Contact phone number for Tesla Online Shop customer service?

Contact phone number for Tesla Online Shop customer service?

Hi all,

I'm running into some major customer service issues with the Tesla Online Shop.

I ordered a Tire Repair Kit for my Model 3 over a month ago which was delivered with physical defects. I emailed the customer service email about my issue and they sent me a shipping label to return the defective unit and it was stated that my replacement product would ship within 72 hours. I never received the product nor any shipping information since then. I returned the product the very following day and according to the tracker they received my return. I have sent emails every week since then totaling 4 emails with no response whatsoever. I can't even find a phone number to follow up with them.

This is becoming increasingly frustrating as my credit card was charged too and I have no product at all between my returned defective unit and the replacement product that I was supposed to receive a month ago.. My only next step would be to dispute the charge with my credit card company but I want to do that only as a worst case scenario.

Any help would be much appreciated.

dmm1240 | 11. Juni 2018

I would call the nearest service center and ask them how to solve the dilemma.

Here is another option. Call 877-79TESLA (877-798-3752. That is the Customer Support & Roadside Assistance number.

An email is

I've called Customer Support a time or two and they've always been helpful to me.

Kalpasemasinghe | 12. Juni 2018


Thank you so much! Problem was attended to immediately.

I was unaware that the service centers were able to assist with issues such as this.

dmm1240 | 12. Juni 2018

Glad to be of some service and that your problem has been solved. :-)

davidraph | 01. Oktober 2018

No matter where I write or call, no one answers me! :(

drmoses99 | 08. Oktober 2018

Thank you! I also received a defective Tire Repair Kit. "Thankfully" it was noticed soon as two weeks later had a flat from a screw. Then I realized the device wasn't turning on. Emailed online sales as advised on their emails, but never had a response. Did a google search, saw this post, called the above service line (routed to nearest service center), and they are taking care of everything. My first experience calling Tesla service, very impressed (not so much with online sales support... so will probably call going forward).

bbown | 29. Oktober 2018

Similar issue here. The item I received was not the one I ordered. Trying to get it replaced/refunded, but no response from Their SLA on the FAQ mentions a 5 business days SLA. It's been 7 full business days and no word. Customer Support is long wait times these days, 20-30 minutes, so no go either. Very disappointing! Might just take this to my credit card company and dispute.

paul | 19. November 2018

I've been trying to reach Tesla Customer service via email for days regarding a time sensitive vehicle registration issue.
I've received no reply to many many inquiry's.
It seems Tesla does all the can to discourage phone contact.
Any useful suggestions are appreciated,

CristoferBrian | 22. November 2018

According to tesla official page
Customer Support & Roadside Assistance
Toll free: 1 800 64 6952

Also you can write to them using this link

sarapalms | 23. November 2018

will the tesla model 3 fob allow me to drive the car and pefform functions without using the cellphone or plastic card

mdking323 | 05. Dezember 2018

I canceled my reservation but still did not get refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is like a scam

liam4 | 10. Dezember 2018

I agree, I am very upset with refund practices. I ordered a spoiler back in September. That evening, I decided to wait a while and e-mailed onlineorders@tesla to cancel. I didn't receive a response for a month.

The service center called me to schedule installation, and I asked them for a return. I didn't hear anything further. Nearly 90 days later, I haven't received a refund, and customer support was initially trying to be helpful but stopped responding. I don't know what the deal is or how to get my money back.

jimglas | 10. Dezember 2018

@Liam: You can't order a spoiler.

dianathomas123 | 21. Dezember 2018

paul....I too am having significant issues with Tesla and registering my vehicle. 6 weeks now since I picked-up my car and Tesla has not filed the paperwork with the DMV. I am also being told by the DMV....that Tesla applies for the HOV stickers in California. Anyone else receive their HOV stickers with registration or did you have to initiate this step after receiving plates?

logana | 04. Januar 2019

I ordered a tire repair kit about a month ago. Within a day or two of ordering, I got a shipping confirmation email, except the tracking number field said "null." Needless to say, I haven't received the item and multiple emails onlineorders@tesla have gone unanswered.

