Now we know how much we’ll be paying for internet connectivity

Now we know how much we’ll be paying for internet connectivity

sbeggs | 23. Juni 2018

Very interesting. Thanks @EVRider!

Tesla2018 | 23. Juni 2018

Does this mean we have to be invited to configure and do it by June 30th. All the people who are still waiting to be invited even for the premimum and long range battery and or are waiting for AWD and havent been invited yet are getting the shaft?

b.tesla | 23. Juni 2018

@Tesla2018, yes, that's the way that I read this. It will be interesting to see the exact wording from Tesla, though. And yes, it sucks for the existing M3 reservation holders who have not been invited to configure, or who are waiting on AWD, Performance, white interior, standard battery, etc.

It could use some more clarification. For all the existing Model S, X, and 3's that are grandfathered in, what happens when you sell your car? Is it passed on to the new owner, or do they have to pay for the new premium connectivity package if they want it?

Yodrak. | 23. Juni 2018

I agree with electrek - it was inevitable. It's in line with the other steps that Tesla is taking to become profitable and avoid, or postpone as long as possible, going back to the capital markets. It's also more inline with the practices of other auto companies, with which Tesla is going to have to compete on a more even basis as the other companies bring competitive EVs to market.

Yodrak. | 23. Juni 2018

I will add - an unanticipated small benefit of cancelling my Model 3 reservation and buying a Model S instead. And possibly a small incentive to keep my Model S a bit longer than I otherwise might have.

navypa_1518 | 23. Juni 2018

Basically every day 1 reservation holder has been invited to configure. Employee, previous owner and non owner, so we have had time over the past 2 months to order. Yes it sucks that there have been some delays, but considering they are likely delaying the 200k car delivered in the US, they are saving thousands of people thousands of dollars. I dont think it is unfair that those that have bought into the Tesla name previously and ordered a model 3, or those willing to get a day 1 reservation should take advantage of the offer listed by July 1 order deadline. AWD was never promised as being available before this summer for everyone, so if AWD or Performance or Standard battery is more important to continue to wait, then that is your prerogative. But we shouldn't be complaining and saying everyone should get it free if they've done a deposit. Being a day 1 holder, I am excited that I am given the exclusivity before the deadline and it is a better gift to us than a small model 3 replica IMO.

Tesla2018 | 23. Juni 2018

Seems fishy that they picked June 30th. Looks like they are trying to get more $2500 deposit orders in by the last day of the quarter to make the financials look good. I was going to wait until white came out and order in August with black since I need the car by October.

I dont have wifi at home and access the internet through my cellphone. Will this cause a problem or do I need to get home internet for the car to do certaint things?

SO | 23. Juni 2018

The article explains what will work with the standard and premium options connectivity options. Beyond that, we don’t know.

You can also use your phone as a hotspot.

I wouldn’t rush to order a vehicle config you don’t want for just $100 per year in savings.

Yodrak. | 23. Juni 2018

"I wouldn’t rush to order a vehicle config you don’t want for just $100 per year in savings."


SCCRENDO | 23. Juni 2018

@Teala2018. For someone like you who will likely never own a Tesla why do you care?

Tesla2018 | 24. Juni 2018

@Sccrendo- You are confusing me with Mos6764 or whatever his name is. I have been waiting for this car since before you even heard of Tesla. Dont you have anything better to do than comment and pester people that have different opinions than you about climate change or politics? Its smug, self righteous people like you who think they know it all that make people NOT want to buy a Tesla. I dont even go to the climate change site any more since I got tired of reading over 1000 posts between you and the weathermoron. Its like a bad movie that never ends.
However you are not as crazy as some gay friends of relatives on facebook who have adopted handicapped kids. They are afraid that Trump is going to round then up and give them electroshock therapy to make them straight and leave their kids to die by taking away insurance. Oddly enough they are from California. I seriously wonder if a lot of people there have been smoking marijuana since it became legal and have lost their friggin minds.

