Where is

Where is

Haven t heard/seen any wisdom from Volker for a while, feel lost!

ddruz | 30. August 2013

Volker occasionally posts on TMC under the same name these days. Quite infrequent, but he's still around. I miss his sage comments here too. But is really did get overwhelming trying to keep up with this site once cars started to be delivered. Can't blame him a bit.

Captain_Zap | 12. Oktober 2013

He's coming back for a visit with a big Tesla grin!

jjs | 12. Oktober 2013


Captain_Zap | 13. Oktober 2013

I hope he comes back with photos!

Brian H | 14. Oktober 2013

"Where is" Likely, in Berlin! ;)

Captain_Zap | 14. Oktober 2013

Actually he went to Hamburg for his first days with his Model S, I believe.