Testing Winter Package

Testing Winter Package

Hi, I am wondering if I can get some pointers from the Forum.

I just received out MX and I want to make sure my heated seats and steering wheel are working but when activating them on the MCU nothing seems to turn on. The MCU indicates that they are on, but I am not feeling any temperature change.

The weather is hot here, so I am wondering if they are designed not to turn on if the ambient temperature is high?

On a side note, my vent on the left pillar behind driver sear (middle row) has terribly weak airflow. I have a scheduled SC visit regarding this but was curious if other owners have the same issue.

Thanks for any tips/thoughts

Vawlkus | 06. Juni 2018

It should work regardless of weather. I haven’t tried the wheel, but I do notice that my heated seats take a little longer to kick in it the temp is above 10 degrees or so.

Sc0rPs | 06. Juni 2018

Guessing this is a used X? Since the new ones you now need to get the entire 'premium package' to have all heated seats & steering wheel. No more winter package...

If you do have a new with premium, mine took a bit of a drive before everything kicked on especially the driving sensors.

Rocinante2000 | 06. Juni 2018

@Sc0rPs 2018 brand new with all the PUP.