Anzir | 24. Juni 2018

@Tesla2018. Your car won't get updates (except for security-related updates) without Wifi. So you either go to a public wifi spot or install wifi at home.

johnyi | 24. Juni 2018

Seems odd how little we're hearing about this from Tesla itself. If this were a money grab, wouldn't they have this plastered all over their website? "Hurry, offer ends June 30!" Did anyone sitting on a M3 invite get an email telling them of this cutoff, and to configure now if they want free LTE?

This seems more like a quiet change they are hoping no one notices. Such that anyone ordering July 1 will just get a different spec sheet where LTE is only for a year rather than undefined like it is now (my MS spec sheet just says "wifi and LTE internet connectivity", but doesn't say for how long or even if it's free).

AllanM | 24. Juni 2018

"You can also use your phone as a hotspot."

Does that mead if I go with the basic package, I use my phone for the tells navigation to display traffic?

AllanM | 24. Juni 2018

crap, no way to edit a post.

"You can also use your phone as a hotspot."

Does that mean if I go with the basic package, I use my phone for the Tesla navigation to display traffic?

SCCRENDO | 24. Juni 2018

@tesla2018 I have owned a Model S since April 2013 and a Model 3 since Jan 2013 and a second Model 3 SR pending for late 2018. So for someone who has been waiting for a Tersla since before I ever heard of Tesla when exactly is your car arriving? You are not being criticized for your difference of opinion. You are a troll who is totally ignorant on the topic of climate change making your opinion worthless. You are also a disgusting human being, based on your total lack of a moral compass. You are okay with children of people seeking amnesty having their young infants and toddlers permanently taken away from them for committing a misdemenour. Yet in your perverted mind you equate this to drug dealers having your their cars confiscated fro commuting serious felonies. This is an unmoderated forum and you are free to express your opinion. However I feel it is my duty to inform others what kind of person you are so that they can also judge the worthlessness of your opinions | 24. Juni 2018

Zero money grab. Any orders placed today through end of the month has zero effect to financials. Money isn't counted as income until collected AND the vehicle is delivered to the customer.

dmm1240 | 24. Juni 2018

Tesla will go back to the capital markets in time. They must to secure capital to taken advantage of expansion opportunities that are emerging.

Tell you what, though, Trump's little trade war threatens everything. Even the Republicans understand the danger of this stupid trade war. The Constitution mandates that Congress sets trade conditions (including tariffs), not POTUS. The problem is those spineless cowards refuse to stand up to Trump at all on anything.

So, Tesla may be collateral damage from Trump's mindless vendetta, along with GM, Apple, soybean farmers and just about everyone else.

Incompetent does not begin to describe the level of the man's performance.

SO | 24. Juni 2018

@AllanM - “Does that mean if I go with the basic package, I use my phone for the Tesla navigation to display traffic?”

I believe that is the case but you will want to confirm with Tesla.

jerrykham | 24. Juni 2018

I keep seeing this "you can use your phone as a hotspot" thing. But just today I did a quick test. Car in the garage on WiFi shows good signal. Put it in reverse and it immediately switches to LTE without moving. It looks like WiFi is off when you are not in park. Has anyone RECENTLY successfully used a phone or a MiFi and got the car to go on WiFi via it while driving? I know many have used that as a hack to get WiFi in the car for downloading maps - but that was in park. Anyone while actually driving?

