Custom plates

Custom plates

Financing through Tesla. Can I get custom number plates in ca?

Unbeliever | 07. Mai 2018

If you don't have plates in hand already from a previous car, you'll get a sequential plate in 3-4 weeks while you wait for your vanity plate.

Tesla won't order for you. You have to order them yourself:

If you have unassigned plates in hand already, the delivery center should be able to assign them to the car when they fill out the registration paperwork.

Unbeliever | 07. Mai 2018

And vanity plates are taking 14-16 weeks nowadays.

lvla06 | 08. Mai 2018

I got my plates in the mail 12 days after delivery! I just ordered my custom plates online. Won't be putting on my regular plates anytime soon. LOL

aaschyist | 08. Mai 2018

I tried to order it online but I am not able to make a payment. dmv site is throwing error and removes my custom plate from the shopping cart. Not sure if that happened to you @lvla06

aaschyist | 08. Mai 2018

In accordance with DMV policy, some items have been removed from the cart and will no longer be part of your transaction. Driver License and Identification Card Renewal items will be removed after 24 hours of inactivity. After 30 days of inactivity, all items in your cart will be removed. In order to return the item(s) to your shopping cart, you will need to re-add the item(s) by clicking on the "Continue Shopping" button below.
NOTE: No previous personal information was stored so you will be prompted for all required information.

epheterson | 18. September 2018

@aaschyist I'm seeing the same thing!

jehantk | 03. Januar 2019

@aaschyist Also seeing this, anyone know why?

Matinski | 04. Januar 2019

Yes, I had the same thing happen to me and called DMV. There are rules that aren’t applied when choosing your plate. The tech said he didn’t know why the system was setup way but the additional rules “restrictions” are applied during the check out process. One example which applied to me was seven numbers for the plate, “0000011”. These seven number plates are reserved for government vehicles.

neil | 27. Januar 2020

I too wanted a similar plate "000011" (most of us engineering types do) and ran into the same problem. But how did this person get it????

Even 3 letters followed by 3 numbers or 5 numbers followed by 1 letter is against their "policy". Anyone know what the exact restrictions are? Its annoying!

Magic 8 Ball | 27. Januar 2020

@neil You can petition and appeal. It took 3 appeals to get plates I wanted on another car.

neil | 27. Januar 2020

@Magic 8 Ball oh really, i didnt know that was a thing. Any idea how to go about it?

lectroid | 29. Januar 2020

@neil I had a similar issue several years ago trying to get plates for my 67 Mustang. I wanted "LIL 289" but I was told that it was not available, since it matched the format of plates that were issued in series. They had no way of knowing if the plates were still owned by the original recipient. They can check if the plates are registered, but they can't know if somebody is still holding the originals.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. Januar 2020

@neil I am in CA. I applied for plates and got rejected, after that they gave me opportunity to appeal. Once you get the contact info. of the department you need then you can start lobbying for what you want.

neil | 30. Januar 2020

hmm, I wonder if I have to go to the DMV though. When I apply for the plate I get the "In accordance with DMV policy, some items have been removed from the cart...." message and no option to appeal. Do I have to apply in person? Magic 8 Ball, who is "they"?

Magic 8 Ball | 30. Januar 2020

There is a special group in DMV that handles the plates. Perhaps they are more automated now to where they just reject if they do not comply. I got rejected after application.

neil | 30. Januar 2020

Did you apply online or in person?

Magic 8 Ball | 30. Januar 2020

Online. I have heard you can apply through AAA if you are a member.

Shesmyne2 | 30. Januar 2020

I had 3 different plates that I ordered BEFORE I got my 3 and put them on my Mustang.
I didn’t like the 1st 2 so ‘donated’ the $100 bucks to the state.
Got the 3, registered the car w/transferred plates w/the one I chose.
Ordered online, p/u @ DMV.

Bring a screwdriver

Still Grinning ;-)

jameslbaxter | 04. Februar 2020

I went ahead and registered 00000ll (lowercase LL) instead. I figured, close enough ;).

FISHEV | 04. Februar 2020

Just ordered from OR and it seemed to go smoothly for $294.

charles.a.braun | 04. Februar 2020

@jameslbaxter - You state differentiates between upper and lower case on plates?

What state are you in, if I may ask?

NorthValley | 04. Februar 2020

I weakened and ordered VOLTA6E in Texas. VOLTAGE had already gone! A bit of fun.

Big_Ed | 04. Februar 2020

You can always get a custom frame. That's what I did for my alma maters.

Scrannel | 04. Februar 2020

I had a plate frame on my RRover that said: "Malibu, the Greed Vortex." Local surfers took Umbrage, Later I had a bumper sticker on my C6 that said: "If Evolution is Outlawed, only Outlaws will Evolve." Can't get all that knowledge on a plate.

FISHEV | 04. Februar 2020

"Can't get all that knowledge on a plate."

Plate (Twitter) vs. bumper sticker (Facebook) issue.

Big_Ed | 04. Februar 2020

LOL @ Fish

rangeoflight | 04. Februar 2020

I have my previous vanity, just taking forever to get the registration from the DMV so I can process everything.

It's been 5 weeks now. oi.

jmccpa | 04. Februar 2020


jameslbaxter | 05. Februar 2020

@charles.a.braun - My bad, I meant uppercase i (00000II).