I cannot believe I have to file a dispute with my credit card company to resolve a simple order issue, but Tesla store won't send me my item or write me back.

thejulman | 10. Januar 2019

I ordered a model 3 exterior cover back in late November and got a FedEx tracking number in early December. The package never shipped. I contacted Tesla online orders email every week with no response. I contacted FedEx and they said they never received the package from Tesla to ship. I'm really fed up with this lack of service and I just want to know the status of my order.

rfambrough | 25. Juni 2019

My touch screen is leaking Aglue like substance
I have a model S 2012 signature model
I think this repair should be cover as a known defect

rfambrough | 25. Juni 2019

I can’t speak to anyone in service
Only reference to computer site

jhsfca | 03. Juli 2019

My Model 3 was delivered on 6/25. I ordered a 220 volt charging adapter. It was shipped 5 days later. I received a torn-open, empty padded envelope slid under the gate! I called FedEx. They apologized and told me to call Tesla for a replacement. I emailed the order department gave the FedEx case # and asked for help, but NO response. I called the corporate number 650-681-5000, then the for immediate assistance number 888-518-3752, then the roadside assistance number 877-798-3752, all playing recording NO human answering. I realized now that Tesla does not have nor care about customer service. No other company could survive like this. Buying a Tesla is my own huge mistake.

jimglas | 03. Juli 2019

sell your tesla and buy a kia
problem solved

Xerogas | 04. Juli 2019

@rfambrough: "I can’t speak to anyone in service
Only reference to computer site"
Use your smartphone to schedule an appointment at your nearest service center.

jandersonsd | 11. Juli 2019

An online order that is a month old and no one is replying to my 3 request for update. No items , but Tesla has my money. Poor customer service. What the heck???

brad | 18. Juli 2019

@jandersond Same boat. I ordered the NEMA 14-50 adaptor on June 26th, on the 27th They sent me the shipping notice and fed-ex tracking number with an expected delivery of July 5th. Here we are July 18th FedEx site still says the package has not left the originating facility and delivery is just marked as Pending, 4 emails to the online support and not a single reply.

ohioviper | 12. August 2019

I ordered an indoor car cover, was shipped an outdoor cover and now into three weeks and multiple emails with no fix in sight. I even stopped at my nearest service center and they haven’t been able to help either.
What a great car and what p.... poor customer service.
I would very much appreciate any words of wisdom that might help.
Thank you

jimglas | 13. August 2019

first world problems

reed_lewis | 13. August 2019

@jimglas - When you pay money for something and it does not get delivered or you do not get what you ordered then Tesla is dropping the ball. You response is typical of the 'Tesla can do no wrong' mentality. I honestly believe that you think that if Tesla delivered a car that could not drive, you would still defend Tesla by saying that since it is a great car, you should live with the non drivable car.

Do not dismiss this as these little 'drips' of issues can and will add up. Things like this compound.

I ordered the Homelink upgrade for my new Model 3 on June 21, and have heard nothing regarding this. I have emailed three times, my service center has emailed 2 weeks ago, and has heard nothing. It is completely gone into the ether and disappeared. I need the homelink because I use it on my mother's garage where there are no more remotes available for the system so I need to program the single working remote into a car. 2 months with no communications is lunacy.

It is not 'first world' problems when the item you ordered does not arrive or arrives incorrectly and there is nothing you can do about it.

sschaem | 13. August 2019

Tesla need an official way to make complaints... because all those problems are not getting addressed and linger quarter after quarter.

Tesla also need to send ALL its present customers a survey about the Tesla experience.

slessans | 16. August 2019

I recently bought a 500$ item from the store. Fedex never delivered the item (even though the tracking said it did). Trying to work with email support has yielded absolutely no results. They basically robbed me.

I would recommend not using the store. While they are typically fast and accurate, if something does go wrong, you're screwed. If they do respond to your inquiries, they are not helpful at all.

winigross | 26. August 2019

I have spent three hours on hold, over three calls, with solar customer support. It seems there are NO ALTERNATIVES for customer service. At what point can we get out of this with a consumer lawsuit? Tesla is making AT&T look good.
If anyone knows how to get basic customer service for solar without spending half a day doing it, please let us know!

andy.connor.e | 26. August 2019

more lawsuit nonsense? even more plz

reed_lewis | 26. August 2019

@winigross - this thread is about the store support when you buy accessories, etc.

What issues are you having with solar?

dougkonieczny | 11. September 2019

Good luck getting your Tesla serviced. I've had warranty items that were to be repaired for over 5 months now and I can't reach any of the service departments to see if the parts have arrived. It's over a 2.5 hour drive for me to get to the closest Tesla repair shop so I need to see if the parts have arrived before I can even schedule an appointing and drive over. What a fiasco this has been. I don't recommend Tesla anything until they can actually service their existing customers in a reasonable timeframe. They need to start by answering the phone. When I call the Chicago Westmont service center, their voicemail box is actually full so I can no longer leave messages. Great.