Tesla2018 | 24. Juni 2018

@sccrendo- Give it a break. I am sick of yor stupid comments and trying to make everything about your hatred of Trump and people that dont care about climate change on every post I make. This is a thread about wifi not a place to have a hissy fit about people that dont share the same opinions.
I dont have a Tesla yet because I am waiting for a white interior option. I couldnt afford a Roadster at the time and it didnt have enough range and they didnt have supercharging and it still doesnt.My Lotus is basically the same car for 100K less and handles better.
The model S is nice, but like the model X it is too big of a car for me.I dont need something that big and hate SUVs because they are big and you cant see around them if you are in a regular car since they are so tall. I wanted a model 3 as step 3 of Elons master plan and placed an order around 4Pm after getting out of work, before the car was even released.
I would have preferred a 2 door hatchback and a regular range battery, but will just get the longer range one instead. I want the premium interior because of the sunroof. Dont want AWD but I cant even order that yet if I wanted it, so a lot of 1st day pre reveal people are still waiting for AWD too.
I have invested more in Tesla, Solar city and Mobileye stocks than you have spent on all of your Teslas. I am not like Phil or Mos or the others that hate Tesla and only post negative things about them I post the good things and the bad. I am neither a fanboi or a fudster. Cant we just agree that we want Tesla to succeed and want to be able to enjoy our cars instead of arguing about things we disagree on that are non car related.

SO | 24. Juni 2018

@jerry - you do have a good point. Right now, there is no reason for a car to stay on WiFi when in motion. But once this new plan comes out, that changes. Hopefully Tesla will allow for it to stay on WiFi if you have the standard package.

FactDoc | 24. Juni 2018

I'm really happy

I didn't need that future.
My car will be connected on the house wifi and I have been using Wave for 2 years already

Won't change anything

EVRider | 25. Juni 2018

I doubt that the navigation system will show traffic info if you don’t pay for preimium connectivity, even if you have WiFi while driving. It would be much easier for Tesla to enable/disable features based on whether or not you have the option, regardless of bandwidth. Requiring WiFi for firmware downloads is different, since they want to encourage everyone to get updates, whether or not they pay for the premium option.

jordanrichard | 25. Juni 2018

The article did say that while the traffic based navigation will be part of the standard package, it is the seeing the red/yellow/green lines that you won't see, nor have the ability to see the Google Earth version of the map. those two things are part of the "Premium Connectivity" package.

jordanrichard | 25. Juni 2018

While I am certainly not looking at a gifted horse in the mouth, but I have been saying all along that if Tesla did start charging for internet, that they sure as hell should improve the browser speed and allow video, while the car is in Park. However since I am grandfathered in to free internet for life, I can't complain about no video playback. Now for those that will have to pay............ Granted if the $100 per year figure is true, that only works out to $8.33 per month.

gillies | 25. Juni 2018

>>> Basically every day 1 reservation holder has been invited to configure. Employee, previous owner and non owner, so we have had time over the past 2 months to order. <<<

Absolutely false. At Google we track people who have reservations. There are day #1 reservation holders who HAVE NOT been invited to configure. Meanwhile, If I'm a Tesla model S owner and want to buy a Performance or Dual motor car so i can flip it to a reviewer, Tesla will invite me to configure TOMORROW. I have been waiting 2+ years, still no love, actually, I am feeling some hate, from Tesla.

gillies | 25. Juni 2018

To be precise, our spreadsheet shows 3 model-3 FIRST DAY RESERVISTS who are still waiting to configure. It shows 12 out of 12 holders of 4/1/2016 revation holders (who aren't Tesla Owners) have NOT been invited to configure. Folks Tesla is still working off the day #1 reservations. This policy appears that it will hurt the day #1 reservation holders.

EVRider | 25. Juni 2018

@gillies: Did you reply to the wrong thread?

Uncle Paul | 25. Juni 2018

Once Tesla begins to charge for data consumption, there might be lots of items that they can add to their pay for use offeringa. Maybe a dash cam camera, mobile hot spot, music and other streaming services. Maybe even a voice activated gadget like Alexa.

SUN 2 DRV | 27. Juni 2018

"Zero money grab. Any orders placed today through end of the month has zero effect to financials. Money isn't counted as income until collected AND the vehicle is delivered to the customer."

Although it won't immediately affect this quarter's revenue or sales numbers it WILL affect their on-hand Cash Balance.

JayInJapan | 30. Juni 2018


Madatgascar | 07. Juli 2018