you might NOT be a Tesla owner if...

you might NOT be a Tesla owner if... really like noise. really like fumes. really like war.
...etc. | 14. August 2014 love oil dripping on your garage floor.
...could care less about the environment. to overspend at the gas station mini-mart.

Baribrotzer | 14. August 2014

Love haggling with auto dealers, pride yourself on your ability to beat them down, and consider paying list price something for chumps.

Sudre_ | 14. August 2014

If you like: oil changes, transmission fluid changes, radiator flushes, spark plug replacement, fuel line cleaner/enhancer, fuel filters, oil filters, transmission filters, adding gas and adding gas and adding gas...

You find it enjoyable to spend money on: Camshaft sensors, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, mufflers, injection valves, fuel pumps, starter motors, starter solenoids, and more!

anodyne | 14. August 2014

If you think driving an electric car is comparable to driving a golf cart.

petero | 14. August 2014

YOU MIGHT NOT BE A TESLA OWNER IF ... If you entrusted your retirement and investment portfolios to Bernie Madoff!

sbeggs | 14. August 2014 love the throaty roar of a Hemi engine...

and, you are capable of imitating the sound precisely

Anthony J. Parisio | 14. August 2014

you who makes Tesla...
would what country it is made in...
you need a dial on the dash FOR HEAD LIGHTS THAT ARE AUTOMATIC!!!!!

Neech | 14. August 2014

Get a thrill from "rolling coal."

Velo1 | 14. August 2014

Your hand often smells like gasoline.

Iowa92x | 14. August 2014

You don't have $80,000 floating around for a depreciating asset.

Jamon | 14. August 2014

... you hired Vince Megna as your lawyer.

carlk | 14. August 2014

...your last name is Toyoda.

mclary | 14. August 2014

The point to this thread is what?

Brian H | 15. August 2014

... your credit score is in the 400's.

Anthony J. Parisio | 15. August 2014

You think a hybrid makes scene.....

Mathew98 | 15. August 2014

And Brian thinks hybrids make sense...

Anthony J. Parisio | 15. August 2014

you are still using mechanical metal car keys...

Dwdnjck@ca | 15. August 2014

$2500 brake jobs after 2500 miles.

centralvalley | 15. August 2014

You like gazing at the voltage gauge, the oil pressure gauge and the temperature gauge every two minutes while driving, and then worry when it moves from its usual position.

You also like the "check engine soon" light that pops up on a Saturday morning.

logicalthinker | 15. August 2014 don't do math well, or are simply ignorant.

Grinnin'.VA | 15. August 2014

You go out of your way to find a gas station with cheap prices...
and then end up wasting 10 minutes waiting in the queue
before you can start pumping gas.

BTW, 2 things:
1. I've driven a Prius for years; wife still drives one. We think they're great.
2. I bought an MS85 for the fun of it, and TSLA stock for profit.

Ron :)

johncrab | 15. August 2014

If you love hearing at 10PM "The car needs gas".
If you enjoy the fumes in your garage after you start your car.
If you enjoy $100 oil changes and $600 brake jobs.

Captain_Zap | 15. August 2014

If you have to add 20 to 30 minutes to your commute in the morning to get gas.

Jamon | 15. August 2014

… you experience range anxiety while driving.

MacDaddyDude | 15. August 2014

Your highest priorities for a car include an abundance of cup holders and coat hooks.

@johncrab, the Aston Martin Rapide that chased me down to ask about my MS volunteered his oil change is $2400.

carlk | 15. August 2014

@mclary Did you forget to flag?

info | 15. August 2014 worry about your drive-train conking out.

AmpedRealtor | 15. August 2014

... you like a car that farts.

memcd | 15. August 2014 watch Fox News.

logicalthinker | 15. August 2014

^let's be fair... A survey of EV owners showed the divide is nearly 50-50 split between Democrats & Republicans.

But, here's some more:

You might not own a Tesla if... doesn't strike you as odd to regularly have to go out of your way just to spend time standing around refueling your car. complain about not having much gas.

bayoufilter.tx | 15. August 2014

...if you drive out of your way to get lower-ethanol-content gasomaline...

Captain_Zap | 15. August 2014

If you have a note sitting around that reads like this:

"Rough Idle Condition: can be caused by one of two things: either a vacuum leak (in the manifold gaskets, or a vacuum plug near the fuel pressure regulator) – or the archaic knock sensor might be picking up noise from the water pump."

Brian H | 16. August 2014

You rie rike a rug.

JonathanL | 16. August 2014

If you don't get upset when you see the price of gas go down.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16. August 2014

You have a Hummer hiding in your garage.

I did not type GET a hummer in your garage!

JonathanL | 16. August 2014

Anthony - isn't it like 4 am in you time zone? Have you not slept since getting your car the other day?

jcaspar1 | 16. August 2014

you think a Prius is the ultimate in fuel efficiency, performance or beauty!

Anthony J. Parisio | 16. August 2014

No it was around 6:00 AM. I get up then every day. Do E-mail, paper work, etc.

logicalthinker | 16. August 2014

These ^^ are good.

Along those lines...

... If you think you can either get a efficient car that is ugly and wimpy, or a powerful awesome car that is belching pollution, loud and inefficient.

GM promotes this heavily. If you've ever been to the Epcot Test Track, the "design your own car" section shows *this* as an example of an efficient car:

logicalthinker | 16. August 2014

Argh. THIS is GM's idea of an efficient car. IMHO, designed to not be sexy:

Mathew98 | 16. August 2014

Hey now, some people appreciate a motorcycle wrapped in an egg shell. Nothing wrong with theoretical stuff...

Brian H | 16. August 2014

Were those thises meant to be pix or links? They're neither at the moment.

logicalthinker | 17. August 2014

@Brian, the first is no good but the second shows at least in my browser (Android).

Here's the link in case the pic isn't displaying in your browser:

NKYTA | 17. August 2014

You might not be a Tesla owner if: have a closed mind don't like driving

Plugged In | 17. August 2014

You like the anxiety of stepping outside on a zero degree morning, wondering what will happen if anything when you turn the key.

Plugged In | 17. August 2014

Or... You own stock in Shell, BP or Toyota.

lph | 17. August 2014

You might not won a Tesla if your car suffers from Gas.

Anthony J. Parisio | 17. August 2014

if you ever stop grinning....

Brian H | 17. August 2014

"Not Found

The resource could not be found. "
I suspect your computer's cookies are permitting you access. I don't have them.

Captain_Zap | 26. August 2014

...if you say, "It would be cheaper to fly."