Wall Connector

Wall Connector

To Whom it may concern,
When I was young I become a electrician (4year journeymen) and have been an Engineer for 32 years designed many products in my lifetime and I have installed many different high voltage components, however.... I have never come across a ridiculous placement for the L1-L2 lug location, WHAT KIND OF MORON DESIGNED THIS??????

I mean really? you can't even see where the (in my case a #6 wire) is going?
not only is this dangerous, but for God sake, before you release your product to the mass, have one of your "Engineers" try to run a #6 wire to the F*ing thing and see how it goes....


220 Volt is not fun to being playing around with, #6 wire is stiff and won't bend like you think it will !!!
and you designed something that is plain stupid for a safe installation.

Steve Ryan

SCCRENDO | 12. Mai 2018

Steve. If you are trying to pimp your trade at least try design something that improves on the L!-L2 lug and perhaps you will become rich and famous. Until then most of us have great electricians to take care of us.

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steve | 13. Mai 2018

Sorry, just venting, I love my Tesla products, but this is just to ridiculous in the design, the termination for the L-1 and L-2 should be a different Lug style, no reason have this angler a blind connection and to show how well your heavy gauge wire is seated. Doesn't matter if you are a Pro Sparky or not, this design is just dangerous.

sorry to offend you.

SUN 2 DRV | 13. Mai 2018


I personally installed my Wall Connector and used #2 wire, for a 100 amp circuit. If a DIYer can install #2 then a pro should have no problem with the much smaller #6.

Should_I | 13. Mai 2018

These days most engineers can give you a perfect 3D model but don't know which end of a screwdriver to hold much less allow room for one in a component.

I say this as someone who uses 2solid modeling programs and a 2d drafting program 5 days a week.