Clock on the Display

Clock on the Display

Having driven a Model 3 now for about a month, I'd like to suggest that the time which is currently displayed on the upper right corner could either be replicated and displayed in the upper left corner or be moved to this location.

It is very difficult to see the time when it overlays the map and requires a bit too much focus off the road and on the screen to quickly see if I'm running late.

A little bit larger font might be helpful as well.

diegoPasadena | 23. Mai 2018

I agree. Time is probably what I check most after speed and traffic. Better visibility would be a plus.

DCM876 | 23. Mai 2018

+1 agreed

Frank99 | 23. Mai 2018

Excellent suggestion.

kiKay | 23. Mai 2018


RSavage_92024 | 23. Mai 2018

I'll give this one a thumbs up too !

david.dber | 23. Mai 2018


stevegs | 23. Mai 2018

+100, would love to see time / temp moved to top line of driving pane, flush right.

sroh | 23. Mai 2018

Hadn't thought about it before now, but great suggestion!

badaman | 23. Mai 2018

Have you tried voice "what time is it"?

MarylandS85 | 23. Mai 2018

Devil’s advocate question: if EVERYTHING should be moved to the left, then what belongs on the right? I ask this seriously, because SOMEthing has to be relegated to the nether regions of the screen. I’m 6’ tall and have my seat back a little ways. I wonder if that’s why it doesn’t bother me that things are on the right side of the screen. I imagine if you sit closer to the steering wheel that the viewing angle toward the screen is less ideal?

czamara | 23. Mai 2018

I find a lot of displays and buttons on the screen to be far too small, which is odd considering how much screen real estate there is to work with. It’s very hard to hit some of those tiny button areas while driving, like the temperature up/down arrows, the icons along the top, and especially the new “favorite” button for radio stations! I had to try a few times to hit that without dismissing the music pane by accident.

So my vote is for bigger buttons as well as a more readable clock.

avanti5010 | 24. Mai 2018

I agree. It blends into the map background and is very hard to see sometimes. (Some eyes are well over 30 years old). There is plenty of unused white space on the top left. I called Tesla about this a month ago. Was given the stock answer - "We will look into it".

michael | 24. Mai 2018

+1, was the one of the first things my wife noted about our M3.

avanti5010 | 24. Mai 2018

By the way, I bought a small analog car clock from Amazon and stuck in the upper left hand corner of the display. Works great and doesn't look tacky.

voss.ken | 24. Mai 2018

yep I completely agree, that would be a quick easy fix. In general I would like to see the ability for a setting to increase font size for everything on the screen. For my eye sight most font is just a bit too small especially if it is not located on the left side of the screen.

Dansosa | 25. Mai 2018

Could also make it a different color and BOLD font

chuck | 25. Mai 2018

Bigger font please.

And I want to touch the time and get the day and date.

jje | 25. Mai 2018


Darkon | 25. Mai 2018

+1...I've been thinking the exact same thing since the first day I picked up my M3

compchat | 25. Mai 2018

I AGREE. Move everything on the right hand side to the left hand side of the screen. Especially the map directions. How hard can that be ?

Jc18 | 26. Mai 2018

Should allow owners / users to freely customize the way they chooses to

cesarnotary | 26. Mai 2018

The answer is not to move everything to the left side of the display. That is silly, but I take your point.
The answer is that just like all software, the more customizable it is the more it will satisfy its users. Therefore, Tesla should bring some degree of customizability to the center display. A store with Mods would be wonderful.
I could add a pseudo tachometer that gives me a graphical representation of energy usage, a graphical (not numeric) Speedometer. And other little widgets to satisfy everyones need to tweak their display.

What do you think?

canuck55 | 26. Mai 2018

+1 for bigger and bold fonts on the CLOCK

jjgunn | 26. Mai 2018

Yes - bigger fonts on Clock & at least centered and/or ability to choose.

We're OLD! >:-}

willwlee138 | 26. Mai 2018

I think the whole right panel should move to the left, including the navigation next turns

Rutrow | 27. Mai 2018

There's a lot of wasted space in the left side of the screen. I'd like to be able to configure what I think is important in those areas. Beside the speed display I'd like the distance and direction of my next turn to the left of speed and a large clock display to the right would be nice.

I too am old, and my eyes seem older than the rest of me, so I hope that the street names on the map are larger than you can typically get on GoogleMaps. I use a tablet computer, running GoogleMaps, on my fire department response vehicle. The street names are way too small for me to read, and zooming in makes the objects larger, but the lables snap back to that dinky. unreadable, font. I have to keep a seperate set of extra strong reading glasses to be able to see them. Not the safest thing to do while running with lights and siren.

*There have been several updates since the last time I saw a center screen demo, disregard if this is no longer the case.

jefjes | 27. Mai 2018

Guess I'm so old fashion that I still wear a watch. On the rare occasion I leave home without my watch, the time usually displays on my cell phone without much effort. I don't have my car yet so I may feel differently after having it for awhile but time will tell. ;-)

cmstich | 27. Mai 2018

Agree, adjustable font would be great.
Would also like to see all of steering wheel controls be custom programmable.

lcoop96 | 27. Mai 2018

Yes, please, bigger font!

joey1959 | 27. Mai 2018

Yes to a bigger,easier to read clock. I use the car clock a lot. I don't wear a watch anymore.

gwolnik | 27. Mai 2018

Jefjes, I was also going to post, just wear a watch! When I first started driving, my family had a lot of old cars and us teens were given the oldest, junkiest vehicles. The analog clocks never worked and I'm still in the habit of looking at my watch for the time. However, I have to set the clock on my Prius Plugin to enable delayed charging to take advantage of the lower rates at night. Twice a year, I have to change the clock just to make sure that function still works to optimize my charging. I hope the clock on the Model 3 will change automatically for daylight saving time. Maybe I should start a new thread asking this? I just searched the online manual that I've bookmarked and the word "daylight" was not found, neither was timezone or time zone.

compchat | 28. Mai 2018


Obviously you don't own a M3. If you did you would never argue with moving the information towards the drivers side where the driver could actually see it. I'm talking about moving it from the Anatomic left side of the larger screen to the Anatomic right side of the larger screen.

