Model 3 towing option available?

Model 3 towing option available?

Have reservation, but no invitation. Is the Model 3 towing option available yet? Thanks.

pbkollen | 04. Juni 2018

Current owners manual states the car must be trailers or trucked . There is mode which puts car in neutral which allows loading of car on truck or trailer pulled at ow speeds and last for 20 min before it resets.

johnse | 04. Juni 2018

Speculation is that a tow hitch may require air suspension. Other than Elon’s tweet, we have no word from Tesla about towing trailers with a Model 3.

@pbkollen was referring to a Model 3 being towed, not what the OP asked.

finman100 | 04. Juni 2018
bj | 04. Juni 2018

The silence regarding a tow or accessory hitch since that 2016 tweet suggests to me it has died a quiet death. Never say never I suppose but it doesn’t look like its coming any time soon.

EVRider | 04. Juni 2018

The manual says towing isn’t supported now but implies it will be later:

“Towing a Trailer

Warning: Do not use Model 3 for towing purposes. Model 3 does not currently support towing. Towing can cause damage and increase the risk of a collision.

Caution: Using Model 3 for towing before Tesla-approved towing components and accessories are available may void the warranty.”

rbrak29 | 04. Juni 2018

Which begs another question, why doesn't the Model S have a towing package even with air suspension?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 05. Juni 2018

rbrak29: I think Tesla originally presumed people wouldn't want to tow trailers and stuff with a Premium car. They also may not have been convinced yet that it would be 'worth it' to offer at this point, even with the popularity of towing in Europe and the expressed interest in the U.S. I had hoped they would adopt a different stance with Model 3. I suppose that with the accelerated rollout of the car, a tow hitch option fell to a lower priority than ramping up Production. I figure that when the time comes cars still won't roll out of Fremont with a hitch assembly and that Service Centers and/or Delivery Centers will install them prior to handover to Customers.

COrich | 05. Juni 2018

I wouldn't count on a towing option for the 3. Seems to me that it would be most likely will be deferred to the Model Y.

wiboater4 | 05. Juni 2018

Towing may be hard on the motors and or Battery if it wasn't designed to handle the extra weight/ wind resistance etc. That probably plays into the picture besides suspension and braking etc.

jonathanl1965 | 03. Oktober 2018

Four things matter for towing-- torque, horsepower, vehicle weight, and the height of the center of gravity. The Model 3 Dual Motor compares well in all four of these compared with many other vehicles that are spec'd for towing. It excels in torque and center of gravity. Electric motors have very high torque and the huge batteries mean there is a lot of weight at the very bottom of the vehicle. I will be shocked if Tesla does not eventually provide towing guidance. Yes, towing will reduce range a lot. It might not make sense to tow large loads long distances, but putting your boat in the water at the local boat ramp should be a no brainer. Tesla needs to test this and give specs on max weight.

M3BlueGeorgia | 03. Oktober 2018

Guys, you can fit a tow bar to the Model 3. I saw one a couple of weeks ago with one fitted.


Caution: Not sure how Tesla reacts officially to this.

v2sj | 26. November 2018

I think most people will use the tow receiver for bike rack, ski, etc.

don.lind | 10. Januar 2019

I have a nice dual motor LR model 3.
I need to tow a small boat (boat and trailer under 2,000 pounds) to a boat ramp 3 or 4 miles from home.
I do that maybe 5 times per year.
For now, I'm hanging onto a Chevy Equinox purely because IT can tow my boat.

Other than whining, I suspect there's little I can do to get Tesla to officially support the addition of a tow hitch to a model 3.

And yes, I've read the other posts about EcoHitch on Model 3s. I'd just really like to have Tesla give an official ok rather than the "not supported, may void warranty" statement.

I may just give up and get an EcoHitch installed... sigh.
Sounds like many people are adding one.
The Equinox needs to get out of my life.

mrburke | 10. Januar 2019

@don.lind - Can you rent a U-Haul pickup 5 times a year ?

kcheng | 10. Januar 2019

Well, now that the Model 3 is starting to enter the European market, maybe we'll hear about a hitch rating since Euros are so big into towing a caravan thingy. Either way, I'm getting a hitch in the Spring. I have a PWC, that weighs 850lbs that I put in and out at my lakehouse, meaning I tow about 30ft from basement storage to ramp, that I used to use my previous vehicle for, and now would like to use my Model 3.

don.lind | 11. Januar 2019

@mrburke - yes, I've considered it. Nearest location is about 35 minutes away. So I'd be looking at 2 hours and 20 minutes of "extra driving" to get and return (two round trips) the rental pickup truck from Home Depot. Every time I needed to put the boat in or take it out. :-) It's a possibility, but man... painful.

Lots of people are just putting on the hitch. I'd just really like to have Tesla say they're OK with adding a hitch.

@kcheng - so we'll both hope Europe moves "towing" back up on Tesla's Model 3 Priorities list...

bj | 11. Januar 2019

Accessory hitch will come with RHD version when it’s released... C’mon Elon, throw us a bone after making us wait 3.5 years :)

don.lind | 18. März 2019

Towing for Model 3?

Reportedly, it's coming!
It's not clear if existing Model 3's will be ok to add an eco-hitch or whatever.
Or if there will be an official tesla hitch that can be added to a Model 3.

Also, either I'm totally blind and dumb, or the Forum software has hidden the "start a new post" so well that I (a just-retired software dev/support engineer) can't find it... Or there's something keeping me from starting a new thread on this topic.

I'm an owner. The link for "Tesla Account" has shown my car with VIN since December and has a "Schedule Service" link, so I THINK Tesla knows I have a car. And I've been posting for maybe 3 months in the Model 3 forum. Not allowed to open a thread?

majassow | 18. März 2019

Tesla has determined that every possible topic has been posted on at least once. You need to find the existing thread and post there rather than starting a new thread.

:-) for the humor impaired. Probably more an anti-spam mechanism until they figure out a way to keep out the Chinese spambots.

rpc_in_va | 18. März 2019

@don.lind, owning isn’t enough to automagically get owner privs on the forum, it requires that Tesla enable them. Contact them and ask. Be persistent, it took me several requests over several months to finally get them turned on.

don.lind | 18. März 2019

@ majassow - yeah, the Chinese thing is pretty bad. :-) That's one way to stop it...
@rpc_in_va - I was proud that so far, I haven't had to call them on anything... the car's been that good. :-)

I'll call, though, and see about getting ownership privileges (only owners can start a new forum thread? I hadn't see that rule anywhere). And I'll also ask about software updates - I haven't seen one since very early Jan (which was an update to a 2018 release) and others have said that after calling Tesla, they found that updates had been attempted and failed... I guess I'll also ask about the absurdly weak wifi receiving ability of at least my model 3 (from reading, I'm not alone).

Thanks! | 22. August 2019

Here is a video on towing a small sailboat with a Model 3 with a lot of stats:

ptruitt | 19. Dezember 2019

Any more news on when the Model 3 towing option will be available in the U.S?