly compressed (more than low quality MP3), and if you start with MP3s, it recompresses it to further cut the bit rate down. Some people are far more sensitive to compression than others, so you have to try the options out to see which you find acceptable.

westvandude | 27. November 2013

The amp in my truck has 400A fuse. :-) My Jetta TDI has a custom fiberglass enclosure I built myself in the left side trunk depression with a single 12" and 1kw of amplifier.

Even my BMW K1200LT has a 10" sub and 300w amp in the top case. LOL

I did ask a question in the FAQ part of the tesla sight some 2weeks ago (form). No response.

ChetB | 27. November 2013

Both FM and Slacker sources produce inferior sound quality. Bluetooth from my iPhone is demonstrably better. I am still on free Slacker, but I do not intend to subscribe unless Tesla can improve radio,quality.

westvandude | 28. November 2013

Is there a 12v battery in the car or just a 400vdc to 12vdc converter to run the 12v accessories? If there's a 12v battery where is it located in the car? Anyone know the dc-to-dc converter max current capability?

Mel. | 28. November 2013

ChetB, understand, but how is Tune in? | 28. November 2013

The car has a 12V Battery, that is charged from the large pack with a DC to DC converter.

It's unclear how much extra power you can pull, but I would not push it. If you add on an amp, I'd be very conservative, and avoid amps that require huge currents. It's not worth the risk to damage the system. I'd go with the most efficient amp you can buy, such as Class D, to get the most volume for the power.

Brian H | 28. November 2013

Contact posts are under the nose cone. It is relatively lightweight, since cranking a starter is not required.

TSLAholic | 28. November 2013


Since we're on the subject of efficiency, along with a Class D amp, an efficient enclosure type would be the ticket to increased output. Have you looked at a T-Line style box? A properly tuned T-Line will have a smooth frequency response with a nice low extension. Perhaps its downfall is physical size. Also, a larger AGM type 12V deep cycle battery would help soften the blow to the charging system when the amp demands a large amount of current in a very short amount of time. The last setup I did in an ICE ended up with a battery with almost twice the Ah rating of the factory one, basically I went as big as space would allow. Replacing the hot and ground wires with 0 gauge also helped with voltage drops.