This is especially true since the displaly cannot be physically moved to the left/right or up/down.

Frank99 | 28. Mai 2018

>>> Twice a year, I have to change the clock just to make sure that function still works to optimize my charging.

Ya know, I live in Arizona where we don't do the Daylight Savings Time thing, and I still have to do that. All the stupid "Smart Clocks" in the house insist on jumping forward and falling back - the pool timer, the Atomic Clock on the wall in the main room, etc. I don't want my car doing the same thing!

MarylandS85 | 28. Mai 2018

I have a 2014 Model S and a 2-month-old Model 3. I’ve never had to change the clock on either car. I’m pretty sure it just uses the cellular service to determine local time.

Epicurus | 28. Mai 2018

+1 on the clock! I'd really like a watch face (dial with hands) option on the left side of the screen.

gwolnik | 28. Mai 2018

Epicurus, How about a Mickey Mouse watch (licensed from Disney, of course) like the iWatch option?

king16x | 28. Mai 2018

How about this: Imagine dividing the screen into 3 columns: left, center, and right.
Divide the rows into top row, second, third, and fourth row.
So now you have 12 areas on your screen. Allow the user to choose 12 information fields to display, and allow him to locate each field into his desired location, 1 thru 12.

Tesla2018 | 28. Mai 2018

Wonder if it be the same display positions on European models with steering wheels on the opposite side. If no change, then the clock would be on the side facing the driver.
I hope the buttons are large since I have big fingers and always press on the wrong keys when I type on my phone. I dont have spellcheck so most of my posts look like they are written by someone that failed spelling in grammer school.
Btw Bifocals work great if you are farsighted and cant see little buttons when driving but you cant wear reading glasses since then you have to take them off to see stuff in front of you when you are driving.

tikimaker | 10. Juli 2018

I don’t really care about where the temp and clock are they just need to be larger or an option to increase the display size of the clock and temp.

Magic 8 Ball | 10. Juli 2018

Is there any way to voice query for that info. I.E Alexa what time is it?

dgstan | 10. Juli 2018

That was my question too (or is it to?).

And what's the name of Tesla's digital assistant? Tessie, I presume.

Magic 8 Ball | 10. Juli 2018

When in doubt use "also" ; )

I am an engineer so I would be the last one to ask about spelling and grammar.

czamara | 10. Juli 2018

It doesn’t need a name because it doesn’t listen until you press the right button on the steering wheel. It’s incredibly fast and accurate at recognizing exactly what you say (it shows your words on the screen), BUT its repertoire of commands it can understand is very limited. Just navigation, music, and phone. I hope they support a lot more voice functionality in an update soon. I’d like to be able to say “temperature 72 degrees” instead of trying to hit those teeny tiny arrows in a moving vehicle.

ravisundaramam | 11. Juli 2018

@czamara: At least some mode selections should be on voice command.

Sometimes it gets confused about the state of side mirrors. I pull with mirrors folded, next day morning Tessie thinks the mirrors are unfolded. I need to hit fold, and unfold to get them back. I should not have to use touch screen for things like fold/unfold mirrors and or pick a mirror for minor adjustment.

The minimalistic futuristic knob/dial/slider/button free user interface is great. But it needs good voice integration to be truly futuristic. To accommodate international accents and languages, there should be a "training mode" for voice recognition. Select training mode, it should prompt you to say things like, "adjust left mirror" "adjust temperature" "raise temp" "lower temp" etc and record them. Ideally each profile should have its own training table.

disapr | 11. Juli 2018

I vote for more customization of the interface to enable preferences. I'm fairly concerned about what 'the people' would turn the car into if everyone's 'suggestion' was implemented without significant acceptance of actual owners, which isn't really plausible. Some things are obvious and make complete sense, like the remapping of the joysticks early on. This however is really just a preference and should be added to a preferences screen vs a forced change to all clients.

czamara | 11. Juli 2018

Good readability is not a preference. Putting text over top of a navigation screen with no background is a really bad idea. It doesn't matter how good your eyes are at seeing tiny characters way over on the right side of the screen, if they are placed over top of roads and other text on the map, reading the time becomes an exercise akin to proving to Google that you're not a robot. This was a bad design decision that they need to fix soon, no preferences required.

Warp Drv | 11. Juli 2018

I'd like to see them give the option of a customizable display. That way we could each choose where to put things and what's most important. I would restrict things such as speed,which should always be prominent.

marc.e.caruana | 14. Juli 2018

Custmizable display size and location for time and temperature would be great addition.

silverslim1 | 14. Juli 2018

Just a thought. If the screen became customizable...wouldn't that be a nightmare for the service techs who work on the M3's? Nothing would be where they expected it to be...and would be different for every vehicle.

CST | 14. Juli 2018

You should be able to save layouts and switch between them with the default layout as an option.